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Title Author Date Collection 1 Collection 2
1 Art and Image in the WritingsDunbar, Hooper1988-10-30Audio
2 Eliminating Racial Prejudice and Activities of the...Universal House of Justice2011-04-10UHJ_unpublished
3 Surah of the Almighty (Surat al-Qadir)Bahá'u'lláh2000Translation_pro
4 Israel ResurgentBentwich, Norman1952Excerpt
5 Sacred Books of the WorldBouquet, A. C.1962Excerpt
6 Religion in a Secular AgeCogley, John1968Excerpt
7 Introducing IsraelComay, Joan1963Excerpt
8 Introducing IsraelComay, Joan1969Excerpt
9 IsraelComay, Joan1969Excerpt
10 Iran2008Excerpt
11 City and Village in IranEnglish, Paul Ward1966Excerpt
12 Heart of Iran, TheForbes, Duncan1963Excerpt
13 World Cultures and World ReligionsKraemer, Hendrik1960Excerpt
14 Modern Syncretistic SectsLing, Trevor1968Excerpt
15 Comparative ReligionParrinder, Geoffrey1962Excerpt
16 Bahá'ís, TheParrinder, Geoffrey1963Excerpt
17 Splendour of Israel, ThePayne, Robert1963Excerpt
18 Twentieth-Century Iran1977Excerpt
19 Religion and Atheism in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern E...1975Excerpt
20 Persian Stronghold of Zoroastrianism, ABoyce, Mary1977Excerpt
21 Nationalism in IranCottam, Richard W.1964/1979Excerpt
22 Bahá'í Viewpoint, AMunje, H. M.1970Essay
23 IranGraham, Robert1978Excerpt
24 Area Handbook for IranSmith, Harvey Henry1971Excerpt
25 Modern IranKeddie, Nikki R.1981/2003Excerpt
26 Sovereign Remedy, TheTerry, Peter2000/2015Compilation_per
27 DebacleLedeen, Michael1981Excerpt
28 Viaje al Interior de PersiaLitvak, Lily1987Excerpt
29 Islam and ModernismMartin, Vanessa A.1989Excerpt
30 Land Reform and Social Change in IranNajmabadi, Afsaneh1987Excerpt
31 Social Origins of the Iranian RevolutionParsa, Misagh1989Excerpt
32 In the Service of the Peacock ThroneRadji, Parviz C.1983Excerpt
33 Iran since the RevolutionKeddie, Nikki R.1985Excerpt
34 Religious Heritage of America, TheShulman, Albert M.1981Excerpt
35 Behind Iranian LinesSimpson, John1989Excerpt
36 Adventures in PersiaSinclair, Ronald1988Excerpt
37 Spirit of Allah, TheTaheri, Amir1985Excerpt
38 Iran since the RevolutionZabih, Sepehr1982Excerpt
39 Left in Contemporary Iran, TheZabih, Sepehr1986Excerpt
40 PersiaMerritt-Hawkes, Onera Amelia1935Excerpt
41 Persian BayánTerry, Peter2015-09Article_unpubli
42 Dynamics of the Iranian Revolution, TheAmuzegar, Jahangir1991Excerpt
43 Last Great Revolution, TheWright, Robin2000Excerpt
44 Correspondance entre le Comte de Gobineau et le Co...Gobineau, Joseph Arthur1933Excerpt
45 Gobineau, L'Orient et L'IranBoissel, Jean1973Excerpt
46 Babi Concept of Holy War, TheMacEoin, Denis1982Article_publish
47 Das Südliche Ufer des Kaspischen Meeres oder Die ...Melgunof, G.1868Excerpt
48 Zustände im Heutigen Persien wie sie das Reisebuc...Schulz, Walter1903Excerpt
49 Western Islamic Scholarship and Bahá'í OriginsAfnan, Muhammad1985Article_publish
50 Persien wie es ist und war mit Karawane, Auto und ...Norden, Hermann1929Excerpt
51 Der Islam (Sekten)Strothmann, Rudolf1948Excerpt
52 Die Fünf Grossen ReligionenGlasenapp, Helmuth von1952Excerpt
53 Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart1957Encyclopedia
54 Bahá'í Fundamentalism and the Academic Study of ...MacEoin, Denis1986Article_publish
55 Die PerserBausani, Alessandro1965Excerpt
56 Lehrbuch der ReligionsgeschichteBertholet, Alfred1925Excerpt
57 Grundriss der ReligionsgeschichteDammann, Ernst1972Excerpt
58 Allgemeine Evangelische MissionsgeschichteRichter, Julius1908/1930Excerpt
59 IranSchweizer, Gerhard1991Excerpt
60 Parliamentary Politics in Revolutionary IranBaktiari, Bahman1996Excerpt
61 Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran, 1920-1921, TheCosroe Chaqueri1995Excerpt
62 Iranian Politics and Religious ModernismChehabi, H. E.1990Excerpt
63 Theology of DiscontentDabashi, Hamid1993Excerpt
64 Religion in IranDaneshvar, Parviz1996Excerpt
65 New DelhiEllis, Kirsten1991Excerpt
66 Century of Revolution, A1994Excerpt
67 Community DevelopmentLample, Paul2010Audio
68 Freya StarkIzzard, Molly1993Excerpt
69 Revolutionary IranKamali, Masoud1998Excerpt
70 Note on Maceoin's 'Bahá'í Fundamentalism'" and...Afnan, Muhammad1986Essay
71 Making of Iran's Islamic Revolution, TheMilani, Mohsen M.1994Excerpt
72 Bahá'ísmMacEoin, Denis2005Article_publish
73 Constitution of Iran, TheSchirazi, Asghar1997Excerpt
74 Old New LandHerzl, Theodor1941/1997Excerpt
75 Frontier FictionsKashani-Sabet, Firoozeh2000Excerpt
76 Persian Sphinx, TheMilani, Abbas2000Excerpt
77 Social Justice, Wealth Equity and Gender EqualityKuzyk, Leslie William2003-09Thesis
78 Personal page-None
79 Babis, TheSell, Edward1896-05Article_publish
80 Sites hosted by the Bahá'í Library Online-Etcetera
81 Turning Point for All Nations Study Outline2001Study
82 To-Do List and Features Requests2003-2015Etcetera
83 Reformist Movement in the Islamic Republic of IranMahdi, Ali Akbar2006-01-08Audio
84 Interest in Islam and the Bahá'í FaithGilbar, Gad2004-01-20Audio
85 William S. Hatcher 1935-20052008Biography
86 Modernity and the Millennium, by Juan ColeMacEoin, Denis1999Review
87 Analysis of Topics Published in World Order2003Bibliography
88 Bahá'í Faith, TheHassall, Graham2009Encyclopedia
89 Approach of Abdu'l-Baha to the Problem of Toleranc...Sabeti, Erfan2003-07Essay
90 Quranic Witness to Biblical Authority, TheShamoun, Sam1999Article_unpubli
91 Bahá'í and Globalisation2005Book
92 Messianic Roots of Babi-Bahá'í Globalism, TheLambden, Stephen2005Article_publish
93 Man's ReligionsNoss, John B.1956Excerpt
94 Iran1978Excerpt
95 Israel between East and WestPatai, Raphael1953/1970Excerpt
96 History and the Idea of Mankind1971Excerpt
97 Globalization of the Bahá'í Community: 1892-1921...Momen, Moojan2005Article_publish
98 Unity of Civilization, TheWhitson, Robley Edward1971Excerpt
99 English Amongst the Persians During the Qajar Peri...Wright, Denis1977Excerpt
100 Bahá'í Faith and Globalization 1900-1912, TheStockman, Robert2005Article_publish
101 Bahá'í Faith in England and Germany, 1900-1913Stockman, Robert1996 SpringArticle_publish
102 Historical Geography of Iran, AnBarthold, Wilhelm1984Excerpt
103 Global Claims, Global AimsLundberg, Zaid2005Article_publish
104 State, Bureaucracy, and Revolution in Modern Iran,...Farazmand, Ali1989Excerpt
105 IranFischer, Michael M. J.1980Excerpt
106 Fall of the Peacock ThroneForbis, William H.1980Excerpt
107 Iran in the Twentieth CenturyGhods, M. Reza1989Excerpt
108 Iran under the AyatollahsHiro, Dilip1985Excerpt
109 Political Economy of Modern Iran, TheKatouzian, Homa1981Excerpt
110 Through Persia by CaravanArnold, Arthur E.1877Excerpt
111 Eastern PersiaJohn, Major St.1876Excerpt
112 My Wanderings in PersiaAnderson, T. S.1880Book
113 Historia UniversalCantu, Cesar1859Excerpt
114 Quiet Exodus, ACameron, Geoffrey2013-07Article_publish
115 Week with the Babis, AStileman, Charles H.1893-07Excerpt
116 Understanding and Eliminating OppressionGervais, Marie2010Article_unpubli
117 Followers of Beha in Persia, TheStileman, Charles H.1898-09Excerpt
118 Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence, and...MacDonald, Duncan H.1903Excerpt
119 What's New in Version 4.0Winters, Jonah2012-01Etcetera
120 Ten Thousand Miles in Persia or Eight Years in Ira...Sykes, Percy Molesworth1902Excerpt
121 Armstrong, Counsellor LeonoraAsuncion, Kristine Leonard1982-08Biography
122 Revolutions de la PerseBerard, Victor1910Excerpt
123 Journalist in the Holy Land, ACopping, Arthur E.1913-05-23Excerpt
124 Hints for Residents and Travellers in PersiaNeligan, A. R.1914Excerpt
125 Religious Influence of Persia, TheBrowne, E. G.1914-05-20Excerpt
126 Persian Press and Persian Journalism, TheBrowne, E. G.1913-05-23Excerpt
127 Account of the Main Events in Persia during Octobe...Turner, G. D.1913-10History
128 Resistance, Resilience and the Role of NarrativeHakimian, Donna2009-06Article_publish
129 Persia and Its PeopleSykes, Ella C.1910Excerpt
130 Land and Its Book, TheThomson, W. M.1910Excerpt
131 Easter in Palestine, 1921-1922Fawcett, Millicent1926Excerpt
132 AnatolicaLuke, Harry Charles1924Excerpt
133 Fringe of the East, TheLuke, Harry Charles1913Excerpt
134 Unconventional MemoriesNevill, Ralph1923Excerpt
135 Excellency of Mt. Carmel, TheWhittingham, George Napier1921Excerpt
136 Minutes of the Nineteenth Session, 1930Permanent Mandates Commission1930Document
137 Minutes of the Twenty-first Session, 1931 OctoberPermanent Mandates Commission1931Document
138 Minutes of the Twenty-second Session, 1932Permanent Mandates Commission1932Document
139 Minutes of the Twenty-fourth Session, 1933Permanent Mandates Commission1933Document
140 Modern Wayfarer in Persia, AAlexander, Constance M.1931Excerpt
141 Great Unity, TheBarr, Margaret1937Excerpt
142 Wanderer in the Promised Land, ABentwich, Norman1932Excerpt
143 Crisis in Babi and Bahá'í Studies, TheMacEoin, Denis1990Article_publish
144 Palestine UnveiledDuff, Douglas V.1938Excerpt
145 Pageant of Persia, TheFilmer, Henry1937Excerpt
146 Road to Nazareth, TheGibbons, John1936Excerpt
147 History of Religion, AGowen, Herbert H.1934Excerpt
148 Eastern Chequerboard, AnLuke, Harry Charles1934Excerpt
149 Christ the SeedMott, Francis J.1939Excerpt
150 Religion of the Bahá'ís, TheRichards, J. R.1932Book
151 Ridvan Message to the US National Spiritual Assemb...Universal House of Justice2007-04-19UHJ_unpublished
152 Cairo to Persia and BackTweedy, Owen1933Excerpt
153 Ridvan Message from the US National Spiritual Asse...National Spiritual Assembly of the Bah&a...2007-04NSA_unpublished
154 The Objectivity Question' and Bahá'í Studies: A ...Cole, Juan1991Essay
155 S.W. PersiaWilson, Arnold, Sir1941Excerpt
156 Chaos of Cults, TheBaalen, Jan Karel van1956Excerpt
157 ReligionsGundry, D. W.1958Excerpt
158 Iraq, 1900 to 1950Longrigg, Stephen Hemsley1953Excerpt
159 IranMonteil, Vincent1957Excerpt
160 Man's ReligionsNoss, John B.1974Excerpt
161 Faiths Men Live By, ThePotter, Charles Francis1955Excerpt
162 Living Religions of the WorldSpiegelberg, Frederic1957Excerpt
163 Arc ProjectUniversal House of Justice1987-08-31UHJ_unpublished
164 Arc ProjectUniversal House of Justice1991-09-11UHJ_unpublished
165 Arc ProjectUniversal House of Justice1994-01-04UHJ_unpublished
166 Aqa Husayn Ashchi's narrativeUniversal House of Justice1996-06UHJ_unpublished
167 Biblical Questions, Interpretation ofUniversal House of Justice1998-05-12UHJ_unpublished
168 African Americans in the United StatesUniversal House of Justice1996-04-01UHJ_unpublished
169 Covenant-Breakers, Encountering OnlineUniversal House of Justice1997-11-18UHJ_unpublished
170 Challenging the Authority of the Universal House o...Universal House of Justice1997-06-03UHJ_unpublished
171 Continental Boards of Counselors, Elucidation of t...Universal House of Justice1972-04-24UHJ_unpublished
172 Covenant-Breakers in Bahá'í HistoriographyUniversal House of Justice1991-06UHJ_unpublished
173 Dancing in the Haziratu'l-QudsUniversal House of Justice1987UHJ_unpublished
174 Devotional Meetings," Definition and Scope ofUniversal House of Justice1991-09-19UHJ_unpublished
175 Devotional Gatherings, Selected Guidance concernin...Universal House of JusticeCompilation_BWC
176 Dissidence and Criticism by Bahá'ís and ScholarsUniversal House of Justice1996-07-02UHJ_unpublished
177 Election and Infallibility of the Universal House ...Universal House of Justice1996UHJ_published
178 Language of Revelation and Status of Guardian's Tr...Universal House of Justice1992-09-16UHJ_unpublished
179 Enrollments and limited growth of the Bahá'í com...Universal House of Justice2002-08-22UHJ_unpublished
180 Biblical discrepancies in God Passes ByUniversal House of Justice1993-02-15UHJ_unpublished
181 Exemption from Obligatory Prayer for the SickUniversal House of Justice2000-03-27UHJ_unpublished
182 Fundamental VeritiesUniversal House of Justice1996-11-12UHJ_unpublished
183 Gaia Concept, TheUniversal House of Justice1992-06-08UHJ_unpublished
184 Prayer of the Bab "God Sufficeth...," Two versions...Universal House of Justice1996-02-14UHJ_unpublished
185 Goddess Religion, AncientUniversal House of Justice1992-02-23UHJ_unpublished
186 Guardianship, The Universal House of Justice, and ...Universal House of Justice2009UHJ_unpublished
187 Guardianship and the Universal House of Justice, T...Universal House of Justice1966-05-27UHJ_unpublished
188 Handicapped facilities at the Bahá'í World Cente...Universal House of Justice2000-02-21UHJ_unpublished
189 Authority of the Hands of the Cause to direct the ...Universal House of Justice1997-06-04UHJ_unpublished
190 Scriptures of Previous DispensationsBahá'u'lláh1981Compilation_BWC
191 Homosexual Practices, Bahá'í Teachings onUniversal House of Justice1995-11-23UHJ_unpublished
192 Guardianship, Anticipation of, in the Kitab-i-Aqda...Universal House of Justice1992-12-08UHJ_unpublished
193 Polish Response to Soviet Anti-Bahá'í Polemics, ...Jasion, Jan T.1999 WinterEssay
194 Indian Nations and National Spiritual AssembliesUniversal House of Justice2002-01-13UHJ_unpublished
195 Infallibility of the Guardianship and of the Unive...Universal House of Justice1977-08-22UHJ_published
196 Infallibility and Knowledge of Abdu'l-BahaUniversal House of Justice1982-04-28UHJ_unpublished
197 Infallibility and Historical Knowledge of the Guar...Universal House of Justice2005UHJ_unpublished
198 Internet Discussions, Character ofUniversal House of Justice1995UHJ_unpublished
199 Internet: Creation of the newsgroup talk.religion....Universal House of Justice1997-10-14UHJ_unpublished
200 Iranian Expatriates, Letter to, following 1979 Ira...Universal House of Justice1986UHJ_unpublished
201 Television Address of Iranian President KhatamiUniversal House of Justice1998-07UHJ_unpublished
202 Bible, Preferred English Translation ofUniversal House of Justice1996-11-03UHJ_unpublished
203 Violation of Baha'i and Civil LawUniversal House of Justice1991-12-09UHJ_unpublished
204 Laws from the Kitab-i-Aqdas Not Yet BindingUniversal House of Justice1974-06-09UHJ_published
205 Legislative Responsibilities of the Universal Hous...Universal House of Justice1995-06-25UHJ_unpublished
206 Letters of Living, Dawn-Breakers, Quddús, Terrace...Universal House of Justice2000UHJ_unpublished
207 Los Angeles, Living inUniversal House of Justice1996-01-31UHJ_unpublished
208 Fadil-i-MazandaraniUniversal House of Justice1998-08-11UHJ_unpublished
209 Legislating on MoralityUniversal House of Justice1988-06-05UHJ_unpublished
210 Napoleon III and Queen Victoria, Responses to the ...Universal House of Justice1997-11-06UHJ_unpublished
211 Ranks and Functions in the Bahá'í CauseUniversal House of Justice1978-03-27UHJ_unpublished
212 Children, Oppression ofUniversal House of Justice1985UHJ_unpublished
213 Peace, Activism forUniversal House of Justice1987-06-17UHJ_unpublished
214 Texts, Sacred, Permission to Distribute Electronic...Universal House of Justice2000-05-08UHJ_unpublished
215 Iranian Believers Throughout the World, Message toUniversal House of Justice1997UHJ_unpublished
216 Persian-speaking Believers in Anglophone Communiti...Universal House of Justice1996-02UHJ_unpublished
217 Internet: Promoting the Bahá'í Faith...Universal House of Justice1997-04-24UHJ_unpublished
218 Effulgences (Tajallíyát)Winters, Jonah1999Study
219 Ornaments (Tarázát)Stockman, Robert1999Study
220 Asking Questions: A Challenge to Fundamentalism...Sohrab, Cybele1993Review
221 Bahá'ís, The, by Bahá'&ia...Fazel, Seena1993Review
222 Style of the Kitab-i-Aqdas, The: Aspects of the Su...Bradbury, Miles L.1998Review
223 Style of the Kitab-i-Aqdas, The: Aspects of the Su...McGlinn, Sen1996Review
224 Basic Bahá'í Chronology, The, by Glenn Camer...Collins, William P.1998Review
225 Secret of Divine Civilization, by 'Abdu'l-BahaCasterline, Barbara1972-09Review
226 Abdu'l-Bahá: The Centre of the Covenant of Bahá'...Elwell-Sutton, L. P.1973Review
227 Báb, The: The Herald of the Day of Days, by H...Elwell-Sutton, L. P.1975Review
228 God Passes By, by Shoghi EffendiAnonymous1945-01-31Review
229 Will and Testament of Abdul Baha, The: An Analysis...Anonymous1944-08-16Review
230 Baha'i Faith in America, The: Origins 1892-1900,...Anonymous1985-09-25Review
231 Baha'i Leads out of the Labyrinth, by Ruth Whi...Anonymous1944-07-26Review
232 Century of Light, by the Universal House of Ju...Taylor, John2002Review
233 Modernity and the Millennium, a response by Am...Cole, Juan2000Review
234 Modernity and the Millennium, by Juan ColeMetcalf, Barbara D.2000Review
235 Tortured Confessions: Prisons and Public Recantati...Farhang, Mansour2000-06-26Review
236 Eco Principle, The: Ecology and Economics in Symbi...Pokorny, Brad1996-10-05Review
237 Eco Principle, The: Ecology and Economics in Symbi...Vickers, Stephen1997Review
238 Psychology of Spirituality, The, by H.B. Danes...Agahi, Cyrus1999Review
239 Psychology of Spirituality, The, by H.B. Danes...Miller, Stephen1997Review
240 Dimensions in Spirituality, by Jack McLeanHuitt, William G.1997Review
241 Making the Crooked Straight, by Udo Schaefer, ...Cannuyer, Christian1998Review
242 Ethel Rosenberg: The Life and Times of England's O...Hollinger, Richard1996Review
243 Lexus and the Olive Tree, The, by Thomas Fried...Pokorny, Brad1999-04Review
244 Gardeners of God: An Encounter with Five Million B...Foxhall, Marc1998Review
245 Kahlil Gibran: Man and Poet, by Suheil BushruiPokorny, Brad1999-01Review
246 Transition to a Global Society, by Suhail Bush...Lamb, Susan1994Review
247 One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global...Pokorny, Brad1997Review
248 Community Histories, by Richard HollingerHassall, Graham1995Review
249 Love, Power, and Justice: The Dynamics of Authenti...Pokorny, Brad1998-07Review
250 Collected Poems of Robert Hayden, by Robert Ha...Mullen, Harryette1997-03-22Review
251 Robert Hayden's Epic of CommunityFriedlander, Benjamin1998Biography
252 Origins of the Bahá'í Community of C...Momen, Moojan1998Review
253 Origins of the Bahá'í Community of C...Hassall, Graham1997Review
254 Search for a Just Society, The, by John Huddle...Sarooshi, Danesh1994Review
255 Edward Granville Browne and the Bahá'&iacut...Elwell-Sutton, L. P.1972Review
256 Muhammad and the Course of Islam, by H.M. Baly...Elwell-Sutton, L. P.1977Review
257 Bahá'í Faith: Its History and Teachi...Elwell-Sutton, L. P.1976Review
258 Do They Hear You When You Cry, by Fauziya Kass...Pokorny, Brad1998-04Review
259 Universe Within, The: An Exploration of the Human ...Pokorny, Brad1995Review
260 Law and International Order: Proceedings of the Fi...Lincoln, Joshua1997-10Review
261 Emergence: Dimensions of a New World Order, by...Ghanea-Hercock, Nazila1992Review
262 Emergence: Dimensions of a New World Order, by...McGlinn, Sen1993-07-01Review
263 Toward the Most Great Justice: Elements of Justice...Pokorny, Brad1996-07Review
264 Toward the Most Great Justice: Elements of Justice...Rastan, Rod1998Article_publish
265 Science and Religion Are ComplementaryBuck, Christopher2013Encyclopedia
266 Studies in Honor of the Late Hasan M. Balyuzi: Stu...Lewis, Frank1999-12Review
267 Law of Love Enshrined, The: Selected Essays, b...Maneck, Susan1997Review
268 Making the Crooked Straight, by Udo Schaefer, ...MacEoin, Denis2001-06Review
269 Making the Crooked Straight, review by Denis M...Lee, Anthony2001Review
270 Mantle of the Prophet, The: Religion and Politics ...Walker, Lauran1997Review
271 Baha'i, The: The Religious Construction of a Globa...Cole, Juan2001-09Review
272 Modernity and the Millennium, by Juan ColeMcGlinn, Sen1999Review
273 Modernity and the Millennium, by Juan ColeSwartz, Merlin2000-06Review
274 Origins of the Baha'i Community of Canada 1898-194...McMullen, Mike1997-12-22Review
275 Bahá'í Faith in America as Panoptico...Kluge, Ian1999Review
276 Bahá'í Faith in America as Panoptico...Terry, Peter1999Review
277 Persian Revolution of 1905-1909, The, by E. G....Various1996/1997Review
278 Psychology of Spirituality, The, by H.B. Danes...Pokorny, Brad1995Review
279 Revisioning the Sacred: New Perspectives on a Bah...Maneck, Susan1999Review
280 Faith and World Economy: A Joint Venture, a Bahá'...McGlinn, Sen1998Review
281 Sacred Acts, Sacred Space, Sacred Time, by Joh...Armstrong-Ingram, R. Jackson1996Review
282 Saddlebag, The: A Fable for Doubters and Seekers,<...See, Carolyn2000-09-15Review
283 Symbol and Secret and Revisioning the Sacre...Winters, Jonah1999-12Review
284 Beyond the Clash of Religions: The Emergence of a ...Barer, Burl1996-04Review
285 Beyond the Clash of Religions: The Emergence of a ...Buck, Christopher1996Review
286 Persian Mirrors, by Elaine SciolinoLapidus, Ira2000-09-27Review
287 Scripture and Revelation, ed. Moojan MomenGrolin, Daniel2000 SpringReview
288 Short History of the Bahá'í Faith, by Peter ...Buck, Christopher1997Review
289 Bahá'í Faith in America, The: 1900-1...Cockshut, Derek1995 SummerReview
290 Thief in the Night or The Strange Case of the Miss...Anonymous1998Review
291 Planning Progress: Lessons from Shoghi Effendi,...Echevarria-Howe, Lynn2000Review
292 Racial Unity: An Imperative for Social Progress,...Berdjis, Nassim1996Review
293 Racial Unity: An Imperative for Social Progress,...Hassall, Graham1997Review
294 Mark Tobey: A retrospective exhibitionPokorny, Brad1998-01Review
295 Mirror of the Divine: Art in the Bahá'&iacu...Chen, Constance M.1997Review
296 Pattern of Dust, A: Selected Poems 1965-1990, ...Nazareth, Peter1996-03-01Review
297 Bahá'í, I by Margit WarburgPinna, Daniela2001-11Review
298 Bábís of Persia, TheBrowne, E. G.1889-07Article_publish
299 Ages and CyclesMomen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
300 Kitab-i Aqdas, the Most Holy BookWalbridge, John1999Encyclopedia
301 Religious Background of the 1979 Revolution in Ira...Momen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
302 Early Western Accounts of the Babi and Bahá...Momen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
303 Community, Baha'iHoonaard, Will C. van den1993-12Encyclopedia
304 Covenant, The, and Covenant-breakerMomen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
305 Family LifeHoonaard, Will C. van den1995Encyclopedia
306 FastingWalbridge, John1996Encyclopedia
307 Haziratu'l-QudsMomen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
308 Iran: Province of ÁdharbáyjánMomen, Moojan1994Encyclopedia
309 Iran: Province of FársMomen, Moojan1994Encyclopedia
310 Iran: Province of GílánMomen, Moojan1994Encyclopedia
311 IranMomen, Moojan1994Encyclopedia
312 NetherlandsHoonaard, Will C. van den1993-11Encyclopedia
313 Religious PluralismFazel, Seena1995Encyclopedia
314 Prayer and WorshipWalbridge, John1996Encyclopedia
315 Registry of Early Canadian BelieversHoonaard, Will C. van den1987-03Encyclopedia
316 Progressive RevelationStockman, Robert1995Encyclopedia
317 RussiaMomen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
318 ScriptureStockman, Robert1995Encyclopedia
319 TurkmenistanMomen, Moojan1995Encyclopedia
320 United States of AmericaStockman, Robert1995Encyclopedia
321 Tablet of Ahmad, Arabic (Lawh-i-Ahmad)Yancy, Trey1993-12Study
322 Same Yet Different, TheVance, Deborah Clark2002/2003 WinterArticle_publish
323 Same Yet Different, TheVance, Deborah Clark2002-05Thesis
324 Persian Bahá'í Women in the United States – Do...Vance, Deborah Clark2003-04Article_unpubli
325 Not Just for ConsumersVance, Deborah Clark2007Article_publish
326 Maintaining Minority Beliefs in an Indifferent Wor...Vance, Deborah Clark2003Article_unpubli
327 Commentary on the Kitab-i Aqdas, verse oneMcGlinn, Sen1997Essay
328 Primer for Bahá'í AssembliesGail, Marzieh1944-10Essay
329 Responding to an Attack on HumanityBryson, Alan2010-10-18Essay
330 Bayán (Bayán-i-Farsí)MacEoin, Denis1998Study
331 Bahá'í Faith and SexualityArmstrong-Ingram, R. Jackson1996-02Essay
332 On History's Greatest Breakthrough in KnowledgeTaylor, John2000-06-27Essay
333 Camphor and the Camphor FountainLewis, Frank1999-04Essay
334 Colorblindness and Race UnityOsborn, Donald1997Essay
335 Good Tree, TheVaccaro, Stephen1996Article_unpubli
336 Unknown Hour, TheFriedman, David1998Essay
337 First Public Mentions of the Bahá'í Faith in the...Bahá'í Information Office ...1998Essay
338 Falsafi Kashani and the Bahá'ísSamii, A. W.1996-01-15Essay
339 ForewordKhan, Peter J.1991Essay
340 Bahá'u'lláh's Epistle to the Son of the Wolf<...Gail, Marzieh1946-05Essay
341 Introduction to Green Acre Bahá'í SchoolAtkinson, Anne Gordon1990Essay
342 History of the House of Bahá'u'lláh in Tihran, I...1978Essay
343 Kitab-i-IqanPoirier, Brent1998Article_unpubli
344 Letters of Abdu'l-BaháTownshend, George1952Essay
345 Bibliography for the Tablets of Baha'u'llah1999None
346 Statistical information on the Bahá'í...Bahá'í World Centre1979-04Statistic
347 Lights of 'Irfán Book 142013Book
348 Bahá'ís Têm Nova Direcção MundialMarujo, Antonio2003-05-08Newspaper
349 Os Novos Jardins Suspensos do Monte CarmeloMarujo, Antonio2001-05-23Newspaper
350 Notes from the National Bahá'í Archi...Stockman, Robert1986Resource
351 Star of the West Book 1Bibliography
352 Yerrinbool Report on ScholarshipHassall, Graham1999-04-02Resource
353 Yerrinbool Report on ScholarshipHassall, Graham1998-04-10Resource
354 Yerrinbool Report on ScholarshipHassall, Graham2000-04-21Resource
355 Statistical Information on the Bahá'í...Bahá'í International Commu...Statistic
356 Words of Wisdom (Asl-i-Kullu'l-Khayr)Stockman, Robert1999Study
357 Bayan (Bayán-i-Farsí and Bayán-i-'Arabí), ThePoirier, Brent1997Study
358 Glad-Tidings (Bishárát)Stockman, Robert1999Study
359 Four Valleys (Chahar Vádí)Ayman, Iraj1999Study
360 Four Valleys (Chahar Vádí)Winters, Jonah1999Study
361 Seven Valleys (Haft Vádí)Ayman, Iraj1999Study
362 Seven Valleys (Haft Vádí)Winters, Jonah1999Study
363 Seven Proofs, TheBáb, The2008Translation_pro
364 Diné Becoming Baha'iCovey, Linda S.2011-05Thesis
365 Prophet in Modern Times, ATerry, Peter2008/2015Article_unpubli
366 Long Healing PrayerBahá'u'lláh1945Translation_pro
367 Solace of the HeartMputle, Peter2015Poetry
368 Essays on Jesus and the New TestamentTerry, Peter2015Article_unpubli
369 Exalted Letters (Hurúfát-i-'Álín), TheWalbridge, John1996Study
370 Hidden Words, also known as Book of Fatimih (Kalim...Winters, Jonah1999Study
371 Kitáb-i-Aqdas (Most Holy Book)Poirier, Brent1998Study
372 Kitáb-i-Aqdas (Most Holy Book)Winters, Jonah1998Study
373 Kitáb-i-Aqdas (Most Holy Book)Universal House of Justice2000-11-28Study
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731 Bahá'í Activities in UniversityShoghi Effendi1997Compilation_per
732 Unlocking the Power of ActionBahá'u'lláhCompilation_BWC
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770 God, Chance, and Necessity, by Keith WardPokorny, Brad1997-10Review
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773 List of useful published resources for Bahá'í St...Winters, Jonah1998Etcetera
774 Researching the humanities onlineWinters, Jonah1998Etcetera
775 Glossary of internet-related termsWinters, Jonah1998Etcetera
776 Theological Responses to Modernity in the Nineteen...Scharbrodt, Oliver2002Article_publish
777 Mysticism in African Traditional Religion and in t...Tanyi, Enoch2002Article_publish
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803 Personal Page-Personal
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845 Amnesty InternationalUniversal House of Justice1993-02-14UHJ_unpublished
846 Apostle Paul, a "False Teacher"?Universal House of Justice1998/2012UHJ_unpublished
847 Kitab-i-Aqdas and the Expulsion of Covenant Breake...Universal House of Justice1997-06-04UHJ_unpublished
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929 Badi, Áqá BuzurgFrancis, Richard1993/2001Biography
930 Bahá'í Development Projects in ActionAllen, CaroleAudio
931 Shoghi EffendiKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1970?Audio
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934 Amoz Everett GibsonFrancis, Richard1998Biography
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940 Root, MarthaFrancis, Richard1993/1998Biography
941 Olinga, EnochFrancis, Richard1998Biography
942 Beyond the Clash of ReligionsSchaefer, Udo1998Book
943 Links to Bahá'í blogs, resources, organizations-None
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945 Cultural Reconciliation in CanadaUniversal House of Justice2000-06UHJ_unpublished
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958 Hidden WordsAbdu'l-Bahá1998Compilation_BWC
959 Purpose and Mission of the Manifestations of GodBahá'u'lláh2002Compilation_per
960 Excerpt from an interview with Raúl PavónHein, Kurt1988Talk
961 Triumphing over Our WeaknessesBáb, The1998Compilation_per
962 Progress Bahá'í World Crusade 1953-1958Shoghi Effendi1963Maps
963 From Moorish Cordova to the Bahá'ís of IranHandal Morales, Boris2007-09-08Article_publish
964 Hofman, David1997/2003Biography
965 Advertisement for Israeli Tourism in the New Yo...2000-09-18Visual
966 Ridván 2012Universal House of Justice2012-04UHJ_published
967 Toward a New Environmental StewardshipKarlberg, Michael1994 SummerArticle_publish
968 Articulating a Consultative EpistemologySmith, Todd2009Article_publish
969 MeditationKhan, Peter J.1979-11Essay
970 Bahá'íFieldhouse, Paul2003Encyclopedia
971 White DogBohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn1999-04Fiction
972 Reproduction and other Biological SubjectsShoghi Effendi2000Compilation_BWC
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974 Intensive Growth: 2004 letter to all Continental C...International Teaching Centre2004-11-28UHJ_unpublished
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978 Bahá'í Faith, The, by John BoykinRazavi, Shahriar1992Review
979 Dangers of Reading, TheLawson, Todd1997Article_publish
980 RelativismMomen, Moojan1988Article_publish
981 Ridván, Festival ofBuck, Christopher2010/2012Encyclopedia
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985 Bahá'í Apologetics?Schaefer, Udo2001Essay
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993 Sex, Gender, and New Age StereotypingTa'eed, Lata1994Article_publish
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995 RitualsWalbridge, Linda1995Essay
996 Searching for God in time and memoryWhite, Christopher2002Article_publish
997 Women in the Bahá'í FaithManeck, Susan1994Article_publish
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999 Persecution of the Bahá'ís of Iran 1...Martin, Douglas1984Article_publish
1000 Bahá'í Faith in Tasmania 1923-1963Hassall, Graham1995Article_unpubli
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