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Star of the West Book 1Bibliography
Two Statements from the GuardianMrs. RollinsPilgrimsnote
Remarks to Pilgrims to Haifa by Shoghi EffendiFellows, VivianPilgrimsnote
Development of the FaithMuhajir, Rahmatu'llahAudio
Meetings, Bahá'íBahá'u'lláhCompilation_BWC
Unlocking the Power of ActionBahá'u'lláhCompilation_BWC
Bahá'í Development Projects in ActionAllen, CaroleAudio
Searching for the Scientific in the SpiritualSharon, MosheArticle_unpubli
Memoirs of Count DolgorukovSharon, MosheArticle_unpubli
Прежняя версия библиотекиEtcetera
Pasajes do los Escritos de Bahá'u'lláhBahá'u'lláhScriptureBook
Epistola al Hijo del LoboBahá'u'lláhScriptureBook
Unidad de los ProfetasAbdu'l-BaháScripture
Outposts of a World Religion by a Bahá'&iac...Mathews, LoulieHistory
Estudios y ProfesionesBahá'u'lláhCompilation_per
Historia de la Fe Bahá'í en VenezuelaEssay
Fuego ArrasadorCompilation_per
Renacer del Tiempo, ElVelasco, IsmaelArticle_unpubli
Trono del Espiritu, ElBahá'u'lláhCompilation_perBook
Tabla a los CristianosBahá'u'lláhScripture
Palabras Ocultas, LasBahá'u'lláhScriptureBook
Tablas de Baha'u'llah Reveladas despues del Kitab-...Bahá'u'lláhScriptureBook
Oraciones y Meditaciones Revelado por Bahá'u'llá...Bahá'u'lláhScripture
Voluntad y Testamento de Abdu'l-BahaAbdu'l-BaháScriptureBook
Tablas del Plan Divino, LasAbdu'l-BaháScriptureBook
Desenvolvimiento de la Civilización MundialShoghi EffendiScriptureBook
Dispensación de Bahá'u'lláhShoghi EffendiScriptureBook
Cycles of Growth of the American Bahá'í Communit...Stockman, RobertPresentation
Persia and the Persian Question, endnotesCurzon, George N.None
七谷书简 (Seven Valleys)Bahá'u'lláhScripture
Star of the West Volume 1ScripturePilgrimsnote
Declining Processes of the WorldKhan, Peter J.Audio
Definitions of LoveFaizi, Abu'l-QasimAudio
Die Verborgenen WorteBahá'u'lláhScripture
Compilation on the "Inner Reality"Compilation_per
Compilation on Change and Importance of Transforma...Compilation_per
Baha'i Association for the ArtsVisualBiography
Choice Wine, TheHarris, BobAudio
Women: Equality and PeaceKhan, Peter J.Audio
Carmel - the Mountain of GodKhadem, DhikrullahAudio
Social and Economic DevelopmentPolk, Harris EyefordAudio
Transformation of Global SocietyLaszlo, ErvinAudio
Bahá'í Talks from the HeartAugustine, SamAudio
Stories of the MartyrdomJahanpur, RouhiAudio
Triumph of the Cause, TheBalyuzi, Hasan M.Audio
World Peace and International HealthLink, A.Audio
Flame with Us, ANakhjavani, AliAudio
Enrolling the MassesSears, WilliamAudio
Crisis and OpportunitiesSears, WilliamAudio
Covenant BreakingSears, WilliamAudio
Creating New World OrderDanesh, HossainAudio
Spiritual Dimensions of Health ScienceDanesh, HossainAudio
Address to the 6th Annual Convention in CanadaKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary MaxweAudio
Huffington Post articles about the Bahá'&ia...Newspaper
Teaching StoriesRobarts, JohnAudio
Stories of 'Abdul-Baha and the GuardianKelsey, CurtisAudioPilgrimsnote
Becoming a Bahá'íJordan, Daniel C.Audio
Perspectives on DevelopmentEyford, GlenAudio
Keys to HarmonyJordan, Daniel C.Audio
Spirit of ServiceMcCallough, LawrenceAudio
Doors to Teaching and DeepeningAllen, DwightAudio
Development and the Bahá'í Internati...DeAraujo, VictorAudio
Your True SelfJordan, Daniel C.Audio
Fruits of CreationKelsey, CurtisAudio
Stories of 'Abdul-BahaKelsey, CurtisAudio
Universal Religion and the Law of LoveSears, WilliamAudio
Introduction to the Bahá'í FaithKazemzadeh, FiruzAudio
Untitled talkSears, WilliamAudio
Story of QuddusAudio
Early History of the Bahá'í Community in Boston,...Rideout, AniseArticle_unpubliTranslation_pro
Cobb, Stanwood and Ida Nayan WhitlamBiography
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Song Celestial, TheIves, Howard ColbyBook
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Le Journal de Constantinople1848-1851NewspaperHistory
Voyage en PerseFlandin, Eugène1851BookHistory
Throndhjems borgerlige Realskoles1852-10-30HistoryNewspaper
Glimpses of Life and Manners in PersiaSheil, Lady Mary (Leonora W1856BookPilgrimsnote
Historia UniversalCantu, Cesar1859Excerpt
Two State Papers Bearing on the Removal of the Bab...Browne, E. G.1862-05-10History
History of Persia from the Beginning of the Ninete...Watson, Robert Grant1866ExcerptArticle_publish
Das Südliche Ufer des Kaspischen Meeres oder Die ...Melgunof, G.1868Excerpt
BabismBullfinch, Stephen G.1869Excerpt
Resa I Persien [Journey in Persia]Vambery, Hermann1869ExcerptHistory
Journey through the Caucasus and the Interior of P...Mounsey, Augustus Henry1872Excerpt
Eastern PersiaJohn, Major St.1876Excerpt
Through Persia by CaravanArnold, Arthur E.1877Excerpt
My Wanderings in PersiaAnderson, T. S.1880Book
Six Months in PersiaStack, Edward1882Excerpt
Babs and Their Prophet, TheOliphant, Laurence1887Excerpt
La Perse La Chaldée et La SusianeDieulafoy, Jane1887Excerpt
BabismBrowne, E. G.1890/1901Article_publish
Journeys in Persia and KurdistanBird, Isabella1891Excerpt
In the Land of the Lion and the Sun, or, Modern Pe...Wills, Charles James1891Excerpt
Persia and the Persian Question, volume ICurzon, George N.1892Book
Catalogue and Description of 27 Bábí Manuscrip...Browne, E. G.1892-07Article_publishBibliography
Catalogue and Description of 27 Bábí Manuscrip...Browne, E. G.1892-10Article_publishBibliography
Year Amongst the Persians, ABrowne, E. G.1893Book
New History (tarikh-i-jadid) of Mirza Ali-M...Hamadani, Husayn1893HistoryBook
Week with the Babis, AStileman, Charles H.1893-07Excerpt
Religious Mission of the English-Speaking Nations,...Jessup, Henry H.1894Essay
Persia RevisitedGordon, Thomas Edward1895Excerpt
Bab og BabismenRees, John David1896-07-31HistoryExcerpt
Bab and Babism, TheRees, John David1896-08-22ExcerptHistory
Bobeism, Bobe, His Doctrine, His Personal Appearan...Daniel, Mooshie G.1897Excerpt
Babism and the BabBixby, James T.1897-12Article_publish
Followers of Beha in Persia, TheStileman, Charles H.1898-09Excerpt
Message from AccaHaddad, Anton1900Pilgrimsnote
Addresses Delivered before the New York and Chicag...Teherani, Abdel Karim Effendi1900BookTalk
Behá 'U'lláh (the glory of God)Kheiralla, Ibrahim George1900Book
Prayers, Tablets, Instructions and MiscellanyGetsinger, Edward1900PilgrimsnoteBook
Greenacre on the PiscataquaIngersoll, Anna Josephine1900Article_publishHistory
Notes on St. John as explained by Our LordRosenberg, Ethel J.1901Pilgrimsnote
Bab and the Babis, TheSell, Edward1901Article_publish
Land of the Lion and the SunShabaz, Absalom D.1901Excerpt
Utterances of Abdul Beha Abas to Two Young Men, Am...Abdu'l-Bahá1901Pilgrimsnote
Lessons on the Beha RevelationHarris, W. Hooper1901Book
Babites, TheJessup, Henry H.1901-06-22PilgrimsnoteEssay
Utterances of Abdu'l-Baha to Thomas Breakwell, Her...Breakwell, Thomas1901-09Pilgrimsnote
BabismRoss, Denison1901/1912Article_publish
Ten Thousand Miles in Persia or Eight Years in Ira...Sykes, Percy Molesworth1902Excerpt
Outline of the Bahá'í Movement in th...Haddad, Anton1902HistoryBiography
Political Divisions and SchismsAli, Syed Ameer1902Excerpt
Divine RevelationHaddad, Anton1902Article_publishHistory
Revelation of Bahaullah in a Sequence of Four Less...1902-02Book
Zustände im Heutigen Persien wie sie das Reisebuc...Schulz, Walter1903Excerpt
Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence, and...MacDonald, Duncan H.1903Excerpt
Dawn of Knowledge and Most Great Peace, TheDealy, Paul Kingston1903Book
Life and Teachings of Abbas EffendiPhelps, Myron Henry1903BookPilgrimsnote
Religion of the Bab, TheSpeer, Robert E.1904Article_publish
Life and Teachings of Abbas Effendi, The by M....1904-05Review
New Religion, Babism, ACarus, Paul1904-06/07Article_publish
The Bahá'í RevelationDodge, Arthur Pillsbury1905Article_publish
Persia Past and PresentWilliams Jackson, A. V.1906Excerpt
Table Talks at AccaAgnew, Arthur S.1907Pilgrimsnote
Table Talks and Notes Taken at AccaTrue, Corinne1907PilgrimsnoteBook
Five Years in a Persian TownMalcolm, Napier1907Excerpt
Call of Attention to the Behaists or Babists of Am...Stenstrand, August J.1907History
Främmande religionsurkunderSoderblom, Nathan1907History
Whence? Why? Whither?Dodge, Arthur Pillsbury1907Book
Episode of The 'Báb'Williams, E. Crawshay1907Excerpt
Pilgrim Letter of Hooper Harris to Mr. HoarHarris, Hooper1907-04Pilgrimsnote
Table Talks with Abdu'l-BahaWinterburn, George F.1908PilgrimsnoteBook
Bahá'ísmRosenberg, Ethel J.1908HistoryTalk
PersiaCresson, W. P.1908Excerpt
Flowers Culled from the Rose Garden of AccaFinch, Ida A.1908-11Pilgrimsnote
Allgemeine Evangelische MissionsgeschichteRichter, Julius1908/1930Excerpt
Splendour of God, The1909Compilation_per
Bahá'í Movement for Universal Religion, TheDreyfus-Barney, Hippolyte1909Book
Behind the Veil in Persia and Turkish ArabiaHume-Griffith, M. E.1909Excerpt
Notes of Miss Ethel Rosenberg of London England, t...Rosenberg, Ethel J.1909-01Pilgrimsnote
Bahai Revelation, TheMasson, Jean1909-02Essay
Revolutions de la PerseBerard, Victor1910Excerpt
Persia and Its PeopleSykes, Ella C.1910Excerpt
Land and Its Book, TheThomson, W. M.1910Excerpt
Oriental Rose, TheFord, Mary Hanford1910Book
Persian Revolution of 1905-1909, TheBrowne, E. G.1910Book
Persia and the Regeneration of IslamTemple, Bernard1910-05-27Article_publish
PalestineFranklin, G. E.1911ExcerptVisual
Heavenly Vista, AGregory, Louise G.1911PilgrimsnoteTranslation_pro
Brief Account of the Bahai Movement, ARosenberg, Ethel J.1911Article_publish
My Visit to Abbas-Effendi in 1899, Margaret Bloodg...Peeke, Margaret1911Pilgrimsnote
Views of Acca [Akka], Haifa, Mt. Carmel, and Other...1911BookVisual
Light in the Lantern, TheStevens, E. S. (Ethel Stefana1911-12-01Article_publishPilgrimsnote
Bahá'í Movement, TheRemey, Charles Mason1912Book
BahaismSell, Edward1912Book
Bahaism, the religion of brotherhood and its place...Skrine, Francis Henry1912Book
Call of Mt. Carmel, TheHolbach, Maude M.1912Excerpt
Bahá'í Movement for Universal Religion, TheRemey, Charles Mason1912-03Essay
What is BehaismBixby, James T.1912-06Article_publish
New John the Baptist Preaching Universal Brotherho...Rohe, Alice1912-09-25NewspaperHistory
Fringe of the East, TheLuke, Harry Charles1913Excerpt
BabismNweeya, Samuel Kasha1913-05Essay
Journalist in the Holy Land, ACopping, Arthur E.1913-05-23Excerpt
Persian Press and Persian Journalism, TheBrowne, E. G.1913-05-23Excerpt
Bahaism TodayBain, Wilhelmina1913-08Newspaper
Power of “The Covenant of God” Alone Regenerat...Remey, Charles Mason1913-09-08Essay
Hints for Residents and Travellers in PersiaNeligan, A. R.1914Excerpt
Observations of a Bahá'í Traveller, 1908Remey, Charles Mason1914BookPilgrimsnote
Reconciliation of Races and Religions, TheCheyne, Thomas Kelly1914BookBiography
Bahaism, by Arthur VailBentson, Henry1914Review
Religious Influence of Persia, TheBrowne, E. G.1914-05-20Excerpt
BahaismVail, Albert Ross1914-07Article_publish
Firmness in the Covenant and Protection of the Cau...Remey, Charles Mason1914/1918Article_publish
Through Warring Countries to the Mountain of GodRemey, Charles Mason1915-07BookBiography
BehaismKheiralla, Ibrahim George1915-10Essay
Bahaism and Its Claims and Modern Movements...Jordan, Orvis Fairlee1915-10Review
Rules of Parliamentary DisciplineShoghi Effendi1915-11Guardian
Mary Bird in PersiaRice, Clara C.1916Excerpt
Mahdist MovementsWilson, Samuel Graham1916Article_publish
Bahaism and Its Claims, by S. G. WilsonBuchanan, C. M.1916-01Review
Thomas Kelly CheyneToy, Crawford Howell1916-01Article_publishBiography
Precursor, the Prophet, and the Pope, TheRichardson, Robert P.1916-10Article_publish
Precursor, the Prophet, and the Pope, TheRichardson, Robert P.1916-11Article_publish
Shining Light from Persia, AVail, Albert Ross1917ExcerptEssay
Constructive Principles of the Bahai MovementRemey, Charles Mason1917Book
Persian Reformer's View of Art, AThompson, Juliet1917-03EssayPilgrimsnote
Materials for the Study of the Babi Religion1918BookHistory
Persecutions of Babis in 1888-1891 at Isfahan and ...1918Article_publishHistory
Compilation of the Holy Utterances of Bahá'u'llá...Bahá'u'lláh1918Compilation_perBook
Mahdi in Persia and Syria, TheWallis, Wilson D.1918Excerpt
In re. Bahai Temple Unity (Alleged German Religiou...Federal Bureau of Investigation1918Document
Peace of the World, TheRemey, Charles Mason1919Book
Bahai Revelation and Reconstruction, TheRemey, Charles Mason1919Book
New Day, TheRemey, Charles Mason1919Essay
Covenant, TheRemey, Charles Mason1919Essay
Letter to Grace HolleyAbdu'l-Bahá1919-01-28Letter
Report to Abdul Baha of the Bahai Activities in th...Remey, Charles Mason1919-06-07Article_publishBiography
Light of the World, TheLatimer, George Orr1920PilgrimsnoteBook
Count Joseph Arthur Gobineau, Professor Clement Im...1920ExcerptBiography
Excellency of Mt. Carmel, TheWhittingham, George Napier1921Excerpt
Week in Abdu'l-Baha's Home, ACoy, Genevieve L.1921Pilgrimsnote
Bahá'íHolley, Horace1921Book
Reality magazine1921Article_publishBook
Bahaism and Its Ambitious ClaimsJordan, Orvis Fairlee1921-10-06Essay
Glitter of Bahaism, The1921-12-24Excerpt
Handbook of Palestine, TheLuke, Harry Charles1922Excerpt
Bahai, The Spirit of the Age, by Horace HolleyLabaree, Robert M.1922Review
PersiaSykes, Percy Molesworth1922BookExcerpt
Days of a Man, TheJordan, David Starr1922Excerpt
Questions about Science and ReligionKunz, Anna1922-09Pilgrimsnote
Life of Alexander Whyte, TheBarbour, G. F.1923ExcerptBiography
Unconventional MemoriesNevill, Ralph1923Excerpt
Bahá'í ScripturesBahá'u'lláh1923Compilation_perBook
Imbrie Murder Laid to Religious Hate1924-07-24HistoryNewspaper
Report to the U.S. Secretary of StateMurray, W. Smith1924-08-10DocumentHistory
Bahá'í Cause, TheHare, William Loftus1924-12Excerpt
Bahá'í News1924-1990NewspaperArticle_publish
Lehrbuch der ReligionsgeschichteBertholet, Alfred1925Excerpt
Unity TriumphantHerrick, Elizabeth1925Book
Consideration of the Bahá'í religion, its Tenets...Murray, W. Smith1925-01-08DocumentHistory
Letters to Grace Holley and Visalia LSAShoghi Effendi1925-02-14GuardianLetter
Bahá'í World, The1925-1986Bibliography
Easter in Palestine, 1921-1922Fawcett, Millicent1926Excerpt
J. E. Esslemont1926Biography
Constitution of the NSA of the Bahá'ís of the Un...National Spiritual Assembly of the Bah&a...1927-04-04NSA_published
Bahá'í Message, TheGuy, Walter Bryant1927-1928NewspaperPilgrimsnote
Biography of Hippolyte Dreyfus-BarneyBarney, Laura Clifford1928GuardianBiography
Persien wie es ist und war mit Karawane, Auto und ...Norden, Hermann1929Excerpt
Babism and BehaismLammens, Henri1929Excerpt
Minutes of the Nineteenth Session, 1930Permanent Mandates Commission1930Document
Minutes of the Twentieth Session, 1931 JunePermanent Mandates Commission1931DocumentHistory
Minutes of the Twenty-first Session, 1931 OctoberPermanent Mandates Commission1931Document
Modern Wayfarer in Persia, AAlexander, Constance M.1931Excerpt
Notes on Shoghi Effendi's Table TalkPaine, Mabel Hyde1931Pilgrimsnote
Rise and Fall of the Parliament of Religions at Gr...Richardson, Robert P.1931-03Article_publish
My Visit to Temple UniversityRoot, Martha L.1931-09Essay
Minutes of the Twenty-second Session, 1932Permanent Mandates Commission1932Document
Wanderer in the Promised Land, ABentwich, Norman1932Excerpt
Religion of the Bahá'ís, TheRichards, J. R.1932Book
Modern Movements in IslamGermanus, Gyula (Julius)1932Excerpt
Men on the HorizonMurchie, Guy1932BookBiography
Haifa TalksRansom-Kehler, Keith1932-05-13Pilgrimsnote
Minutes of the Twenty-fourth Session, 1933Permanent Mandates Commission1933Document
Cairo to Persia and BackTweedy, Owen1933Excerpt
Short History of Religions AKellett, E. E.1933Excerpt
Bahá'í Revelation, TheChase, Thornton1933Book
Shi'ite Religion, TheDonaldson, Dwight M.1933Book
Shi'ite Religion, chapter 33Donaldson, Dwight M.1933Excerpt
Audio and video clipsLocke, Alain1933-1940AudioVideos
History of Religion, AGowen, Herbert H.1934Excerpt
Eastern Chequerboard, AnLuke, Harry Charles1934Excerpt
PersiaMerritt-Hawkes, Onera Amelia1935Excerpt
Moody, Susan I., 1851-1934Haney, Miriam1935-03Biography
World Order1935-1949, 1966-2006Article_publish
Road to Nazareth, TheGibbons, John1936Excerpt
BahaismWidgery, Alban G.1936ExcerptArticle_publish
Baha'u'llah's Ground Plan of World FellowshipTownshend, George1936TalkEssay
Orientation of Hope and Lessons in World Crisis, T...Locke, Alain1936/1945Essay
Great Unity, TheBarr, Margaret1937Excerpt
Pageant of Persia, TheFilmer, Henry1937Excerpt
Bahá'í Centres in Iran (1936)1937Maps
Something New in IranHoare, J. N.1937Excerpt
Radiant AcquiescenceRexford, Orcella1937-09Essay
Palestine UnveiledDuff, Douglas V.1938Excerpt
Life of the Bab, TheMazandarani, Asadu'llah Fadil1938BiographyEssay
Life of Baha'u'llah, TheMazandarani, Asadu'llah Fadil1938Biography
Christ the SeedMott, Francis J.1939Excerpt
S.W. PersiaWilson, Arnold, Sir1941Excerpt
Old New LandHerzl, Theodor1941/1997Excerpt
Teaching regions of the United States and Canada (...1942Maps
Letter to Marzieh GailShoghi Effendi1942-10-24Guardian
Letter to John B. CornellKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1943-05-25LetterPilgrimsnote
Bahá'í World FaithBahá'u'lláh1943/1976ScriptureBook
Baha'i Leads out of the Labyrinth, by Ruth Whi...Anonymous1944-07-26Review
Will and Testament of Abdul Baha, The: An Analysis...Anonymous1944-08-16Review
Primer for Bahá'í AssembliesGail, Marzieh1944-10Essay
Sydney SpragueHatch, Willard P.1945Biography
Teaching regions of the United States and Canada (...1945Maps
God Passes By, by Shoghi EffendiAnonymous1945-01-31Review
Baha'i Faith, TheBach, Marcus1946ExcerptArticle_publish
Letter from the Guardian to John B. Cornell, 1946Shoghi Effendi1946-03-09Guardian
Baha'i Faith Will Advertise1946-09-25Newspaper
Scientific Approach to Moral ConductCornell, John B.1946-11Essay
Community of Religions, TheRandall, John Herman1946/1968EssayExcerpt
Bahá'í Declaration of Human Obligations and Righ...Bahá’í International Com...1947-02BIC_published
Faith of Bahá'u'lláh, TheShoghi Effendi1947-07GuardianScripture
Letter to the United Nations Special Committee on ...Shoghi Effendi1947/1948Guardian
Der Islam (Sekten)Strothmann, Rudolf1948Excerpt
Twenty-Five Years of the GuardianshipKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1948BookPilgrimsnote
Success in TeachingKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1949-06Letter
BabiMinorsky, Vladimir1950Encyclopedia
Monsieur Nicolas - the FrenchUskui, Haji Mirza Haydar Al1950?HistoryExcerpt
MemoriesSears, William1951AudioPilgrimsnote
Israel ResurgentBentwich, Norman1952Excerpt
Die Fünf Grossen ReligionenGlasenapp, Helmuth von1952Excerpt
Letters of Abdu'l-BaháTownshend, George1952Essay
Letters from Jessie RevellRevell, Jessie1952Pilgrimsnote
Bahá'í community of the United States (1950)1952Maps
Experiment in Race Relations, APowers, Robert P.1952Essay
Pilgrim's NotesFrench, Nellie1952-04-21Pilgrimsnote
Pilgrim's Notes on Teaching and Administration, AAshton, Beatrice1952-12Pilgrimsnote
Iraq, 1900 to 1950Longrigg, Stephen Hemsley1953Excerpt
Quote from Ruhiyyih Khanum to Mrs. J.E. BollesKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1953Pilgrimsnote
Pilgrims NotesSears, Marguerite R.1953Pilgrimsnote
Talk at U.S. Bahá'í National ConventionBaker, Dorothy1953AudioPilgrimsnote
Letter to the Geyserville (California) Bahá'í Su...Fat'he-Aazam, Shidan1953-06-28Letter
Israel between East and WestPatai, Raphael1953/1970Excerpt
Message of the World Spiritual Crusade received fr...Furutan, Ali-Akbar1953?Pilgrimsnote
Two brief pilgrims' notesAllen, Valera1954Pilgrimsnote
Notes on 1954 PilgrimageKenny, Sara M.1954Pilgrimsnote
Challenge to ChaosHolley, Horace1954EssayTalk
Pilgrimage to HaifaSears, William1954-04Pilgrimsnote
Haifa NotesEdge, Clara1954-05Pilgrimsnote
Notes of the Pilgrimage of Edith McLarenMcLaren, Edith1954-05Pilgrimsnote
From Sect to ChurchBerger, Peter Ludwig1954-06Thesis
Haifa ImpressionsAllen, Valera1954-12Pilgrimsnote
Excerpts from a letter from Bernard Leach after hi...Leach, Bernard1954-12Pilgrimsnote
Faiths Men Live By, ThePotter, Charles Francis1955Excerpt
Iran Seeks to Suppress Baha'i Faith1955-06-08Newspaper
Letter from the Guardian to John B. Cornell, 1955Shoghi Effendi1955-11-5Guardian
Man's ReligionsNoss, John B.1956Excerpt
Notes on Words of the GuardianOrbison, Virginia1956Pilgrimsnote
Haifa NotesWoolson, Gayle1956Pilgrimsnote
Bahá'í Cause, TheSohrab, Mirza Ahmad1956Excerpt
Bahá'í community of the United States (1954)1956Maps
Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart1957Encyclopedia
IranMonteil, Vincent1957Excerpt
Living Religions of the WorldSpiegelberg, Frederic1957Excerpt
Our Pilgrimage to HaifaBeasley, Elmer1957Pilgrimsnote
Notes on Pilgrimage to HaifaDudley, Alice1957Pilgrimsnote
Pilgrim's NotesAllison, William1957Pilgrimsnote
Shoghi EffendiBach, Marcus1957PilgrimsnoteEssay
Bahá'iBach, Marcus1957-04-10EssayNewspaper
ReligionsGundry, D. W.1958Excerpt
Ruhiyyih Khanum's Tribute to Shoghi Effendi at the...Khanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1958Talk
Letter to Lili Hermann re Abdu'l-Bahá envisioning...Grossmann, Anna1958-06-05Pilgrimsnote
I am a Bahá'íMurchie, Guy1958-07-13EssayNewspaper
Tribute to Shoghi Effendi, ACollins, Amelia1958-07-25Talk
Man of the WorldVanderbilt, Cornelius1959Excerpt
Station Wagon OdysseyDouglas, William O.1959-01Excerpt
Recollection of Visits with 'Abdul-BahaDodge, William Copeland1959-02-06AudioPilgrimsnote
Browne and the BabisArberry, Arthur J.1960ExcerptEssay
World Cultures and World ReligionsKraemer, Hendrik1960Excerpt
Release the SunSears, William1960Book
Changing needs in a changing worldKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1960Audio
Notes to a talk given by Hand of the Cause Ioas in...Ioas, Leroy1960-06Talk
Mazhar [Manifestation]MacEoin, Denis1960-2004Encyclopedia
PrefaceKazemzadeh, Firuz1961-01Excerpt
Letter to the United States and Canada on racism, ...Khanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1961-03-09Letter
Sacred Books of the WorldBouquet, A. C.1962Excerpt
Comparative ReligionParrinder, Geoffrey1962Excerpt
Memories of 'Abdu'l-BaháCobb, Stanwood1962Pilgrimsnote
Introducing IsraelComay, Joan1963Excerpt
Heart of Iran, TheForbes, Duncan1963Excerpt
Bahá'ís, TheParrinder, Geoffrey1963Excerpt
Splendour of Israel, ThePayne, Robert1963Excerpt
Signs of God on EarthKhanum, Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwe1963Audio
Nationalism in IranCottam, Richard W.1964/1979Excerpt
Die PerserBausani, Alessandro1965Excerpt
In re Petition for Naturalization of Parviz Meghno...1965Document
Visit to Persia, AMurchie, Guy1965 March/AprilEssayPilgrimsnote
City and Village in IranEnglish, Paul Ward1966Excerpt
Modern IranAvery, Peter1967Excerpt
Teaching Seminar conducted by Hand of the Cause A....Faizi, Abu'l-Qasim1967Talk
Bahá'u'lláh: His Call to the NationsBraun, Eunice1967Essay
Bahá'í World FaithKeene, James J.1967 AutumnArticle_publish
Institutionalization of Religion, TheMahmoudi, Jalil1967 FallArticle_publish
Ná'ímMottahedeh, Roy P.1967 WinterBiographyPoetry
Religion in a Secular AgeCogley, John1968Excerpt
Modern Syncretistic SectsLing, Trevor1968Excerpt
Becoming Your True SelfJordan, Daniel C.1968Essay
Notes on Persian Love PoemsGail, Marzieh1968 SpringPoetryArticle_publish
Human Rights are God-Given RightsNational Spiritual Assembly of the Bah&a...1968-04NSA_unpublished
Divine CharismaMahmoudi, Jalil1968-07Audio
Shoghi EffendiKhadem, Javidukht1968-07Audio
Introducing IsraelComay, Joan1969Excerpt
IsraelComay, Joan1969Excerpt
Bahá'ís, TheSmart, Ninian1969Excerpt
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ManSchaefer, Udo2001Article_unpubli
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To what extent can the ‘blogs' of sympathisers a...Rohani, Afshin Robin2009-04Thesis
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Little 'aliens' who spontaneously break into songSlavin, Ted2009-07-18Newspaper
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We shouldn't occupy ourselves with the faults of o...Slavin, Ted2010Newspaper
Educational Strategy Selection of Religious Minori...Mossayeb, Sina2010Thesis
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Trial of the Yaran under Iranian Criminal Procedur...Buck, Christopher2010-01NewspaperDocument
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Press as a Consultative Forum, TheKarlberg, Michael2010-04Article_publish
Iranian Intellectuals and the Bahá'í...2010-04EssayNewspaper
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Revolutions without Revolutionaries?Faris, David2010-05Thesis
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Iran's Genocidal MentalityKnight, W. Andy2010-08-19Newspaper
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Pan-Islamist in Istanbul, ASever, Aytek2010-09Thesis
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la Conferencia de los Cuerpos Continentales de Con...Universal House of Justice2010-12-28UHJ_published
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Investment in your community reaps priceless profi...Slavin, Ted2010-90-18Newspaper
Religious Myths & Visions of AmericaBuck, Christopher2010/2012Presentation
Life Histories of Bahá'í Women in CanadaEchevarria-Howe, Lynn2011ExcerptNewspaper
In Their Place"Sealy, Aaron Vahid2011Thesis
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Native American Vision and the Teachings of 'Abdu'...Bidwell, Paula2011Presentation
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