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  1. Becoming a Bahá'í, by Daniel C. Jordan. What kind of beginning is it, when one becomes a Baha'i? What does it mean, and what to expect? Audio. [about]
  2. Becoming Your True Self, by Daniel C. Jordan, in World Order, 3:1 (1968). The nature of human potential, and how the Baha'i Faith can guide the process of spiritual transformation. Essays and short articles. [about]
  3. Being and Becoming: The ANISA Theory of Development, by Michael F. Kalinowski and Daniel C. Jordan, in World Order, 7:4 (1973). To provide children with experience and knowledge, enabling them to direct their own spiritual evolution, we need a theory explaining the nature of "becoming" and development. ANISA is a blueprint for a comprehensive educational system. Published Articles. [about]
  4. Keys to Harmony, by Daniel C. Jordan. Ways of bringing harmony into the world, using musical analogies. Audio. [about]
  5. Your True Self, by Daniel C. Jordan. Audio. [about]
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