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Four short chapters from The Báb's book of laws.
See also A Summary of the Persian Bayan, by E.G. Browne.

Translation of A.L.M. Nicolas’s Le Beyán Persan (4 vols.: Paris, 1911-1914). Translation from the French, with Reference to the Persian, by Ismael Velasco.

The Persian Bayan:
From A.L.M. Nicolas' French translation

by The Báb

translated by A.L.M. Nicolas and Ismael Velasco.
originally written as "Bayán-i-Farsí" in Persian and French.
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Table of Contents
  1. Vahíd 3, Báb 6
  2. Vahíd 3, Báb 14
  3. Vahíd 6, Báb 19
  4. Vahíd 9, Báb 2
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