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Journal of the Bahá'í Community of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
May 2001 / 158BE



Bahá’í World Centre: Opening the Terraces on Mount Carmel — a look forward to the celebration, at the end of May, of the completion of the Terraces above and below the Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel.

National Spiritual Assembly: The Guardian’s Resting Place | Letter from the Prime Minister | The Office of External Affairs | Huqúqu'lláh | What is a Disability? | BSL Signers Wanted | "Ending Violence in the Family" | BIO Webspace URL | “Bahá’í Future” Website | Guidance on Travel to Middle-Eastern Countries | To All Community School Trustee Local Spiritual Assemblies | Tranquillity Zones: Information and Guidance | National Teaching Committee – Understanding Teaching

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Bahá’í Councils: News and Comment from the Bahá'í Councils of Northern Ireland (Summer School), Scotland (Time for Reflection | Exhibition in St Mungo's Museum | Annual Scottish Gathering | Summer School), and England.

Committees and Departments: BASED-UK feature article: Perspectives on Social Transformation | Committee for International Pioneering and Travel Teaching | Bahá'í Office for Religious and Educational Affairs (BOREA) | Travel Teaching and Homefront Pioneering Advisory Service (including Advice for travellers by Rúhíyyih Khánum, and Island Hopping in the Western Isles by Jeremy Fox) | Year of Service Desk feature article: Beyond Words

UK Community History: It All Began 50 Years Ago — Philip
Hainsworth looks back at the amazing achievements of the British
Bahá'í community in bringing the Faith to the African continent

Youth Space: "A safe Bahá'í atmosphere, venue and sound system", "Why Daystar must rock on", and news from Camden and Ealing Broadway.

International News: Bushfire Project – A Parent's Point of View

How I became a Bahá'í Round-the-World Traveller David Grant tells of how he heard of the Faith in Mongolia and chose to become a Bahá'í.

Letters: From the NSA of Iceland | Public Library Guide | Web News Sites Collaborate | School of the Nations (Macau)

UK Community News: Key Meetings for Bahá'ís | Southwark Tranquillity Zones | Mayor of Derry Presents Special Award To Bahá'ís | Memorial Service in Kettering | Reunion in Slough | A Bahá'í Centre for Bristol | Bahá'í Film on show at Arizona State University Sutton LSA meets Mayor Wycombe Arts Festival Jodie Ward - Come on Down! Naw Rúz Party in Caerphilly Seeing the Wood for the Trees

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