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New York: Philosophical Library, 1981.
ISBN 8022-2367-2        LCCN 89-81698

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			 Gift of God

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The interpretation of _The Revelation of St. John the Divine_
presented in this volume is based on the writings and teachings
of the Baha'i Faith, a religion founded by Mirza Husayn 'Ali,
known as Baha'u'llah, the Glory of God.

The Baha'i Faith grew out of the Babi Faith which was founded in
1844 by the Bab, Mirza 'Ali Muhammad of Shiraz, Persia.  The Babi
teachings emphasized the forthcoming appearance of "The One Whom
God will Make Manifest," a new Prophet or Manifestation of God.
The Babi Faith stemmed from Shiah Islam which taught the
forthcoming return of the Twelfth Imam, Muhammad's Successor, Who
would renew religion and guide the faithful.  "This messianic
view was the basis of the teachings of the Shaykhi sect, so
named after Shakyh Ahmad."*  The teachings of this sect gave	            
allegorical interpretations to doctrines such as the resurrection,   
the Last Judgement, and the return of the Twelfth Imam.

   *Firuz Khazemzadeh,  "The Baha'i Faith," _World Order_, 
Spring 1974, p. 10.

When the Bab announced in 1844 that He was the channel through
which grace from someone as yet veiled from men was to flow, it
caused considerable excitement among His fellow Persians.  Many
people became followers of the Bab, but the Persian government
and clergy were opposed to His new doctrines and eventually the
Bab was executed and with Him a large number of His followers,
the Babis.

Among His followers was a man of wealthy background Who was
incarcerated in Tehran for allegedly attempting to kill the Shah
of Persia.  It was while this man was in prison that He learned
from God of His unique station.  His name was Baha'u'llah, the
Glory of God, and He was the Messenger God had chosen to carry
His Message for this Era to all mankind.  Long years of exile saw
Baha'u'llah banished from Persia and sent

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throughout the Ottoman Empire until, at last, He was sent to the
prison fortress at 'Akka.  Notwithstanding the attempts of
governments, clergy, and individuals to halt His teaching,
Baha'u'llah proclaimed to the people of the world God's Message
for this time.	By His death, in 1892, the Baha'i Faith had
spread "beyond Persia and the Ottoman Empire to the Caucasus,
Turkestan, India, Burma, Egypt, and
the Sudan."*                           *Kazemzadeh, p. 11

To preserve the unity of the Baha'i community after His passing,
Baha'u'llah appointed His son 'Abdu'l-Baha as leader of the
community and authorized Interpreter of His writings.  This
appointment, and 'Abdu'l-Baha's subsequent appointment of Shoghi
Effendi Rabbani, His grandson, as sole Interpreter of the
teachings of Baha'u'llah and Guardian of the Cause, ensured that
the writings of the Faith and, indeed, the Faith itself would be
free from the dangerous schisms and taints of personality that
had harmed the Faiths of previous Manifestations of God.
Clearly, Baha'u'llah intended to secure for His followers single,
unquestioned interpretation of His words and teachings.

In His writings, Baha'u'llah has unsealed the meanings of the
Books of the Bible which were sealed in the time of Jesus Christ
until man should be of sufficient spiritual maturity to
understand what is in them.  In the case of _The Revelation of
St. John the Divine_, a book that has been interpreted by
numerous worthy scholars, Baha'u'llah's interpretation is deeply
symbolic but clear and concise within the teachings of the Baha'i

Using the words of Baha'u'llah and the interpretations of His
teachings as a base, the writer has carefully gone through each
verse and revealed the meaning that lies richly within, waiting
to illumine the eyes of mankind and fulfill the promises made to
him by God through His Manifestations.

						  Melissa Tansik
					     10 November 1975 AD
						 8 Qudrat 132 BE

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              Preface                                  VII
              Acknowledgements                          XV

                  Part One

              The Sources                                3
              The Allegorical Method                     6
              Gematria                                  11
              Number Symbolism                          13
              Astrological Symbolism                    20
              Geometric Symbolism                       28
              Further Literary Devices                  30
              The Time and Space of the Apocalypse      30
              Future Scholarship                        31
              The Notes                                 34

                  Part Two
         The Revelation of Saint John the Divine

       Chapter One  The Greatest Name                   43
            Two  Letters to Ancient Faiths              65
          Three  Letters to Recent Faiths               79
           Four  The Invisible Zodiac                   87
           Five  The Book of Seven Seals                99
            Six  The Book is Opened                    107
          Seven  God's Servants are Sealed             115
          Eight  The Fate of the Early Church          129
           Nine  The Fall of Christendom               135
            Ten  Interlude                             143
         Eleven  The Course of Islam                   147
         Twelve  The Travail of the Word               157
       Thirteen  The Rise of the Caliphate             165
       Fourteen  The World-Stage is Set                177
        Fifteen  His Name Revealed                     187
        Sixteen  The End of the Age                    197
      Seventeen  Mysteries Revealed                    207
       Eighteen  Encomium of Victory                   213
       Nineteen  The Triumph of Baha'u'llah            219
         Twenty  Satan Bound                           225
     Twenty-one  The Holy City                         231
     Twenty-two  Epilogue

     Appendix A  The Number of Baha' in the Apocalypse 261
           B  Correlation of Some Dates in the
              Book of Daniel                           263
           C  Origins of Gematriot and
              Number Symbolism                         267
           D  The Hebrew and Arabic Gematriot          271
           E  Glossary of Symbols                      273
           F  Chronological Table                      289
           G  Some Baha'i Apocalyptic Writings         295
              References                               307
           H  Late Errata and Changes
                    (copied from _I, Daniel_)          A-1

               Index of biblical verses cited
               Subject index

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              The world of the First Century            II
              The Time and Space of the Apocalypse     XII
       Figure 1  The T'ai-Chi, or Yang-Yin Sombol of
              The All-Seeing Eye of Brahma              15
           2  The Sacred Tetraktys of Pythagoras        17
           3  The Ancient Cosmos                        21
           4  The Precession of the Equinoxes           25
           5  Examples of the Quadratura Circuit        29
           6  Hierarchy of Revelations                  54
           7  The Greatest Name                         56
           8  The Sicle Formed by the Seven Churches    61
           9  The Four Pillare of the Age of Aquarius   91
          10  The Invisible Zodiac or HIdden Mandala    94
          11  Aries the Ram or Lamb                    101
          12  Prophecies to the Christians             108
          13  The Golden Triangle                      123
          14  Harmonic Patterns Using the
              Golden Triangle                          124
          15  Pentagon, Dodecahedron, Pentagram        125
          16  Future, Present, Past                    128
          17  Sagittarius-Scorpio                      137
          18  Prophecies to Islam                      148
          19  Wonders in Heaven                        159
          20  War in Heaven                            161
          21  The Woman in Heaven                      162
          22  666, The Magic Square of the Sun         173
          23  The Horse in Heaven                      183
          24  A Mystic Triangle                        195
          25  Geometry of the Holy City, New
              Jerusalem                                236
          26  Geometry of the Baha'i
              Mashriqu'l-Adkhar                        239
          27  Decagon, Decagram                        247
          28  Neter, Arm, Cubit                        248

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