The Babi and Baha'i Religions: An Annotated Bibliography

Dictionaries (Listings)

1. Anon. Minor Terminology and Words Used in the Baha'iFaith. Athens: National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Greece, 1980. 34 leaves. English-Greek dictionary of Baha'i terms. 1980.7.1569.

2. Heller, Wendy. A Basic Baha'i Dictionary. Oxford: George Ronald, 1986. Illustrated.

3. Majmu'a-yi lughat-i muntakhaba az athar-i amri bi-zabanha-yi Farsi , 'Arabi , wa Ingli si (A collection of selected words from the Baha'i writings in Persian, Arabic, and English). Listed Baha'i Distribution Service

4. Qadi mi , Ri ad and Ihsan Allah Himmat. Shish hizar lughat (Six thousand words). Reprinted Hofheim-Langenhain, Baha'i-Verlag ed., 450. Tehrean: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 131 BE/1975 .A short dictionary of 6, 400 Arabic words found in the Baha'i texts.

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