Ch. II, p.33, f.1

Chapter 2 of A. L. M. Nicolas' "Essai sur le Shaykhisme," II, is entirely devoted to a detailed enumeration of the hundred and thirty-five works composed by Siyyid Kazim, among which the following are of outstanding interest:

          1.   Sharh-i-Khutbiy-i-Tutunjiyyih.  
          2.   Sharh-i-Qasidih.  
          3.   Tafsirih  Ayatu'l-Kursi.  
          4.   Dar  Asrar-i-Shihihadat-i-Imam  Husayn.  
          5.   Cosmography.  
          6.   Dalilu'l-Mutahayyirin.  
His works are said to exceed 300 volumes. ("A Traveller's Narrative," Note E, p. 238.)