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TAGS: African Americans; Alain Locke; Cultural diversity; Philosophy; Pluralism; Race (general)
LOCATIONS: United States (documents)
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Alain Locke and Cultural Pluralism

by Christopher Buck

published in Search for Values: Ethics in Bahá'í Thought, pages 94-158
Los Angeles: Kalimat Press, 2004
This document is available in two formats: text and scanned images. Each version is lacking in certain ways. (1) The text version is from early in the publication process and lacks some formatting; as well, the page headers incorrectly identify it as a paper "Towards a Bahá'í Ethics" by Udo Schaefer (which it is not). (2) The image version is from post-publication and is nicely formatted, but it is large and not searchable, and it is missing some pages.

1. Pre-publication text version:

buck_locke_pluralism_text.pdf, 700K

2. Published, scanned-as-images version (much larger):

buck_locke_pluralism_images.pdf, 9MB

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