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for November 2011
Four books by ABS Australia: The Family: Our Hopes and Challenges; Bahá'í Studies in Australasia, vol. 3; 75 Years
of the Bahá'í Faith in Australasia
; and The Kitab-i-Aqdas: Studies from the First National Conference on the Holy Book

Primary Sources

The Bahá'í Writings
Compilations from the Bahá'í World Center
Compilations prepared by individuals
Documents from the Universal House of Justice
Letters from the Universal House of Justice
Documents from National Spiritual Assemblies
Letters from National Spiritual Assemblies
Documents from the Bahá'í International Community
Letters from the Guardian, unpublished
Historical documents, memoirs, interviews
Pilgrims' notes
Provisional translations
Legal / government documents

Secondary Sources

Articles/papers, published
Articles/papers, unpublished
Articles, encyclopedia
Articles, newspaper
Short articles, essays
Book excerpts
Reviews of books, articles, music
Personal letters
Theses / dissertations
Talks by Bahá'í notables


About the Bahá'í Faith
Study Guides of the Bahá'í Writings
Research notes
Chronologies / timelines / genealogies
Catalogues of Libraries / archives

Multimedia, etcetera

Introductory materials
Presentations: Powerpoint / PDF
Audio presentations / lectures
Visual materials

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