No such thing as Bahai healers

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No such thing as Bahai healers

Postby XORandy » Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:58 am

My understanding of Bahai is that we are to share the teachings of Baha'u'llah and this in itself is the healing medicine that humanity requires for this Age, and I do this, and love to do it. However, can anyone please help shed light on my quandary! The Beloved Writings also ask the friends not to get involved with psychic anything, but I have been told that what I do may have psychic connotations.

My quandary is that it appears that I heal/transform/transmute people's ills by absorbing their illness. I don't know when this is about to happen, truly I don't go round looking for someone who has cancer etc, ie I don't do this by choice - all I know is that after being with a person I'll become totally exhausted and if I don't find a place to lie down and close my eyes and allow my strength to return, I will literally collapse. While my eyes are closed I'll see the person's illness, whether cancer, grief, aids, cysts etc, and in that moment they are healed of it. I truly have no desire whatsoever in knowing about anyone else's life, truly, because I have my own life to live. It also appears that they go on to have very successful lives, once they're free of their illness or whatever was holding them back from pursuing their path. Perhaps a medical person can tell me the reason and what I should be doing, or someone who understands the Writings can clarify what I should do. I recite my obligatory prayers, protection, praise, etc, contribute wherever I can in both Bahai and outer community. If ego then let me know how to deal with this. If psychic, please elaborate. ps. to date recipients have said I've healed their cancer, illnesses of many others, including one aids person. I've always told them to give thanks to God, that I acknowledge Baha'u'llah, and Bahais are asked to focus on sharing His teachings. My body is getting weaker, it seems I'm losing good health.

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Postby Hasan » Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:20 pm

I believe that there are people that have the power to heal light illnesses not serious ones. To me, the best way to have good health is eat good, low fats and chili things, drink a lot of water and have a good way of living, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoke, sleep good, pray every day to maintain low stress, and practice spiritual qualities.

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