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Baha'i programmers

Postby brettz9 » Sun Mar 16, 2008 11:12 pm

I feel strongly that there are great opportunities for collaboration among Baha'i programmers and website designers that are being lost due to a lack of collaboration and efforts and supporting existing efforts.

The wider community has seen an exponential explosion in powerful open-source projects (Linux, Mozilla/Firefox, Wikipedia, PHP/MySQL, etc. come prominently to mind), yet the Baha'i developer community--which surely should be contributing its share in an at least equal manner, though to befit its standards of excellence, preferably in a disproportiately high manner), does not seem to be engaged in a single collaborative coding (community-based) project aimed at the needs of the Faith, even while our institutions are increasingly making available the Writings and other works for our use, and programming powerful interfaces becomes ever more accessible.

Should Baha'i developers be acting as lone wolfs when 'Abdu'l-Baha wrote "Help along one another's projects and plans." and as He cited a quotation, "Verily, God loveth those who are working in His path in groups, for they are a solid foundation."? Someone told me of a quote where 'Abdu'l-Baha was also to have said that He dreamt that Baha'is were all playing beautiful music, but it sounded cacophonous because each one was playing to his own tune.

Our Faith's emphasis on unity in diversity ought to, I feel, have prompted Baha'is to be at the forefront of such efforts, including with one another, though from what I can see, almost every programmer is busy or working on their own smaller projects. Can we set our visions higher and both serve the online Baha'i community as well as even the wider community? We can no doubt do so much more with a common vision.

For those who are not programmers (and are not interested in becoming self-taught as the internet so easily allows today), how about passing the word? I've set up a group at if that could contribute in some way to coalescing our efforts, as well as our own code repository if only people would be found to join and participate. You might even have ideas about how this site can be improved, but our efforts are severely hampered without support--of whatever kind.


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