Should Year 1 of the Babi calendar = AD 1850?

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Should Year 1 of the Babi calendar = AD 1850?

Postby Dawud » Mon Dec 27, 2004 1:07 am

From William Miller's "Baha'i Faith" book:

The declaration of the Bab in Shiraz on May 23, 1844 A.D. was on Jamad-i-Awwal 5, 1260 A.H., and it has been generally supposed that the Babi Era began on that date, or on the No Ruz which preceded it (March 20, 1844).(31) However, from the Bab’s personal Diary, which is in existence, we see that he intended that the Bayanic Era should begin just six years after his declaration. That is, according to the Bab, Jamad-i-Awwal 5, 1266 A.H. (March 19, 1850 A.D.), which was No Ruz in that year, was the first day of the month Baha in year one of the Babi Era (or Farvardin 1, 1229 of the Iranian solar year). This is confirmed in the Bab’s Book of Names of All Things, and also in the Tablet of the Temple of the Religion. Thus Sayyid Ali Muhammad celebrated the beginning of the new Era only four months before his execution.(32)

Comment? If this is true, when and how did the calendar beginning in 1844 begin to be used?

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