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alcohol questions

Postby windsam » Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:03 am

Hello, I am a new Bahai faith and would like to know whether a Baha’i faith can provides alcohol to those who are not Baha’i faith for celebrating the wedding ceremony, please give me an advice at it. Thanks.

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Re: alcohol questions

Postby brettz9 » Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:12 am

Hello and welcome Windsam!

Nice to have you here...

According to item 3 below, it is not permitted to serve alcohol at one's wedding (though see items 4 and 5 for serving alcohol to non-Baha'is in other circumstances):

"In response to questions raised on the permissibility of serving alcoholic drinks in a number of different circumstances, the Universal House of Justice has formulated the following guidelines.

"The fact that Bahá'ís themselves must not drink alcohol is abundantly clear and needs no comment here. With regard to the serving of alcohol to non-Bahá'ís:

1. No Bahá'í institution should serve alcohol to non-Bahá'ís under any circumstances.

2. If an individual Bahá'í is entertaining an individual guest or a small group of guests as an official representative of the Bahá'í community, he should not serve alcohol in his own home, but must use his discretion whether or not to do so if the entertaining is taking place in a restaurant.

3. No Bahá'í should serve alcohol at any function or reception given by him, such as a wedding reception or a party to which a number of people are invited.

4. When a Bahá'í is privately entertaining an individual non-Bahá'í or a small group of guests in his own home, he must himself judge whether or not to serve alcohol. This will depend to a great degree on the customs of the country in which he is living, the individuals concerned, and the host's relationship to his guests. Obviously it is better for the Bahá'í not to serve alcohol if possible, but against this he must weigh the probable reaction of the guest in the circumstances which prevail and in the particular situation. In some countries there would be no problem in failing to provide alcohol to a guest; in others it would be regarded as extremely peculiar and anti-social and would immediately raise a barrier to further contact. It is not desirable to make a major issue of the matter.

5. When such private entertaining of an individual or small group of non-Bahá'ís is taking place in a restaurant the same general principles as in point 4 above apply, except that in such a public place a failure to provide alcoholic drinks would be less easily understood than in a private home, and the Bahá'í must use his discretion accordingly.

6. Alcohol must not be served in a restaurant or other business which is wholly owned by Bahá'ís.

7. If a Bahá'í is employed by others in a job which involves the serving of alcohol, he is not obliged to change that employment. This is a matter left to each individual to decide in the light of his own conscience. Obviously such kinds of employment vary widely from bartending to serving in a grocery in which wine is retailed. If the job requires a great deal of involvement with the serving of alcohol it is better for the Bahá'í to obtain other employment if he can."

(Guidelines prepared by the Universal House of Justice, The Serving of Alcoholic Drinks by Bahá'ís and Bahá'í Institutions, attached to a letter written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual believer, January 31, 1982, in Lights of Guidance, no. 1177, emphasis added)

However, I don't know if this is so clear if there is a non-Baha'i spouse. For example:

"The future christening of the child should present no problem, for the Bahá'í parent should have no objection to the baptism of his child if the Catholic mother wishes it. Similarly, the use of champagne upon that occasion is a matter which she is free to undertake, but of course the Bahá'ís would not partake of alcoholic beverages."

(From a letter written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to a National Spiritual Assembly, December 7, 1977: Ibid.)

best wishes,

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Re: alcohol questions

Postby Truth » Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:09 am

Hummmmm. Can someone shed some light on hosting a function with a non-baha'i? For example, i had a non-baha'i room mate, and we had a house warming party where both baha'is and non-baha'is were invited. My room mate had alcoholic beverages which were given to non-baha'is to consume, whilst i offered soft drink. lol.

Just curious on whether i was doing the wrong thing.
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Re: alcohol questions

Postby brettz9 » Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:30 am

See numbers 4 and 5 above. I think it should be fine, if it is even potentially ok if done by oneself (but in that case, basically only if it would seem rude not to do so)...


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