UnofficialTranslation- Mullah incites against Bahai students

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UnofficialTranslation- Mullah incites against Bahai students

Postby BritishBahai » Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:11 pm

When the site got upgraded, a lot of my posts got deleted.
Anyways i decided to post this again

This is my unofficial translation of the following:
It is a sermon given by a Mullah who is inciting against the Bahais
(to incite = to rouse/stir up, etc)

[size=85]I was in a rush when I done this so im fully aware that some sentences need re-wording ;-)
Polite notice: I am posting this because a lot of people have asked for a translation since they cannot understand Persian.
Contrary to what some people think, Bahais do not pride themselves on this (e.g. "a mullah says we're good people, so that means we probably are") [im so bad when it comes to writing disclaimers ;-) ]


Open your eyes!
The bahais are causing a stir
Can you see what they have done?
Do you know this?

Can you see how their actions coincide with their teachings and this is their BEST way of teaching their faith
Are you aware of this? Are you?

A Bahai girl, in a school of 800 girls, has studied herself to such a degree and carries herself in such a way that everyone is amazed.
Are you aware of this?!

She is so dignified that anyone who doesn’t know her, thinks that she is probably the daughter of an Ayatollah… but shes a Bahai!

Look at how a Bahai girl walks, and look at how a Shia muslim girl walks!
Oh oh oh! If I go on and on, you guys will lose hope! I should just say, “hey guys, I will see you in hell tomorrow�?. Honestly.

Look at what (Bahais) are doing. I don’t want to make you hopeless — I want to wake you up!
Either you (Mullahs) know how to do something or not. If not, then get lost and let other [muslims] do their job. As soon as one of the Mullahs finally manage to do something positive, another one of you do something again.

I will say this and if anyone doesn’t like what im saying, they don’t have to come here tomorrow evening

The bahais faith is like a wolf to us and our efforts.
I will give a prize to the first person who shows me a bahai or jew who is a drug addict
You don’t see a single bahai who is a drug addict
You don’t see a single bahai whose behaviour is bad, who grabs someone by the collar to swear at them

When tested on the Quran at school, a Bahai would receive a score of 20/20, and a Shiah Muslim would get 2/20
(Mind you, we only gave them a score of 2 because we know the student’s dad). I mean, the dad wouldnt be satisfied otherwise and would get angry.

I myself had a Bahai student, a Jewish student, a Christian student. I swear to that I would give 20/20 to a bahai for their personality and behaviour …because I cant give them 30!

In class, a Bahai student wouldnt have any quarrels with anyone, would never swear at anyone, never did he ever stir up the class, (shouts) VERY TIDY APPEARANCE!
SHOUTS EVEN LOUDER: But what about a Shiah?! Nothing. Search the school, you would find 2kg of substance.
"I have desired only what Thou didst desire, and love only what Thou dost love"

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