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In the news...

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 10:56 pm
by brettz9
Just something quick...

The Bahá'í House of Worship in India featured in....a neuroscience experiment? :)

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 10:23 pm
by majnun
Good article, but the relation with a
Baha'i temple is somewhat idolatric.

Is it not a fact that the Baha'i program, when applied,
does improve a direct and more profound
contact with our own memory, up to our
personal dreamland ?


Cell Recognition

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 10:09 pm
by Pilosofia
Hmmmm, yes this is interesting but not unexpected. :wink:

Similar work has been going on for some time now in the neuro-
science work for some years but this is most certainly news worthy.
Somehow there needs to be further study as a single brain cell as
far as science knows, a single cell of this nature is not totally capable
on functioning entirely on it's own juices so to speak, it is part of the
whole brain net-working system and the brain part of the whole bio-
function of the entire body which together all function as one body
while millions of various parts in turn all function seperately but not
apart from the rest of the human body. A most amazing structure
this human form! truly the wise have spoken the truth that the human
body is a temple of God !