Reciting Writing in morning and evenings

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Reciting Writing in morning and evenings

Postby shm » Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:31 pm

Is reciting the writings in the morning and the evening one of the obligations of a Bahai???
Also does the recitation of The Bab and Bahaullah's writings only count in this obligation that we have, or can we recite writing by AbdulBaha or Shoghi Effendi.

Also one more question
When reciting, must we recite something that has meaning to it. For instance the Hidden Word, if u were to read one sentence in the Hidden Words it is possible to think upon, but reading one sentence from say the Kitabi Iqan is not necessarily enough to think upon
For instance in the Kitabi Iqan it says "Among the Prophets was Noah. For nine hundred and fifty years He prayerfully exhorted His people and summoned them to the haven of security and peace. None, however, heeded His call." is it acceptable to read this and to fulfill the obligation of reciting the writings, or does it have to be something that is deep and more intense.

Also from what time to what time is considered morning and eventide. Between what hours in the morning are we to recite the writings and between what hours in the evening are we to recite the writings

thank you

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Postby majnun » Sat Mar 18, 2006 6:00 am

I recite like I used to do for the Quran,
before or after breakfast.
If the evening recitation induces
perturbations of your sleep, well
it is not a crime to recite only in the morning.

I think vocal recitation breaks trought the natural
defense barriers of the brain and let the messages
come in without an over intellectualisation of them.

It is written somewhere that only the writings of
Baha'u'llah are to be recited vocally, but i dont
remember exactly where I read that line.

I remember just a few (40 or 72) heeded Noah's
call, and when the moment came, they embarked
on a spaceship, while down here atomic bombs destroyed
the perverted humanity. After a while, those specimens
of humans came back to spread a new humanity: us !

Enjoy the inner trip.


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