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Postby Richard » Tue Jun 08, 2004 11:20 am

Poetry has many branches of expression, this post will deal mainly on new concepts to express mystical and or spiritual poetic fields.
Many years in researching mystical and spiritual poets long past has given way towards a new form of poetic expression much like an artist putting on canvas a painting born within the reality of the artist's mind.
What this means the source of spiritual and mystical poetry, the arts and creative energy is infinite throughout all creation. Though the human mind may be unaware of it's existence, the mind is compelled to be moved by the creative impluse surrounding human existence.
Each age assuming 1000 year interval cycle brings with it the necessary energy and enlightment by the Prophet of that cycle a new and fresh awareness as one of the signs for waiting humanity. From such Spiritual Force humanity is assured of a continuation of it's progress towards a Divine Civilization on this planet. The degree and length of such progress is dependent upon the peoples of the earth in pursuing and implementation of the Prophet's revelation for this age. Thus the poets, writers, artists, scientists, teachers, doctors and all walks of humanity are connected directly and or indirectly with one another like the branches of a tree as explained by the Prophet for this cycle.
At first like a new born child our efforts to produce poetry, art, etc. will develope from stage to stage,from perfection to perfection always in the spirit of love, prayer and faith. :P

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Re:spiritual poetry.

Postby Pilosofia » Sun Aug 08, 2004 9:30 pm

As to spiritual poetry:
Poetry is like pearls pouring from hidden melodies in the heart.
Secret cries rise from the soul towards the Beloved much like the
ocean's restless waves heaving to and fro. Until the mind immerses
in the ocean of the Beloved it will find no peace for it's longing.

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