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Science and religion

Postby Pilosofia » Sun Jun 27, 2004 1:45 pm


(a) Do science and religion hold two very different positions?

1. Yes, science and religion are two seperate things.
2. No, science and religion are related.
3. Comment.

(b) In light of present day technology and advances in all the
sciences, arts and humanity, will science play a major roll
in world events towards a peaceful planet?

1. No, it needs religion.
2. Yes, it will help in overcoming ignorance.
3. Comment.

To begin with question number one:
In the past science and religion were for the most part two seperate
things, science being that branch which investigates to prove or disprove
the order of things in general, while religion remained for the most part
confined to the discipline of it's founding, in other words code of ethics,
belief, conduct and so forth. While it is understood religion has many
avenues of expression even in science it is generally not science in the
sense it can be proven or tested by scientific methods. Thus we can say
for the most part science and religion are seperate ,while on the other
hand there is a relationship between the two, meaning in this century there is more and more an understanding that science and religion do
agree in the search for truth. There's more but this short comment was
given as an example. What do you think?

Mystic Cloud
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Postby Mystic Cloud » Mon Jun 28, 2004 3:52 pm

For something to be found you have to first believe in it.

One thing that will probably start to happen is that the science of the West will start to merge with the spirituality of the East(Asia).

There are many yogis than can do bizarre things with themselves
and others out there. This could be a good starting point for science
to look into :wink:
If we compare our size to infinitely big,
that would make us infinitely small. But when
we compare ourselves to infinitely small, it makes us infinitely big. What is our size?


Postby V » Sat Jul 03, 2004 1:16 am

Science and Religion are in Harmony.

Both involve the Search for the Truth.

In my opinion, they agree, and should not be weighed against eachother.
Both depend very much on knowledge, though clearly religion favours the soul filled knowledge, or, heart felt knowledge over the conciouslly anlytical.

Ah highly recognizable example: Not, so long ago, scientist believed that the earth was the center of the universe. Further investigations towards the proved otherwise.

It is my personal belief that science will, without force or human bias, begin to support, even agree dirrectly with what we already know as a result of the new Manifestation of God.

Science will clearly play a role in the future of this planet. I do not suspect that man's curiosity at the workings of this physical world will completely diminish in light of the knowledge of the spritual world. Furthermore, science will likely prove nessecary in improving the lives of the future, abolishing extremes of poverty, hunger, ex.

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Question (b)

Postby Pilosofia » Sat Jul 03, 2004 5:06 pm

It is much appreciated to read the response from "Mystic Cloud" and
Guest "V"

According to Webster's College Dictionary," science is a systematized
knowledge derived from observation,study,and experimentation
carried on in order to determine the nature or princples of what is
being studied"
Religion,"Belief in a divine or superhuman power or powers to be
obeyed and worship as the creator or creators."

The above dictionary quotes are used only as a guide in order to show
the relationship between science and religion do exist with the exception
that religion as seen today remains very much the same as in the past,
while science continues to advance and progress, i.e. in technology,
medicine,arts and so on. Religion needs science to confirm the truth
of it's existence just as much as science needs religion for ethical and
moral guidence, just look at today's T.V.,shows,behavior and conduct
of the peoples in the world. (This is to share some thoughts.)

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Postby Pilosofia » Tue Jul 06, 2004 9:54 pm

Science and religion interesting enough do meet and even agree, but
that is not to say they are one and the same. In order to closely look
at what a flower is from a scientific point of view many tests and yes
even taking the flower apart to closely examine the texture,fragrance,
color and chemical structure in order to know more about the flower,
and to proceed further to study which soils,water and light affects it
negativily or positivily towards groweth. But we soon discover our
search does not end there, we will need to research the seed, the pod,
the pollen and further until every aspect which is directly and indirectly
affects the flower and as we continue along this vein we soon discover
our research has taken us further and further to countless other causes,
other conditions connecting every created thing on this planet!
More on this later on in another post. Suggest reading Address Delivered
by Abdul'Baha,pages 165 through 172. Have a good day!



Postby Richard » Mon Sep 06, 2004 4:39 pm

In addition in keeping up with science,one has but to research the
countless new information website on science discoveries appearing
now every day! A steady progression of data in almost all fields.
One idea,fact or discovery opens the door ever closer towards truth,
a spiral of progressive knowledge. Good or bad? depends how it is
used. Ideally science will remove the false concepts and beliefs,while
religion in it's new clothing will also remove the immoral and inhuman
indifference that science can and has demonstrated. To be certain there's
no misunderstanding, science is in search of truth so to speak, it is in
the minds of those who use this knowledge that determines whether it
was good or evil. In like manner religion is a belief and or search for
God, it is in the mind on how it is used that determines whether it was
good or evil. We are painfully aware that good and evil are mankind's
doing whether knowingly or not. A balance is always needed between
science and religion,the too together with the understanding as a human
race we can work together towards a better future world. :wink:

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Postby mattrose » Tue Sep 07, 2004 2:56 am

(a) Do science and religion hold two very different positions?
2. No, science and religion are related.

True religion that is. Seeming contradictions are the result of either a misunderstanding of God or a misunderstanding of science.

(b) In light of present day technology and advances in all the
sciences, arts and humanity, will science play a major roll
in world events towards a peaceful planet?
1. No, it needs religion.

More specifically, the world will continue to get worse and worse until the return of Christ.

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Christ's Return

Postby brettz9 » Wed Sep 08, 2004 8:21 pm

Hello Mathew...

For your last point about conditions getting worse until Christ returned, from the point of view of the Bahá'í Faith, Christ's Return, while having already passed in its suddenness and momentousness, was also neglected by the world (as the thief coming in the night whose coming had also not been widely noticed, even while it was available for all that had eyes to see and ears to hear). But, our Writings also explain Christ's Return as a kind of process whereby not all of the signs would be completely fulfilled until Bahá'u'lláh's full recognition by the people's of the world.


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To All

Postby Pilosofia » Sun Oct 10, 2004 7:08 pm

This topic was only a beginning on a road towards an understanding on
Science and Religion. A major problem lies in personal beliefs and
unwillingness to investigate for oneself. Too often the distractions of
a material world with it's powerful appeal for wealth,pleasure and
fame have taken it's toll on many. The true Prophets of God have been
faithful to bring humanity the message of hope to all mankind.

dawu d

Postby dawu d » Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:24 pm


(a) Do science and religion hold two very different positions?

Science ought not to have any fixed "position" or dogma, but ought to evolve in accordance with testing and observation.

The religions of the world often come with dogmas, which occasionally disagree with current scientific understandings. (It is possible to conceive of a dogma-free religion, but I'm afraid Baha'i is not it.) They also vary in the extent to which they are open to revision or correction. (Baha'i: not very.) Science changes; a religion which adapts itself to present-day science may not agree with future scientific perspectives.

(b) In light of present day technology and advances in all the
sciences, arts and humanity, will science play a major roll
in world events towards a peaceful planet?

Science and the major religions can all be expected to play major roles in whatever happens in the future, whether peaceful or not. Religion is not necessarily a cause of peace, though it can be. The influence of science is similarly multifaceted.

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Short reply

Postby Pilosofia » Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:24 pm

Your reply most certainly carries merit in today's events.
Your opinion has been noted.

Although it was not intended to fuse the Bahai Faith with science,
it was to show a relationship that the search for Truth is not just
limited to science but also with religion. Past history has shown
two seperated schools often at war one with the other, this should
not be the case,a workable peaceful solution needs to be found.
The Bahai Faith presents this bridge, a bridge in which science and
religion can find a middle ground for finding answers to the causes
of mankinds ills such as sickness,hatred,mental illness,death,etc,
etc,etc. Just as medical science finds new methods for healing and
cures, the Bahai Faith is the new remedy for this age. The Bahai
Faith has no churches or ministers,it's main creed is "One Planet,
One People" imagine such an idea as the unity of humanity in a world
where war,crime and distrust seems be the victor! yet this is the banner
the Bahai's are bringing to this planet not to despair for there is hope
for children to live and learn without the fear of horror in their lives,
for all the races and nations of all colors and creeds to live as one family!
IMPOSSIBLE! yes it seems, :wink: but Bahai's believe it's POSSIBLE!

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