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Hard Copy

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 9:50 am
by onepence
forgive me if this question has been asked before.

Do you have a hard copy of this site?

Is there a way to get a hard copy of this site?

Is there a way to get a hard copy of just a section of this site ... like the provisional translation section?

and sort as a follow up to those question

Do you have this site burned unto a cd?
Is there a way to get a copy of this site burned unto a cd?

thanks in advance for consideration of this matter.

a person of oneness,
Dean Hedges

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 4:57 pm
by Jonah
No hard copy -- it would take tens of thousands of pages! For example, the collection alone has 165 items, and if these average 200 printed pages each, then this one collection alone would take 33,000 pages.

The problem with a CD-ROM is that all of the content is now in a database. The old files are still online, but anything added since September 2003 is in the database only and not in the filesystem, i.e. it wouldn't work on CD. It would have to be imported into a database program running on your own computer, like Access or MySQL.

Having said that, I am willing to make a database download available, and there's been interest in that expressed before. Tell you what -- I'll make that my next task. Maybe tonight.

Is there a way to get a hard copy of just a section of this site ... like the provisional translation section?
Sure, it's just a matter of my taking the time to do it. I'd have to program the output to generate one long HTML file for all the documents in that collection. Wouldn't be hard at all, but would take an extra hour.


Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:04 am
by onepence
Thanks Jonah,

As always your service to our Faith and replies to my notes often brings tears of oy to my eyes ... and well yes sometimes also frowns to my lips ... lol ... smiles and chuckles ...

The reason I asked about the hard copies, is not necessarily for myself, although if I am able to obtain a few copies I will absolutely cherish them, but for the thousands if not millions and millions of people who may never get to have access to our Writings online ... {political reality is one day the entire world will have easy access to the www, yet for the most part may not be able to access our Faith}.

I am thinking that I would love to send a few hard copies of different parts of this library to a few friends around the globe, for instance the provisional Text section I would love to be able to send hard copies to Baha'i schools around the world {Langley {{sp}} ,Bosh, Green Acre, etc....

As far as database is considered ... it sounds like a good idea, but in all honesty I have no idea as to what it is or how I/we would use it ... see I am not that well versed in computer language or technology ... but I imagine a few places around the world could use such a thing/idea ...

Hard copy I think is the way I would like to go
and I do not think I necessarily need html code with it
but if necessary for ease of publication then please do include the html code cuz I really don't want this little {smile wink wink yea little hahah} project to consume to much of our resources,

but yea ... simple hard copy of provisional translations would be great ...
heck I am even willing to sell off/donate some of my gold to fund such a project ... cost of paper, shipping, personal effort ... but I will pm you about my funding offer ....

As far as the book section, yea that is the core, but I am not necessarily interested in that aspect of our library yet. The next section I would be interested in funding a hard copy of would be the "Legal and Government documents" section and after that I am sure I would have a few more sections I would like to see in hard copy .... and yea books/huge sections would definately be last {if ever} to be made hard copy of, but none the less there may be a few individual books I might suggest one day ...

So yea Jonah I think you/we have one heck of a lovely site here and I appreciate you taking the time to work with me, cuz ... lol ... I know I can sometimes be be a real pain ... lol ... and yet somehow our Writings and our Faith seems to be able to smooth out even the roughest of edges within my/our soul.

Please let me know my pm,email, or this forum section if there is anything I can do for you.


Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 1:30 am
by Jonah
As you requested! Select one of the collections below, then click "go," and it'll output the entire collection to the browser. WARNING: with larger collections, like Books or Scripture, it may take a while to download and could crash your browser.

<form action="/index.php" method=post><select name="print"><option value="">SELECT A COLLECTION TO PRINT</option><option value="Archive">Archive</option><option value="Article_conference">Article_conference</option><option value="Article_published">Article_published</option><option value="Article_unpublished">Article_unpublished</option><option value="Asia-pacific">Asia-pacific</option><option value="Bibliography">Bibliography</option><option value="BIC_published">BIC_published</option><option value="Biography">Biography</option><option value="Book">Book</option><option value="Compilation_BWC">Compilation_BWC</option><option value="Compilation_personal">Compilation_personal</option><option value="Document">Document</option><option value="East-asia">East-asia</option><option value="Encyclopedia">Encyclopedia</option><option value="Essay">Essay</option><option value="Etcetera">Etcetera</option><option value="Excerpt">Excerpt</option><option value="Fiction">Fiction</option><option value="Guardian">Guardian</option><option value="History">History</option><option value="Introductory">Introductory</option><option value="Letter">Letter</option><option value="Newspaper">Newspaper</option><option value="NSA_published">NSA_published</option><option value="NSA_unpublished">NSA_unpublished</option><option value="Personal">Personal</option><option value="Pilgrimsnote">Pilgrimsnote</option><option value="Poetry">Poetry</option><option value="Resource">Resource</option><option value="Review">Review</option><option value="Scripture">Scripture</option><option value="Software">Software</option><option value="Start">Start</option><option value="Statistic">Statistic</option><option value="Student">Student</option><option value="Study">Study</option><option value="Talk">Talk</option><option value="Thesis">Thesis</option><option value="Translation_provisional">Translation_provisional</option><option value="UHJ_published">UHJ_published</option><option value="UHJ_unpublished">UHJ_unpublished</option><option value="Visual">Visual</option></select><input type="submit" value="GO" /></form>