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September, 2001

A monthly newsletter dedicated to serving the principles of

physical and spiritual health envisioned in the Baha'i Teachings.

Volume 5, Issue #1




- "Healing Through Unity" Newsletter Questionnaire Results
- National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Zealand Requests
Assistance from the Readers
- Announcements
- Question of the Month
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- Purpose of the Newsletter




By Frances Mezei, Editor

I would like to share with you the results of the "Healing Through Unity" newsletter questionnaire, which was sent out with the April, 2001 issue of the newsletter. The responses from about 175 readers were very encouraging, interesting and enlightening. Since it is the beginning of our fifth year of the newsletter, the ideas and helpful suggestions given by the readers may stimulate us to think about possible themes, topics, and articles for the coming year. Due to limited space, there is only enough space to share a few of the comments, however please don't think that your comments are not important! All the answers have been transcribed into the computer and broken down into areas such as: topics, needs, uses, suggestions, etc. These many ideas will be very helpful for the future of the newsletter. Once again, many thanks for your wonderful responses and participation and please continue to share your ideas and suggestions.  

"In all things it is necessary to consult. This matter should be forcibly stressed by thee, so that consultation may be observed by all. The intent of what hath been revealed from the Pen of the Most High is that consultation may be fully carried out among the friends, inasmuch as it is and will always be a cause of awareness and of awakening and a source of all good and well-being." (Baha'u'llah, Consultation: A Compilation, p. 3)

"Take ye counsel together in all matters, inasmuch as consultation is the lamp of guidance which leadeth the way, and is the bestower of understanding." (Baha'u'llah, Consultation: A compilation, p. 3) 


These topics can be explored and presented in future issues.

* I enjoy the answers that the Writings provide to simple problems in daily living. I also enjoy stories of people's experiences with issues and challenges and how they were able to overcome them. 

* Dealing with high levels of stress and simplifying our lives. Keeping ourselves centered in very overwhelming times.

* Articles that show in lay terminology practical applications of healing methodology.

* Anecdotes from the lives of the Central Figures of the Faith.

* Topics about food, nutrition, stress, and dealing with aging.

* I like the stories and questions of the month, especially relating to mental health / issues dealing with the spiritual prerequisites to health / practical steps from health care professionals, the Writings of the Baha'i Faith.

* Enjoy the mix of physical and mental illnesses and the spiritual component addressed.

* Real life struggles such as addiction, depression, divorce, etc.

* Those articles that network by giving resources for difficulties that someone else has experienced. Articles that relate to spiritual growth with physical transformation.

* Chronic illnesses and the spiritual coping mechanisms that may help those who suffer from them. Anything related to primary health care such as health education, developing healthy habits, life-style choices, etc.

* Creating strong, nurturing, creative, sustaining communities.

* I am always interested in the collaboration between the Baha'i teachings, alternative healing techniques, and advances in medical science. Often we learn that advances in medical science validate other healing practices. 

* More articles on conflict resolution from a Baha'i perspective, anything related on how to get along better with people.

* Right now, we are struggling with the use of drugs to control behavior in a seniors' residence. I would be interested in seeing a consultation among health professionals on that subject. We are beginning a consultation about the use of spiritual means for spiritual healing in order to help residents adopt different goals, e.g. friendliness and cooperation.

* Nurturing marriages (I appreciated the one issue that covered this.)

* Raising healthy children, physically and spiritually. Effects on violence on children. Discipline in the home - balance with accustoming children to hardship.

* Menopause, fibroids, vision problems, hearing loss.

* Eating disorders and weight loss.

* Life after death.


The readers have many ideas how to use the newsletter in innovative ways.

* I enjoy the success stories and metaphors which I use a lot with my patients.

* I have passed on the newsletter or articles to friends and have been successful in having the newsletter advertised in our local Baha'i newsletter called 'Northern Lights'. This newsletter goes to a broad range of Baha'is, including aboriginal Baha'is in the northern territory of Australia.

* Even though, I don't write anything, it sometimes spurs discussion with others.

* Sharing with others and for my personal study, and as a source for things to consider for my personal and spiritual development.

* To read and pass on to friends and family whenever I feel there are topics of specific relevance to them.

* To pass on information to the students I teach, and to use stories in hotel training courses. Also, to share simple facts with my 10 and 12-year-old children.

* Aside from my own deepening and knowledge and peace of mind, I also use the newsletter as a resource material for a Baha'i radio program that broadcasts all over Chile.

* Since I am a lone pioneer on this small island, it is a means to connect with the current Baha'i thinking and interests and it helps me share healing with the local islanders.

* I get the articles translated and printed in local Baha'i journals.

* Ideas for the local bulletin.

* The format of this newsletter has been a model for other newsletters as well. We intend to use a similar format for an educators' newsletter in Japan.

* I am a therapist working with abused children. The newsletter helps me take care of myself so that I can be stronger for them.

* I save it in WordPerfect and 'clean it up' before printing. I keep it in a notebook for handy reference.

* I print out the newsletter and have made a big reference book for myself. I use this in many occasions for personal inspiration. I found the true stories and Holy Writings very inspiring and useful.


* News and events on health and healing from around the world.

* Could include interviews with people such as the author of 'Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.'

* Avoid articles that use a lot of technical language and terminology which only professionals may understand.

* If it seems appropriate you could include occasional data from scientific studies related to health effects of spiritual actions and life-style choices, etc. Sometimes statistical information to give background information regarding a topic might be useful along with the general principles of health related to the discussion.

* I would particularly like to see articles written by Baha'i physicians on these subjects, to help the friends become more conscious of and more knowledgeable about these issues in general.

* I would like to see more diversity of cultural ideas represented, even on how other people resolve certain cultural issues that exists in Baha'i communities across countries that would encourage unity and spiritual healing in communities.

* Actively seek out professionals from various cultures, disciplines and races to contribute on a given topic.

* I wish there was a Spanish edition for the friends here. (any volunteers?)

* The articles are getting better and I am sure it can get better and better. It would be great if articles came from all over the world and not mainly from the States.


It was encouraging to see that many of the readers received support from the newsletter.

* My brother in Chile told me about the newsletter when I was feeling so helpless in the care of my aging parents. We have been pioneers here in Chile for almost 18 years and our finances don't permit visiting my parents very often. The title of the newsletter is very accurate. One feels a healing balm in every issue.

* I really like the newsletter and find it extremely refreshing and nurturing. I became a Baha'i a few years ago and sometimes get in 'psychological and spiritual slumps' because of not meeting the rigorous demands of being a Baha'i. Then your newsletter comes and I feel loved again. Hard to explain, but I think the combination of spiritual reference, loving perspective, information from the fields of science and health and practical tips make this a very inspiring newsletter.

* It is important for people to know that they are not alone and that others are facing some of the same challenges. It is also a helpful link between people around the world.


* I like the different themes for each issue and to look at the issues from different perspectives.

* The sections that interest me are the sections that relate to the lessons of life, that I can share with my students and children. I like to share articles about the spiritual side of life.

* It is extremely enjoyable to read and truly both inspirational and educational.

* I look forward to receiving the newsletter each month. It is an informative, fun to read newsletter. Thank you for your dedication and purposefulness in healing humanity through unity.

* It's like a breath of fresh air when I get your newsletter.

* I like the general tone of the newsletter which is humble and loving. Not many publications regarding health have such a tone.

* The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Ethiopia wish to express its appreciation and gratitude for your wonderful publication "Healing Through Unity" which you so kindly and continually supply for our perusal. It may delight you to know that the national Baha'i community here in Ethiopia is making effective use of these excellent compilations and has gained a lot of information on important health issues which has ultimately gained you respect and appreciation for the worthwhile issuance of such useful materials that you have cared to supply and interest all your Baha'i friends around the world. 

It truly is educational and highly informative. Needless to say also that it has unifying factor in it, because of the common subjects of interest. It serves communities with love and care for their benefit. We appreciate those who have thought of these and are sustaining it. We thank you again and again for having come up with such beneficial material which is being read with interest by many.

Thank you again for your timely and prompt dispatch.

Elias Yitbarek, Secretary




Dear Friends,

The National Spiritual Assembly of New Zealand has very much appreciated receiving the thought-provoking and helpful articles in your newsletter. We are writing to request the assistance of your readers in addressing a topic which we feel would be beneficial to address in the Baha'i community.

The topic in question is the responsibility of husbands and wives to care for one another, through all the challenges that life brings. Many believers rise to great heroism in looking after their families through the vicissitudes of life, as illustrated by the heart-warming story in your recent issue entitled "A Daughter's Care for her Parents when Ill" (Volume 4, Issue #10). However not everyone is so heroic, and in particular there seems to be a tendency at times for marriage partners to "bail out" on one another when the going gets rough, such as in cases of severe illness, mental incapacity due to accident, and the like. We would be most interested to see submissions from your readers, addressing this problem from the perspective of compassion and Baha'i principle. If a well-researched and well-written article was received in response, we would like to publish it in the "New Zealand Baha'i News", giving due credits, naturally.

With much appreciation and best wishes for the continued success of your excellent newsletter.

Warmest Baha'i Love

National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Zealand

Suzanne Mahon, Secretary

(Editor's note: Please send your article to Suzanne Mahon, National Secretary [] and make reference to this request. A copy of the article would be appreciated for the Healing Through Unity Newsletter so it can be shared among the readers as well.)





"Insights into Education" is a monthly e-newsletter from Maxwell International Baha'i School in Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada, dedicated to  addressing educational issues and sharing their experience with developing a school "wherein the children, whether Baha'i or other, will be educated to such a degree as to become God's gifts to man..." ('Abdu'l-Baha)

The one to two page newsletter includes one or two articles addressing contemporary educational  issues such as character development, moral and spiritual education, service-learning, world citizenship, leadership training, peer pressure, enhanced learning, counselling techniques, integrating Baha'i principles and perspectives in the curriculum, especially the oneness of mankind, equality of men and women, building a New World Order, justice, and human rights. It would be of interest to both educators and parents.

If you would like more information about this e-newsletter or wish to subscribe, please send an email to: For more information about Maxwell International Bahá’í School, please see their website:



We are pleased to announce that the 5th annual conference of the Baha’i Medical Association of Canada will be held on October 26, 27 and 28, 2001 at the Toronto Baha’i Centre. The conference is entitled: Reaching New Heights in Health Care: An Evidence and Scripture Based Conference on Health - Part Two. Some topics include: understanding evidence medicine, native health,  spirituality and ethics, lines of action workshops, family/marital issues, developing a new health care model, mental health and resident/student issues. For more information, please contact Brian Kirsh -, 905-737-3260.



"Sexuality, Relationships and Spiritual Growth" by Dr. Agnes Ghaznavi has recently been reprinted. It was originally published by George Ronald, Publisher, Oxford, 1995. Dr. Agnes Ghaznavi is a practicing psychiatrist and  a former member of the Continental Board of Counsellors in Europe. Dr. Ghaznavi's book has given courage and reassurance to many people facing family crises. She looks at "Qualities and attitudes necessary in a relationship of equality". She delves into issues of jealousy, envy, sensitivity and insensitivity, anger, perversion, emerging sexuality, romiscuity, chastity, communication and so on. 

If you wish to order this book, please write to Mrs. Sammi Smith,, Fax: (66-2) 962 3076 (Bangkok, Thailand.) The book costs $5.50 U.S. funds, not including postage and packing.




A reader asks this question:

What do we need to know about breast cancer? Though it is not wise to generalize, in a extremely general way there is a physical, psychological, emotional pattern and progression with breast cancer, recognizing that everyone is unique and different. Screening, early detection, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are often involved with breast cancer, though being involved doesn't necessarily mean a women is then diagnosed with breast cancer. It is important to know the scientific knowledge of breast cancer; however I wish to know more about the needed emotional and moral support to provide to women with breast cancer because a partner of mine who is 33 years old was recently diagnosed with this kind of cancer. There are a lot of support groups available, however to attain them requires acquiring knowledge on how to find them. I'm sure there are many people who would appreciate knowing about breast cancer, what goes on, what kind of emotions are involved, how do people deal with it, loved ones who had to deal with it, and people's stories. Thank you for your assistance since your guidance and perspective would be helpful!

Dear Readers:

Do you have any experience, suggestions or comments in response to the above topic of breast cancer? Please send them to the newsletter and we will share them in the next issue.




You can visit the website, obtain back issues and the Healing Through Unity Course at:




"Healing Through Unity" is published for the purpose of sharing thoughts, comments and experiences on how the teachings of the Baha'i Faith are being applied to physical and spiritual health. Other than the quoted Holy Writings, the material in this newsletter represents the thoughts and opinions of the writers and has no authority. You are free to copy articles, provided you indicate the source of the article. There are 10 issues per year; it is not published during July and August. The newsletter is produced in Ontario,  Canada.

Please send your stories, comments, suggestions or "Question for the Month" ideas to Frances Mezei by e-mail:


Many thanks to all of you who send such wonderful contributions for "Healing Through Unity" Newsletter. The decision to select and edit material submitted for publication is determined by the editor. If you have a change of e-mail address, please inform me with your old and new email addresses. To cancel the subscription, please send message to: --

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