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1953 Late in the year ‘Abdu’l-Karím Amín Khawja becomes a Bahá’í in Algeria, the first person to accept the Faith in that country. Algeria; Africa First Bahais by country or area find reference
1954 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Algeria is formed in Algiers. Algiers; Algeria LSA
1957 The Berbers in Algeria are first contacted by the Bahá’ís and a number of Berber families enrol. Algeria
1968 4 Nov Following the participation of Algerian Bahá’ís in the first Oceanic Conference in Palermo, Sicily, and subsequent international news coverage, foreign Bahá’ís in Algeria are summoned by the police and interrogated. [BW15:172] Algeria Persecution, Algeria; Persecution, Other; Persecution
1968 7 Nov Sixteen Persian Bahá’ís in Algeria are expelled from the country and their properties confiscated; native Algerian Bahá’ís are put under restrictions and five are exiled to the Sahara and the eastern mountain regions. [BW15:172]
  • Following appeals, the confiscated properties are returned and the order of banishment for the local believers is gradually relaxed. [BW15:172]
Algeria Persecution, Algeria; Persecution, Other; Persecution, Court cases; Persecution; Court cases; Human rights
1969 Apr The Bahá’í Faith is banned in Algeria by official decree, all Bahá’í institutions are disbanded and the National Spiritual Assembly dissolved. [BW15:189; BW19:41] Algeria Persecution, Algeria; Persecution, Other; Persecution; NSA; Persecution, Bans
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