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1954 Feb Rahmatu’lláh and Írán Muhájir arrive in Mentawai Islands and are named Knights of Bahá’u‘lláh. [BW13:454]
  • For the story of their pioneering activity see Muhájir, Dr Muhajir, Hand of the Cause of God, Knight of Bahá’u’lláh.
Mentawai Islands; Indonesia Rahmatullah Muhajir; Iran Muhajir; Knights of Bahaullah; Islands
1958 14 Sep c. A week before the fifth Intercontinental conference is due to convene in Djakarta, Indonesia, the government withdraws the permit to hold the conference. [BW13:331]
  • For the story of why the permit was revoked see DM83–5.
  • The cancellation of the conference in Djakarta begins a period of severe repression of the Faith in Indonesia which eventually leads to the Faith being banned in 1962. [DM85, 88]
Indonesia religious persecution
1958 21 Sep Hand of the Cause Leroy Ioas arrives in Indonesia and is plunged into negotiations regarding the holding of the conference. He meets with local Bahá’ís and anoints them with attar of roses as they pass to the room to view the portrait of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:331–2] Indonesia religious persecution; Hand of the Cause; Leroy Ioas
1961 The military government in Indonesia issues instructions to local authorities to ban all Bahá’í activities and to confiscate all Bahá’í property. [MC329] Indonesia religious persecution
1962 The administrative institutions of the Faith are banned in Indonesia by President Sukarno. [BW19:41]
  • BW15:174 says this was in 1964.
Indonesia religious persecution
1972 In Indonesia the Attorney-General confirms the 1962 ban on Bahá’í administrative institutions and adds a further prohibition against organized Bahá’í teaching activities. [BW19:41] Indonesia religious persecution
1972 19 Jun The government of Indonesia re-affirms the ban on the Bahá’í Faith.
  • Following this a number of Bahá’ís lose their jobs.
Indonesia religious persecution
1974 Owing to the failure of the Indonesian Bahá’ís to obtain religious liberty, the Universal House of Justice instructs that the national convention not be held. Indonesia religious persecution
1975 Owing to the continuing ban on Bahá’í activities and institutions, the national spiritual assembly and all local spiritual assemblies are disbanded in Indonesia. Indonesia religious persecution
1975 In Indonesia several Bahá’ís are arrested, given light sentences and released for violating the 1962 and 1972 bans on Bahá’í activity. [BW19:41]
  • A few months later four Bahá’ís are sentenced to five years’ imprisonment; they remain in prison for the full five years. [BW19:41]
Indonesia religious persecution
1984 Four Bahá’ís, one of whom had already spent five years in prison, are imprisoned in Indonesia, convicted of membership in a banned religious organization, with teaching the Bahá’í Faith and with insulting Islám. [BW19:42]
  • The prison terms range from one to five years. [BW19:42]
Indonesia religious persecution
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