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1953 Grant Mensah, a Ghanaian, becomes a Bahá’í in Ruanda-Urundi, the first person to accept the Faith in that country. Ruanda-Urundi (Burundi) Grant Mensah find reference
1953 May Mary and Reginald (Rex) Collison, an elderly Canadian-American couple, arrived in Ruanda-Urundi (Burundi) from Uganda and were named Knights of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:455] Ruanda-Urundi (Burundi) Knights of Bahaullah
1953 Jun Dunduzu Chisiza, a Nyasaland student who has recently become a Bahá’í in Uganda, arrives in Ruanda-Urundi (Burundi) and is named a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:455] Ruanda-Urundi (Burundi) Knights of Bahaullah
1954 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly is formed in Ruanda-Urundi. Ruanda-Urundi (Burundi) LSA
1972 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Burundi is formed with its seat in Bujumbura. [BW15:205]
  • Because of disturbances in the country; the assembly is dissolved in the same year and the affairs of the Faith placed under an administrative committee. [BW15:205]
Bujumbura; Burundi NSA
1973 7 Apr Following the return to stability in Burundi, the Bahá’í Faith was granted formal recognition by the government. [BW16:137] Burundi Recognition
1974 As a result of an intervention by the Egyptian chargé d’affaires, Bahá’í activities in Burundi were banned. [BW16:137] Burundi Persecution, Burundi; Persecution, Bans; Persecution
1975 The ban imposed on the Bahá’í Faith in Burundi in 1974 was lifted. [BW16:137]
  • Bahá’í activities continue to be restricted, particularly in provincial areas. [BW16:137]
  • Burundi Persecution, Burundi; Persecution, Bans; Persecution
    1978 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Burundi was re-formed. [BW16:137; BW17:141, 347] Burundi NSA
    1990 Pope John Paul II made mention of the Bahá'ís at a reception held in his honour in Burundi. [AWH88] Burundi Pope John Paul II; Popes
    1996 Ridván National Spiritual Assemblies of Burundi and Rwanda were not able to re-elected this year due to political instability in the region. The number of National Spiritual Assemblies remained at 174. [Riḍván 153 – To the Bahá’ís of the World] Burundi; Rwanda NSA
    2011 Ridván Burundi elected its first National Spiritual Assembly in 17 years. Civil war and unrest during recent decades made it difficult for the Bahá'í community to administer its affairs. [BWNS816, BWNS822] Burundi NSA; Re-election; BWNS

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    1. Bahá'í Communities by Country: Research Notes, by Graham Hassall (2000). Brief notes on the history of Baha'i activities and the dates of NSA formation in Africa, China, Australia, and elsewhere. [about]
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