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1939 12 Dec The Bahá’ís of Caracas, Venezuela, hold their first Nineteen Day Feast and afterwards elect a ‘Provisional Assembly’. Caracas; Venezuela Nineteen Day Feast; Local Spiritual Assemblies; Firsts, Other
1940 Mar Emeric and Rosemary Sala of St. Lambert, Quebec arrive in Venezuela, the first pioneers to that country. During their eleven month stay in Caracus they will make an eight-day trip by car over the Andes to visit a pioneer in Bogota, Columbia. [TG76-82] Venezuela Emeric Sala; Rosemary Sala
1961 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Venezuela is formed. [BW13:258] Venezuela NSA
1962 31 Dec The first indigenous local spiritual assembly in Venezuela is formed among the Yaruro Indians of Apure state in the village of Agua Linda. Agua Linda; Venezuela LSA; Indigenous people
1970 May One thousand Guajiro Indians become Bahá’ís in Venezuela. [BW15:241] Venezuela Native Americans; Mass conversion
1988 Aug A 20-day teaching project in Coro, Falcon State, Venezuela, enrols 120 people in the first two days. [BINS182:7] Coro; Falcon State; Venezuela
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