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1970 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Zaire was formed with its seat in Kinshasa. [BW15:205]
  • For picture see BW15:147.
  • It has been reported that President Mobutu's personal physician was a Baháí, a Dr Jazab, and it was he who had Mobutu sign a document giving the Bahá'ís permission to practice their faith in the country. [Servant of the Glory page 60]
Zaire NSA; Z*****
1981 The National Assembly of Zaire is dissolved temporarily and three administrative committees are appointed in its place. [BW19:62, 147] Zaire NSA Zaire
1987 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Zaire is re-formed. [AWH48] Zaire NSA Zaire
1991 Dec The first Music Festival for Youth of Zaire is held. [BINS288:8] Zaire
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