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Summary of Shi'i history and doctrines, excerpted from the book Introduction to Shí'í Islam.
Footnotes are missing from this text; see it online at google books. See also a short encyclopedia version, momen_encyclopedia_shii_islam.

This article is a selection of excerpts from Momen's much longer book, which can be found online unformatted at momen_introduction_shii_islam. Shared by author in 1999; appeared at ca. 2008; formatted and edited for posting here in 2012.

An Introduction to Shi'i Islam

by Moojan Momen

Oxford: George Ronald, 1985
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  1. History
  2. The Lives of the Imams
  3. Sufism
  4. The Timurid Period
  5. The Nineteenth Century
  6. Theology
  7. Doctrines and Practices Specific to Shi'ism
  8. The Evolution of the Role of the Ulama
  9. The Shaykhi School
  10. The Babi Movement and the Bahá'í Religion
  11. The Popular Religion: Personal Shi'i practice and ethos
  12. Contemporary Iran and the Revolution
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