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What's new: Documents posted in the past days

  1. Posted 2017-10-11, in Letters from the Universal House of Justice:   Universal House of Justice. Marking the Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá'u'lláh (2017). Thoughts on the meaning of Baha'u'llah's life and current Baha'i activities, inspired by the 200th anniversary of his birth. [about]
  2. Posted 2017-10-10, in Book Reviews:   Peter Terry. Baha'i Faith in America, by William Garlington: Review (2017). [about]
  3. Posted 2017-09-20, in Historical documents:   C. Edmund Card. Our Precious Heritage: The Coming of the Faith to Wales (n.d.). History of Baha'i activities in Wales 1942-1973, focusing especially the active sixteen-year period 1946-1962. [about]
  4. Posted 2017-09-20, in Books:   William Sears and Robert Quigley. Flame, The (1972). Biography of Lua Moore Getsinger (1871-1916), "mother-teacher of the American Baha'i community," one of the earliest pilgrims from the West to meet 'Abdu'l-Baha. [about]
  5. Posted 2017-09-20, in Essays and short articles:   Adib Masumian. `Abdu'l-Bahá's Blueprint for a Progressive and Prosperous Iran (2016). 'Abduʼl-Bahá's contributions to Iranian thought and social discourse, as recorded in his seminal work The Secret of Divine Civilization. [about]
  6. Posted 2017-09-16, in Fiction:   Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwell) Khanum. Spiritual Assembly's Growing Pains, A (1976). A play, in 28 pages, showing "some of the workings of a Baha'i Spiritual Assembly· some of the blunders, some of the problems; how certain types of people fit better into one office and others into another." [about]
  7. Posted 2017-09-14, in Documents from National Spiritual Assemblies:   National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Canada. Plan of Unified Action to Spread the Bahá'í Cause, A: Throughout the United States and Canada January 1 1926 - December 31 1928 (1925). The first of two plans of systematic activity in Baha'i history, followed by "A new plan of unified action to complete the Baha'i temple and promote the cause in America 1926-1930." [about]
  8. Posted 2017-09-14, in Books:   George Townshend. Conversion of Mormonism, The (1911). This booklet by a gentile setting up churches and schools in Utah is very kind toward the Mormons. The writer, broad minded about Utah's majority religion, outlines Mormon history before detailing his own church's mission to Utah. (No mention of Baha'i.) [about]
  9. Posted 2017-09-14, in Essays and short articles:   Haig V. Setrakian and Marc B. Rosenman. Breastfeeding and the Bahá'í Faith, in Breastfeeding Medicine 6:4 (2011). The Writings reference breast-feeding literally and symbolically, and provide guidance as to its practice. As the ideal form of infant nutrition, breastfeeding women are exempted from fasting, and it is linked to childhood moral development. [about]
  10. Posted 2017-09-13, in Study Guides:   Tablet of Wisdom (Lawh-i-Hikmat): Study Guide (2017). Lengthy study guide, with the Arabic original, compiled by a group of six study group participants. [about]
  11. Posted 2017-09-12, in BWC Compilations:   Institution of the Mashriqu'l-Adhkár, The (2017). A statement and compilation prepared by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice. [about]
  12. Posted 2017-09-08, in Biographies:   Viola Tuttle and Margarite Ioas Ullrich. Part of the Baha'i History of the Family of Charles and Maria Ioas (1978). Biographies of Charles and Maria: from his birth in 1859, their introduction to the Faith in 1898, experiences with 'Abdu'l-Bahá in 1912, and four Tablets from 'Abdu'l-Bahá. [about]
  13. Posted 2017-09-01, in Books:   George Townshend. Promise of All Ages, The (1934). Overview of Baha'i teachings: a "sketch of the religious teaching of Bahá’u’lláh on the subject of the unity of mankind and the establishment in this century of a universal and permanent peace." [about]
  14. Posted 2017-08-31, in BWC Compilations:   Abdu'l-Bahá and Shoghi Effendi. Principle of an International Auxiliary Language, The (1979). [about]
  15. Posted 2017-08-30, in Biographies:   Charles Mason Remey. Reminiscences of the Summer School Green Acre Eliot, Maine (1949). On the evolution of Green Acre from a meeting place for New England intellectuals and religious speakers into a Baha'i-managed summer school; Sarah Farmer's family and her personal difficulties; personalities of some early Baha'is; anecdotes by Remey. [about]
  16. Posted 2017-08-29, in Study Guides:   Marco Oliveira. Study Guide of the Tablet of Maqsúd (2009). The Tablet of Maqsúd is a good presentation of the principles and teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. Its structure is suitable for a first contact with the Bahá'í Writings. [about]
  17. Posted 2017-08-28, in Published Articles:   Juan Cole. Shi'i Clerics in Iraq and Iran, 1722-1780: The Akhbari-Usuli Conflict Reconsidered, in Iranian Studies 18:1 (1985). A debate which came to shape Shi'i jurisprudence, between those who believed that only the Imams should be the source of law, vs. those who held that rational study of scripture could yield worthy principles. (No mention of the Babi or Baha'i faiths.) [about]
  18. Posted 2017-08-28, in Published Articles:   Juan Cole. Invisible Occidentalism: Eighteenth-Century Indo-Persian Constructions of the West, in Iranian Studies 25:3-4 (1992). Iranian attitudes toward Western culture, science, and philosophers in the colonial era. (No mention of Babis or Baha'is.) [about]
  19. Posted 2017-08-28, in Published Articles:   Juan Cole. Baha'i Minority and Nationalism in Contemporary Iran, in Nationalism and minority identities in Islamic societies ed. Maya Shatzmiller (2005). While Baha'is in Persia would seem to have been in a place to benefit from the rise of modern Iranian nationalism, the Faith hasn't been widely adopted, partly due to the recent emergence of the theocracy. [about]
  20. Posted 2017-08-27, in Books:   Antony Lee. Bahá'í Faith in Africa, The: Establishing a New Religious Movement, 1952-1962 (2011). African presence in early Babi and Baha'i history; Baha'i response to crises in Middle East and West Africa; histories of British Camaroons, Calabar. Studies of Religion in Africa series, vol. 39. [about]
  21. Posted 2017-08-27, in Provisional translations:   Bahá'u'lláh. Tablets concerning the Divine Test (2000). Baha'u'llah's writings about the divine test between Baha'u'llah and Mirza Yahya at the Sultan Selim Mosque in Edirne in September, 1867, which led to the final schism between the Baha'is and the Azali Babis. [about]
  22. Posted 2017-08-27, in Published Articles:   Juan Cole. Millennialism in Modern Iranian History, in Imagining the End: Visions of Apocalypse from the Ancient Middle East to Modern America eds. Abbas Amanat and Magnus Bernhardsson (2002). Religions in Iran have been volatile and evolving, from a tool of the establishment to representing the voice of the oppressed, from passive to revolutionary. Baha'u'llah adapted these motifs to create a vehicle for socially-liberal and democratic ideals. [about]
  23. Posted 2017-08-27, in Published Articles:   Juan Cole. Provincial Politics of Heresy and Reform in Qajar Iran, The: Shaykh al-Rais in Shiraz, 1895-1902, in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 22:1-2 (2002). Biography and political/historical context of "the poet laureate of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution," who was secretly a second-generation Baha'i. [about]
  24. Posted 2017-08-27, in Encyclopedia articles:   R. Jackson Armstrong-Ingram. Bourgeois, Jean-Baptiste Louis (1856-1930) (1997). Short biography of the architect and designer of Mashriqu'l-Adhkar at Wilmette, Illinois. [about]
  25. Posted 2017-08-26, in BWC Compilations:   Transsexuality and Sex-Change Operations (2002). Short compilation of extracts from letters written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice in response to questions concerning the subjects of transsexuality and sex-change operations. [about]
  26. Posted 2017-08-26, in Published Articles:   Juan Cole. Ideology, Ethics, and Philosophical Discourse in Eighteenth-Century Iran, in Iranian Studies 22:1 (1989). Intellectual biography as a discipline assumes that the life and thought of an individual can shed light on an epoch. This paper examines 1700s Iran via the Shi'i scholar Mohammad Mehdi Niraq (d. 1794). No mention of the Babi or Baha'i Faiths. [about]
  27. Posted 2017-08-26, in Unpublished Articles:   Moojan Momen. Division and Unity in the Baha'i Community: Towards a Definition of Fundamentalism (2009). 15 criteria that define "fundamentalism," and their applicability and/or inapplicability to the Baha'i community; it may be more useful to use a psychological definition that sees the phenomenon as a value-free cognitive style, a way of perceiving. [about]
  28. Posted 2017-08-26, in Unpublished Articles:   Ian Kluge. Ethics Based on Science Alone? (2015). [about]
  29. Posted 2017-08-25, in Published Articles:   Anthony Lee. Recovering the Lives of Enslaved Africans in Nineteenth-Century Iran: A First Attempt, in Changing Horizons in African History (2016). Reconstructing the lives of four slaves in the Middle East, including Haji Mubarak and Fezzeh Khanum, servants of The Bab. [about]
  30. Posted 2017-08-25, in Published Articles:   Anthony Lee. Half the Household Was African: Recovering the Histories of Two African Slaves in Iran, in UCLA Historical Journal 26:1 (2015). Biographies of two enslaved Africans in Iran, Haji Mubarak and Fezzeh Khanum, the servants of The Bab. A history of slavery in Iran can be written, not only at the level of statistics, laws, and politics, but also at the level of individual lives. [about]
  31. Posted 2017-08-25, in Published Articles:   Anthony Lee. Enslaved African Women in Nineteenth-Century Iran: The Life of Fezzeh Khanom of Shiraz, in Iranian Studies 45:3 (2012). Through an examination of the life of this servant of The Bab, this paper addresses the enormous gap in our knowledge of the experience of enslaved women in Iran. [about]
  32. Posted 2017-08-25, in Unpublished Articles:   Anthony Lee. Tahirih: A Theology in Poetry (2016). Examination of Qurratu’l-Ayn's writings to discern her social, religious, and political beliefs, most of which broke with Islam's traditional theology in favor of a revolutionary new doctrine. [about]
  33. Posted 2017-08-24, in Historical documents:   Necati Alkan. Süleyman Nazif's Nasiruddin Shah ve Babiler: an Ottoman Source on Babi-Baha'i History (2000). On the author of the 1919 Persian history "Nasiru’d-Din Shah and the Babis," including a translation of passages on Tahirih. [about]
  34. Posted 2017-08-24, in Published Articles:   Kamran Ekbal. Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh to Muhammad Mustafa Baghdadi, in Safineh Irfan 4 (2001). Review of the tablets of Bahá'u'lláh addressed to Muhammad Mustafa Baghdadi. [article in Persian] [about]
  35. Posted 2017-08-24, in Published Articles:   Ian Kluge. Nietzsche et les écrits bahá'ís: Une première approche (2017). Translation of "Nietzsche and the Bahá'í Writings: A First Look." [about]
  36. Posted 2017-08-24, in Unpublished Articles:   Kamran Ekbal. Christian Faith and the Formation of the Principles of Ideas and its Church Organizations, The (2011). On the Christian religion and the process of formulating principles, concepts, and organizational structure in relation to the history of religious thought. [article in Persian] [about]
  37. Posted 2017-08-24, in Unpublished Articles:   Kamran Ekbal. Revelation of Islam and the Power of the Messenger, The. [article in Persian] [about]
  38. Posted 2017-08-24, in Essays and short articles:   Kamran Ekbal. Rejoinder to Ata Arjomand, in Iran Nameh 29:1 (2014). [article in Persian] [about]
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