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What's new: Documents posted in the past days

  1. Posted 2019-06-13, in Books:   Annemarie Schimmel. Deciphering the Signs of God: A Phenomenological Approach to Islam (1994). This book is a classic, groundbreaking survey of Islamic practices and beliefs. While the book contains only passing mentions of Baha'is, it gives a deeper understanding in the Bahá'í Writings and practices. Includes outline. [about]
  2. Posted 2019-06-12, in BWC Compilations:   Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá. Nature of God, The: Some Extracts from the Bahá'í Writings (1992). Brief compilation on nature of God. [about]
  3. Posted 2019-06-12, in Personal compilations:   Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá. Pattern of Bahá'í Life, The (1948). This compilation was first issued by the National Spiritual Assembly of the British Isles in 1948, and fully revised in 1990 on behalf of the Universal House of Justice by the National Spiritual Assembly of India. [about]
  4. Posted 2019-06-12, in Letters from the Universal House of Justice:   Universal House of Justice. Relationship between two statements of Bahá'u'lláh regarding the calculation of Ḥuqúqu'lláh (2019). About the relationship between paragraph 97 of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas (fraction) and “Questions and Answers”, number 8 (minimum threshold). [about]
  5. Posted 2019-06-05, in Biographies:   Keith Munro. Through the Eyes of Margaret Cousins: Irish and Indian Suffragette (2018). Biography of the co-founder of the Irish Women's Franchise League, a theosophist, who met both Martha Root and Shoghi Effendi. [about]
  6. Posted 2019-06-02, in Biographies:   Hasan Nushabadi. Man of Courage, The: A Brief Account of the Bahá'í Life of Mírzá Áqá Khán Qá'im-Maqámí (2019). Mirza Aqa Khan Qa'im-Maqami (1868-1954) was the great grandson of Mirza Abu'l-Qasim Farahani, the Qa'im-Maqam, the first Prime Minister of Persia to serve under Muḥammad Sháh, and the first of the Qaʼim-Maqam’s descendants to accept the Baha'i Faith. [about]
  7. Posted 2019-04-07, in BWC Compilations:   Báb, The and Bahá'u'lláh. Prayer and Devotional Life (2019). A compilation to assist Baha'is in a time when, as the House says in its cover letter, "devotional activities are everywhere multiplying and are increasingly being integrated into the core of community life." [about]
  8. Posted 2019-04-04, in Unpublished Articles:   Christopher Buck. Illuminator vs. Redeemer: A Trajectory of Ebionite Christology from Prophet Messianism to Bahá'í Theophanology (1983). A continuity may be drawn by plotting a trajectory of prophetological concepts from Prophet Messianism to Baha'I Theophanology, wherein Ebionite Christology provides the missing link to an ideological evolution in Semitic milieus. [about]
  9. Posted 2019-04-04, in Books:   Romuald Boubou Moyo. Contes interactifs pour pré-jeunes (2018). Il s’agit d’une deuxième version du livret pour pré-jeunes "Marcher dans le droit chemin." Ils vont pouvoir apprécier, en tant qu’acteurs principaux, les implications morales qui découlent des choix qu'ils feront en lisant les vingt contes interactifs. [about]
  10. Posted 2019-04-03, in Essays and short articles:   Romuald Boubou Moyo. Recherche sur les Signes Visibles dans le Ciel de la Venue des Manifestations de Dieu (2019). Les annonces des venues des Manifestations de Dieu dans les écrits saints ont à la fois un sens caché et visible. Quels sont les astres célestes qui ont été observés par les scientifiques à l’avènement du Christianisme, de l’Islam, et de la Foi Baha’ie? [about]
  11. Posted 2019-03-28, in Provisional translations:   Tratado sobre gobernanza (2019). Spanish translation of "Treatise on Politics" / "Treatise on Leadership". [about]
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