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COGS discusses student insurance
State News Staff Writer

The Council of Graduate Students discussed student health insurance and the changes with on-campus transportation at its meeting Wednesday night.

COGS president Clay Pelon said insurance came up because of the need for a new plan to keep costs down.

"Basically, the insurance company was losing money, and so we have tried to compromise," Pelon said. "We wanted to take a little from here and put a little there so students are getting the coverage on things they need. And, there isn't a lot of money spent on things that students don't need."

Shari Walsh, a representative from the insurance company, The Chickering Group, gave a presentation about the new student insurance plan. The plan calls for a 4 percent increase on premiums to keep up with inflation. She also said the company will eliminate a broker fee, which would save on premium costs.

Mark Fedoritz, a representative from the Capital Area Transportation Authority, and Mike Rice, an MSU Police Department deputy chief, spoke at length about the proposed CATA take over of the MSU busing system.

“We want to do a better job of providing students with additional service to the region,” Fedoritz said. “We will still continue with the same service — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every 20 minutes.”

“The extra money that’s made from parking fees could go to improve the parking expectations of the students,” Rice said.

Susie Muzbeck, a member of MSU’s Alcohol Action Team, spoke about Safe Ride before the council. She said the program will provide a safe, inexpensive alternative to driving and walking late at night.

“The service is available to all students, including those who have been drinking,” Muzbeck said.

Also at the meeting, Pelon announced the resignation of Sam Fleisher as press/corresponding secretary, for personal reasons. Pelon said he would handle Fleisher’s duties until a replacement is found. Nominations were accepted for the open position.

Ron Whitmore, a COGS representative from the College of Agricultural and Natural Resources, addressed the representatives with the idea of drafting a letter to the Iranian government to condemn them for shutting down the Bahai Institute of Higher Education. The body voted to form a committee to investigate the matter and possibly draft a letter.

The meeting concluded with discussion about the second annual Research Recognition Day, which will be held in April. Pelon said he hopes the day could merge with the undergraduate research recognition day.

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