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"The Wayfarer's Journey: Film Installation by Gita Farid Film Installation by Gita Farid"

2001-02-23 until 2001-05-05

ASU Art Museum, Experimental Gallery at Matthews Center
Tempe, AZ, USA United States of America

Interpreting THE SEVEN VALLEYS, a mystical Bahai treatise on attaining spiritual fulfillment through detachment, artist Gita Farid's installation is inspired by the tale of a Eastern wayfarer, Majnun, on his quest to be reunited with his beloved, Layli, from whom he has been separated. Travelling through various metaphorical valleys, the wayfarer reaches a state of pure conscience and utter spiritual thrall, a realization that occurs at the end of his journey. A musical soundtrack that dramatically expresses the emotions of this non-narrated work accompanies the projected image. Optional wireless headsets can be used to experience the narrated story.

Gita Farid received her BA from London College of Fashion, London, England, and went on to study at the New York Film Academy and with the Korean Independent Film Association. Her recent film and video projects include The Capture of a Mermaid, Perivision, The Businessman's Proposal, and Papa's Got a Brand New Bag. This will be the artist's first museum project.


Organized by John D. Spiak, The Wayfarer's Journey will be installed in the 2,400-square-foot Experimental Gallery of the Arizona State University Art Museum at Matthews Center. The work, originally shot in 16mm film, will be presented in dvd format.

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