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Wednesday, May 9, 2001 -- Sir, - Your article, "The Conqueror of Haifa" (April 27), refers to the new Baha'i gardens as "Mitzna's most spectacular project." Hey, its construction was well under way by the time he first became Haifa's mayor! Equally insincere sounding is Mitzna's reported reference to the need for "sound urban planning," considering his sanction of high-rises and grandiose monstrosities in inappropriate places, at times on sites purposely created by the callous destruction of an existing park or wood.

A mayor should indeed know when to say "no," as Mitzna reportedly stated, but it seems unlikely that he ever said "no" to a builder.

Small wonder that over 70 percent of Haifa's eligible voters stayed away from the polls, or voted for someone else, at the last election.

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