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Faith leaders call for care for the homeless

Central in the traditions of our various faiths comes the call of God to champion the rights of society's oppressed. The most disadvantaged, the most downtrodden, those whom society often despises, are to be cared for, loved and assisted. It is a call to understanding and compassion for those most in need, including the homeless of Elgin. "This is none other than a call to justice, not charity, not do-goodism. It is, rather, a mandate to order public polity, public practice, and public institutions for the common good"(Walter Brueggemann, "Theology of The Old Testament").

We, the undersigned religious leaders of Elgin and congregations, do hereby challenge our entire city to embrace and implement this statement as a spiritual guideline "for seeking the welfare of the city, and to pray to the Lord on its behalf"(Jeremiah 29:7).

We call upon all citizens of Elgin to support the creation of comprehensive care for Elgin's homeless.

We commend those citizens of Elgin, city council members and city staff who also are advocates with us in seeking the welfare of Elgin's homeless, in the cause of justice and righteousness for the common good.

The following congregations and their leadership endorse the above statement:

Ken and Audrey Compere

Baha'i Community of Elgin

Alan Smolen

Congregation Kneseth Israel

Thomas Potenza, Mabel Rice

Epworth United

Methodist Church

Mike Franz

First Baptist

Michael Obernauer

First Congregational

United Church of Christ

Peter Boeve

First Presbyterian Church (USA)

Roger Pollock, Martin Balzer

Good Shepherd

Lutheran Church

Don Shank, June Gibble

Highland Avenue

Church of the Brethren

Mark Ahrens

New Covenant Fellowship

Nathaniel L. Edmond

Second Baptist Church

Tom Niermann

St. John's Lutheran Church

Thomas Dempsey

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Thomas O'Connor, Robert Kasper

St. Paul's United

Church of Christ

Margaret Alarcon

Templo Calvario Ministries

Steve Kottke

Zion Evangelical

Lutheran Church

The following religious leaders endorse the above statement: Paul Meyers, Dale Kleinschmidt

Cornerstone United

Methodist Church

Herb Hedstrom

Evangelical Covenant Church

Rose Kennedy

George Wadleigh

Maryl Wells

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Tom Walker

First United Methodist Church

David Bohyer

Grace Evangelical Church

Mary Heggen

Lamar Gibble

Jim Renz

Highland Avenue

Church of the Brethren

Marge Novy

Holy Trinity

Lutheran Church

John Stensrud

Immanuel Baptist Church

Ed Hunter

Provena St. Joseph Hospital

Dave Huber

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Tim Pascoe

Salvation Army

Richard Gilbert

Sherman Hospital

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