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Kids need positive goals, not filmmakers' messages

The movie industry seems less and less sensitive to family interests and concerns. Why?

I suppose the obvious reasons have to do with the love of money and a decline in values. Sex and violence sell movie tickets and there are plenty of filmmakers ready to exploit people starting with children - especially teen-age children.

Most of today's films offer short-term excitement, but an uneasy feeling replaces the excitement soon after the movie ends. Why?

According to the sacred writings of the Baha'i faith, souls are created by God "to know him and to love him". For example, souls feel far from their true Beloved when watching people kill each other.

How do we develop better viewing discretion in our children?

Children need to know who they are from their earliest years and beyond. This Baha'i prayer is for a new born child. "Verily, thou hath come by the command of God. Thou hath appeared to speak of him. Thou was created to serve him, the dear, the Beloved."

Each child is potentially "the light of the world and at the same time its darkness." The more children know and love God the happier they become and the more they illumine the world.

Children become darkened and unhappy souls when they are led to believe the messages offered at the box office: "Premarital sex and violence is cool." "Parents and people in authority are fools." "Children and their peers know best."

Children need to have positive life goals such as improving one's character, serving others, fostering healthy loving relationships, eliminating prejudice and knowing when to "just say no" to things that lead to unhappiness - like unhealthy movies.

Want to know the contents of a movie prior to deciding whether or not to view it? See .

David Crenshaw


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