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New Delhi, India

New Delhi couldn't be more different from the city centre. It's a sort of lasting memorial to the British colonial past that ruled India until 1947. New Delhi was confirmed as the capital in 1911 and it's where the seat of government has been housed since 1931. One impressive structure is India Gate, which serves as a memorial to the soldiers who died in the first World War.


India Gate

Accessible via Janpath and Ashoka Road from Connaught Place New Delhi

The most visited building in the world is the Baha'i House of Worship, more commonly known as the Lotus Temple. Since its opening for public worship in 1986, more than 70 million people have visited. The Baha'I faith is practiced by more than six million people worldwide.

Baha'i House of Worship - Lotus Temple Bahapur Kalkaji
Off Mathura Road, South Delhi
New Delhi 110 019
Tel: +91 11 644 4029
Fax: +91 11 646 4460

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