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Posted at 4:29 a.m. EDT Wednesday, September 26, 2001


Bahai faith group

Spiritual Assembly of Huntersville


Meets at Wynfield Forest Clubhouse, 16029 Wynfield Creek Parkway, Huntersville. Phone: (704) 947-3297. Web site: Meeting scheduled: Sunday, Oct. 14 and 28, Nov. 11 and 25. (10 a.m.-noon). Begins with continental breakfast followed by devotional meetings for adults and Teaching Children Peace Bahai School for children. Average Attendance: 18-20.


Jacquie Latzer, public information officer for the Spiritual Assembly, says the community in Huntersville is relatively new, but the Bahai community in Charlotte has met for years and has a devotional meeting each Friday evening at the Bahai Center, 843 Eastway Drive. The Bahai faith has 6 to 8 million believers worldwide.


The Bahai faith embraces people from all backgrounds, seeking to eliminate prejudices of all kinds and work for gender equality and social justice. Latzer says one of the principle tenets of the faith is Unity in Diversity. "In our communities, people from all different backgrounds with different opinions have a place to come together and through our higher spiritual nature, we find ways to work together and overcome our differences."

Melinda Johnston

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