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Hoping for `no room at the inn'

A meeting of faiths is to be held in Timaru on Friday night. Organisers of the event, St Marys Archdeacon Philip Robinson and Sacred Heart parish priest Father Matthew Cosgriff said it celebrates an understanding of each other's faiths.

The organisers hoped to have representation from all the Timaru churches and a number of individuals from the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish faiths. Archdeacon Robinson said the meeting was to remain within safe boundaries with people who had been asked to bring readings or scripture that reflects love, understanding or peace.

There would also be a time of silence to express our own thoughts, he said.

The meeting is to be held at the Red Cross rooms in Bank St at 7pm.

Archdeacon Robinson said it was important it was held on neutral territory, so everyone felt comfortable.

Father Cosgriff said the idea was to draw people of different faiths together and build understanding "It is a really good thing at a time of world suspicions, as most people are middle of the road and not fanatics."

Fundamentally people are about families and relationships, he said.

Father Cosgriff said Abraham was a common ancestor in Bahai, Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths.

The events of September 11 were probably a catalyst for the meeting, however it would be great to see it become an annual event, he said.

Archdeacon Robinson said everyone was welcome.

"Hopefully there will be no room at the inn."

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