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Monday, Apr. 22, 2002         St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Elaine Ione Sprauve, Cruz Bay

      A collection of 45 color photographs of the world's peoples has been on exhibit this week and will be set up again next week. St. John photographer Tony Scimeca took the pictures last May when he was a member of the Virgin Islands delegation attending the formal ceremonies opening a series of ornate terraces reflecting the world's cultures that were constructed at the world Baha'i headquarters in Haifa, Israel.
      The Baha'i faith draws its membership from throughout the world, and some 3,000 persons attended the ceremonies, Scimeca said. His 8-by-10 photos are mounted on room dividers that make the show moveable and "non-invasive" -- that is, there's no need to pound nails or affix adhesive on walls. There are plans to exhibit the pictures in May at the Baa Library, which currently is featuring a collection historic pictures of industrial installations on St. Thomas.
      The Friends of the Sprauve Library group tied in to library week in its drive to raise about $65,000 to air condition the library. "They are soliciting from St. John rental property owners," librarian Carol McGuinness said. "They handed out slip cards asking for a donation and suggesting this one week's rental." She added, "We're happy with anything people donate."

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