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Message received by the Bahá'í Council from the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland

We are committed to the development of a fair, equal and inclusive society in Northern Ireland, where all the people in Northern Ireland, regardless of their race or religion, live and work peacefully side by side in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

We believe that this vision sits well alongside the Bahá'í belief that humanity is one single family. We congratulate you on the contribution the Bahá'í community has made through activities, your participation in initiatives such as the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum and interaction with local community and voluntary groups, which will help the people of Northern Ireland make this vision a reality.

We wish you well on the occasion of the Bahá'í New Year and look forward to working alongside the Bahá'í community in the future as we all strive to achieve our shared vision of a better society for all the people in Northern Ireland.

[signed] Rt. Hon. David Trimble MP MLA
[signed] Mark Durkan MLA

©Copyright 2002, Bahá'í Council of Northern Ireland

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