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June 10, 2002 11:04

Diocese of Michigan and Episcopal Relief and Development Host National Interfaith Conference

University of Michigan-Dearborn Center for the Study of Religion and Society, U-M's Pluralism Project, Collaborates to Further Enhance Religious Diversity Awareness in the U.S.

DETROIT, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Amid a growing national awareness of the range and breadth of religious beliefs in the United States, the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan is co-hosting a conference on American religious diversity June 10-15, 2002.

Conference seminars will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, 120 N. Military Road, Dearborn; and, at the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus, 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn. Additionally, 10 site visits -- crucial to the week-long program -- are planned for registrants at metropolitan area houses of worship and community centers.

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce foundational information about the beliefs and practices of several of the world's religions to people engaged in Christian ministry in a multi-religious society, sufficient to engage in intelligent and sensitive inter-religious dialogue. To that end, this course will strive to accomplish the following:

* Acquaint students with the vocabulary and grammar of a number of religions with which Christianity has a lively and ongoing dialogue, and to do so in a way such that adherents of those religions would recognize themselves in the descriptions given in this course;

* Make use of a broad range of materials, including visual aids, guests, and site visits; and,

* Explore several theories of interfaith dialogue.

Seminar Coordinator, Lucinda Allen Mosher, Th.D., Interfaith Education Officer for the Episcopal Church USA., said: "We are proud to co-host this important conference on religious diversity in the Detroit area, where the mix of cultures and religions is as rich as anywhere in the country. Getting to know better the ways in which our fellow citizens pray and demonstrate their faith is a vital component to community development, fellowship and acceptance."

Founded in 1832, the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan is the ecclesiastical and administrative home for 97 Episcopalian congregations and 35,000 faithful throughout southeast- and mid-Michigan. These are among the major activities of the Diocese: congregation development, community witness, Christian formation, corporate witness, 15 Diocese-wide social service agencies and programs, and three chaplaincies at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. The Diocese is an administrative unit of The Episcopal Church, USA as well as the worldwide Anglican Communion -- a Christian community using the practices and traditions of the Church of England.

Dearborn Seminar Schedule

    8:30-9:00      Coffee & gathering                 University of Michigan-
    9:00-10:30     About the IEI; Getting acquainted;
                   How this week will work;
                   Definitions                        University of Michigan-
    10:30-10:45    Break                              Courtyard
    10:45-Noon     A New Religious Detroit:
                   Claude Jacobs & Bill McNeece,
                   presenters                         University of Michigan-
    12-12:15       To Christ Church
    12:15-1:15     Lunch from La Penguina Deli        Christ Church
    1:15-2:30      The complexity of 21st-century
                   Judaism                            Christ Church
    2:30           To site visit in Pontiac
    3:00-5:00      Site visit: Temple Emanu-el (14450 West 10 Mile Road,
                   Oak Park)
    5:00-6:00      Return to Dearborn
    6:00-8:30      Dinner & Discussion: Jewish-Christian
                   Dialogue Issues                    Restaurant TBD

    8:30-9:30      Coffee & debriefing                University of Michigan-
    9:00-10:30     Anglicanism and a theology of
                   the neighbor                       University of Michigan-
    10:30-10:45    Break                              Courtyard
    10:45-Noon     Three-dimensional Islam            University of Michigan-
    12-12:15       Relocate to Christ Church
    12:15-1:15     Lunch from New Yasmeen Bakery      Christ Church
    1:15-2:30      Anglicanism and Islam;
                   Islamic texts                      Location TBD
    2:30           Depart for mosque tour
    2:45-5:00      Site visits: Yemeni mosque; Islamic school;
                   African-American mosque; Shi'a mosque
    5:00           Return to Christ Church to retrieve cars; free evening

    8:30-9:30      Coffee & debriefing                University of Michigan-
    9:00-10:00     Abrahamic Dialogue: issues,
                   models                             University of Michigan-
    10:00-10:15    Break                              Courtyard
    10:15-11:45    A brief introduction to
                   15-minute film of Sikhism          University of Michigan-
    11:45-12:00    Relocate to Christ Church
    12:00-1:00     Lunch                              Christ Church
    1:00-3:00      Introduction to Hinduism           Christ Church
    3:00-4:00      Depart for Pontiac
    4:00-6:00      Site visit: Parashakthi [Hindu] Temple (551 West Kennett,
    6:00-6:45      Travel to Farmington Hills
    6:45-9:00      Site visit: The Jain Society of Greater Detroit (29278
                   West 12 Mile Road. Farmington Hills)
    9:00           Return to Dearborn

    8:30-9:30      Coffee & debriefing                University of Michigan-
    9:00-10:30     Brief introduction to Shinto, Taoism,
                   Confucianism (Film excerpt: A question
                   of balance )                       University of Michigan-
    10:30-10:45    Break                              Courtyard
    10:45-Noon     Flavors of Buddhism                University of Michigan-
    12-12:15       Relocate to Christ Church
    12:15-1:30     Lunch                              Christ Church
    1:15-2:30      Film: Becoming the Buddha in L.A.  Christ Church
    2:30           Depart for Southfield
    3:00-5:00      Site visit: Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara (26105 Shiawassee,
    5:00-6:00      Travel to West Bloomfield
    6:00-8:30      Site visit, dinner, discussion: Guru Nanak Sikh Temple
                   (6088 Oak Trail, West Bloomfield)

    8:30-9:30      Coffee & debriefing                University of Michigan-
    9:00-10:00     More on Baha'i: Paula Drewek
                   presenting                         University of Michigan-
    10:00-10:30    Anglicanism and First Peoples' spirituality
    10:30          To Detroit
    11:00-2:00     Site Visit, lunch: American Indian Health and Family
                   Services Center (4880 Lawndale, Detroit); additional
                   presentation: Willis Moore
    2:00-2:30      Return to Christ Church
    2:30-6:00      Free afternoon
    6:00-8:30      Dinner and Discussion:
                   Community Reconciliation           La Shish Restaurant

    8:30-9:30      Coffee & debriefing                Christ Church
    9:00-11:00     Recap; Survey of materials;
                   How to find your religious neighbors;
                   Follow-up; Evaluation              Christ Church

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