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"CURRAN ON THURSDAY" column - 17 April 2003

This week Frank Curran draws comparisons between Irish-American perceptions of Irish/British affairs in the latter half of the 19th century and the continuing support for the Irish cause. And on a different theme, the columnist highlights the example being set by the local Baha'i community through their interdenominational school in Belfast, which teaches children about the importance of unity in our society.


We talk interminably in Northern Ireland about 'majorities and minorities'. When the phrase is used most natives of Ireland mean Protestants and Catholics.

But there are several other small minorities among us, and it is no less than the Baha'i community here who should be given public credit for a scheme they began 15 years ago and still pursue - to teach the principle of unity in West Belfast.

The school developed by the Baha'is has a curriculum based on the Baha 'i principle, It is named after the noted Irish Protestant clergyman George Townsend, who himself because a Baha'i.

The school, totally non-denominational, is dedicated to helping children to understand their identity in a manner which transcends the tribal divisions of our society.

The Baha'is claim that the school has already achieved much positively and will continue to do so in the future.

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