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Beware Of The Bahais Civic Gathering Warned

Dayang Hajah Sarimah Binti Haji Abu Bakar

Bandar Seri Begawan - Six types of deviational teachings were discovered in Brunei since the first such case was identified 42 years ago.

The teaching purposely taught mankind to one universal religion, which unites Islam and other kind of faiths. The religious cult was called 'Bahai or Bahaiyyah'

. This was explained at a civic gathering for local undergraduates studying at overseas universities and other learning institutions who are currently back in Brunei.

They heard a talk by a representative from the Ministry of Religious Affairs who touched on deviational teachings, as well as practices and culture which influence the faith of Muslims.

Dayang Hajah Sarimah Binti Haji Abu Bakar urged the undergraduates to report to the ministry of any such religious cult to ensure that Muslims do not go astray from the truth.

In her talk, she also clarified the characteristics of deviational teachings, among them to question the truth of the holy Quran and Hadith. She said it was not an easy task to uncover such activities and where they operate.

The undergraduates also heard another talk on correct form of meals conforming to the faith. The topic covered the aspect of Halal-Haram food through the perspective of Islam. -- Courtesy of Radio Television Brunei 

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