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Witnesses: Week Four

MONDAY: Janice Kelly, Dr Kelly’s widow; Sarah Pape, his sister; Rachel Kelly, his daughter and her fiancé, David Wilkins; Professor Nick Avery, friend.

TUESDAY: Ruth Absalom, a neighbour; Dr Malcolm Warner, his GP; Louise Holmes and Paul Chapman, search team which found Dr Kelly; PCs Martyn Sawyer and Andrew Franklin, DC Peter Coe, and Sgt Hugh Webb, officers involved; David Bartlett and Vanessa Hunt, ambulance personnel who took him to hospital; Barney Leith, from Baha’i faith; Prof Keith Hawton, psychiatrist.

Wednesday: Richard Allan, toxicologist; Nicholas Hunt, forensic pathologist; Asst Chief Constable Michael Page; Steven Macdonald and other personnel, MoD.

Thursday: Olivia Bosch, former colleague of Dr Kelly; Leigh Potter, neighbour; Richard Taylor, special adviser to Secretary of State for Defence; Tom Mangold, journalist and Kelly family friend.

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