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Hutton Inquiry: Daily Briefing


Janice Kelly, Dr Kelly's widow, describing her husband's mood on the last day of his life, said: "I just thought he had a broken heart. He had shrunk into himself, just shrunk, but I had no idea at that stage of what he would do later." Mrs Kelly told the inquiry of his feelings after being identified as the source of Andrew Gilligan's story. "He said several times over coffee, over lunch, over afternoon tea that he felt totally let down and betrayed."

Rachel Kelly, Dr Kelly's daughter, told the inquiry how her father had appeared the night before he was due to give evidence at the committee. She said: "He had on his face a look of anxiety, it was a very long look, quite a loving look. I love my father very much. As his daughter I was very concerned to see this vulnerable side of him. The moment passed and I was aware that he seemed very gentle, more child-like, and I was very conscious that our roles were reversed and that I needed to look after him and he needed to be looked after."

Sarah Pape, Dr Kelly's sister, told the inquiry: "I felt that in many ways my brother was being portrayed as some kind of mole, leaking information. It's just worth emphasising it was a very integral part of his job to be briefing the media."

Professor Roger Avery, Dr Kelly's friend and former colleague, told Lord Hutton that Dr Kelly "was a man of great integrity."


Today: Ruth Absalom, neighbour; Dr Malcolm Warner; Louise Holmes, search team; Paul Chapman, search team; PC Martyn Sawyer; PC Andrew Franklin; DC Peter Coe; Sergeant Geoffrey Webb; David Bartlett, ambulance; Vanessa Hunt, ambulance; Barney Leith, Baha'i faith; Professor Hawton, pyschiatrist.

Tomorrow: Richard Allan, toxicologist; Nicholas Hunt, forensic pathology services; Michael Page, assistant chief constable; Steven Macdonald, MOD; personnal, defence intelligence staff.

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