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Dr Kelly: 'Felt betrayed'


The Hutton Inquiry has started hearing evidence from the last people to see weapons expert Dr David Kelly before his death.

The scientist's state of mind in the days leading up to his apparent suicide will also receive further examination.

The inquiry will hear from a leading psychiatrist who is an expert on suicide and Dr Kelly's GP.

Police officers involved in the search for Dr Kelly - who was found dead in woodland near his Oxfordshire home - are among the other witnesses set to appear before Lord Hutton.

It comes after the poignant testimonies on Monday of his wife, Janice, and daughters Rachel and Sarah.

On Monday, Mrs Kelly told the inquiry how her late husband had felt "totally let down and betrayed" by the Ministry of Defence for allowing him to be named as the source of the BBC story about the "sexed-up" Iraq dossier.

Speaking of his 'outing', Mrs Kelly said: "He was deeply, deeply hurt.

"He was being treated rather like a fly, I think that was the phrase he used."

Evidence will also be given by Barney Leith, a close friend and follower of the same Baha'i faith as Dr Kelly, and neighbour Ruth Absalom.

She spoke to him as he left his home for the last time on July 18.

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