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Spanish Study Circle

Members of a Baha'i study circle in Lliria, Valencia, Spain.

Participants were all smiles after completing a course on how to assist others to develop their skills and abilities of service.

They had studied the seventh book in the series developed by the Ruhi Institute, a Baha'i educational institution in Colombia and now used in Baha'i communities worldwide.

The participants are now qualified as tutors and can assist members of study circles to study all seven books in a unique consultative process of self-directed learning.

Participants in the series learn, for example, how to assist others to investigate spiritual truths and to express themselves eloquently. They also learn how to carry out acts of service to others, such as teaching spiritual values to children.

Currently Baha'is in Spain hold some 100 regular study circles. Participation is open to Baha'is and the wider community. Study circles are characterized by the use of the arts and by the spirit of unity among participants.

Participants of this course included (left to right) Sepideh Arnold, Navid Arnold, Farhad Jahangosha, Susane Jahangosha, Shabnam Majidi, Shaiesteh Macías, Miguel Castan, Ekaterina Marchiean, and Andres Macias.

As well as involvement in study circles, Baha'is are also engaged in organizing devotional meetings and children's spiritual education classes, all of which are open to -- and widely participated in -- by the general community.

Photo courtesy of "Boletin Baha'i de Informacion," Spain.
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