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Junior youth take inspired steps

Pointing to a united future -- dancers in the Singaporean Baha'i junior youth dance troupe performing at an event for youth organised by the World Bank.

SINGAPORE, 14 July 2005 (BWNS) -- Junior youth from the Singaporean Baha'i community entertained more than 500 youth at a recent event organized by the World Bank.

The young Baha'is performed dances portraying the need for unity among the peoples of the world and the vital necessity to eliminate prejudice of all kinds.

High school and university students from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds enthusiastically applauded the performance by the Baha'is at the event, which was held at the Anglo Chinese Junior College on 1 June 2005.

The World Bank organized the occasion to increase the awareness of development issues among young Singaporeans and to inspire them to volunteer to assist local non-governmental organizations.

The Baha'i junior youth (aged 12-15) come from Chinese, Indian, European, and Persian backgrounds. An active group, they performed, for example, at an event earlier in the year and recently visited Baha'is and their friends in remote regions of Sabah in East Malaysia.


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