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  1. Bibliography for the Tablets of Baha'u'llah: Key to sources and full citations (1999). [about]
  2. Contact us, send corrections, or submit a document (-). Contact the editors of the Baha'i Library and/or send us corrections. [about]
  3. Heilsgeschichte und Paradigmenwechsel: Zwei Beiträge zur Bahá'í-Theologie, by Udo Schaefer (2002). German original text of Beyond the Clash of Religions: The Emergence of a New Paradigm. [about]
  4. Links to Bahá'í blogs, resources, organizations (-). Links to other useful websites. Also see [about]
  5. Notes about and history of the Bahá'í Library Online (-). Background of the Baha'i Library. [about]
  6. PDF Support (-). [about]
  7. Persia and the Persian Question, endnotes, by George N. Curzon. [about]
  8. Personal page: Jonah Winters (-). My own links, theses, and papers. [about]
  9. Site Map (-). [about]
  10. Thank you for your email (-). [about]
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