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Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle:
An Historical Record of the Early Days of the Bahá'í Faith in Taiwan

by Barbara R. Sims

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Chapter 13


13. The Third Bahá'í Summer School and
Dedication of the New Bahá'í Center in Tainan

The Summer School was held in the newly constructed Tainan Bahá'í Center, October 10 - 12, 1959. It was the first official use of the new Center. Forty-seven people attended including friends of Bahá'ís.

From Japan came Mrs. Joy Earl and Mr. and Mrs. Noureddin Mumtazi. Mrs. Earl acted as chairman of the Summer School. Of course, the four pioneers to Taiwan, Mrs. and Mrs. Suleimani and Mr. and Mrs. Danielsen-Craig attended.

The highlight of the program was the dedication of the new Center, which was designed by Mr. Ho Chung-tzu and supervised by Mr. Wang Chi-chang. Mr. Suleimani wrote that Mr. Pai Chung-cheng introduced him to the land owner and that Mr. Chung Yin-ching (a non-Bahá'í) helped legally with the purchase of the

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Some of the participants of the third Taiwan Summer School, October 10 to 12, 1959.

Middle of front row: Mrs. Behjat Mumtazi, Mrs. Joy Earl and Mr. Noureddin Mumtazi attended from Japan.


The main event of the Summer School was the dedication of the Bahá'í Center in Tainan.

Top photo: the main entrance. Bottom photo: part of the main hall.


land. The Center was uniquely attractive but very practically arranged. Uncountable activities were held in it through the years and it played host to countless visitors. Negotiations for the purchase of the land had taken years on the part of the Suleimanis. The land and building were a donation from this devoted couple. They were the caretakers of the Center until they both died; she in 1981 and he in 1987.

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Celebration of the Anniversary of the Birth of Bahá'u'lláh, November 12, 1959. Mr. and Mrs. Suleimani are at the right. We can see some of the early Taiwan Bahá'ís standing at the rear.
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