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Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle:
An Historical Record of the Early Days of the Bahá'í Faith in Taiwan

by Barbara R. Sims

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Chapter 3


3. The Nikko Conference in Japan and
Mr. Khádem's Second Visit to Taiwan

In November 1955 after the first Asian Teaching Conference in Nikko, Japan (usually called the Nikko Conference), Hand of the Cause Mr. Khádem, who represented the Guardian at the conference, paid a second visit to Taiwan, this time with his wife and a friend of theirs, Miss T. Haddad.

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The Nikko Conference, Nikko, Japan, 1955. It was the first International Teaching Conference in Asia. There were representatives from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Korea, Guam and the United States. Hand of the Cause Mr. Khádem, who was the Guardian's representative, is standing behind Mr. Fujita, who is holding the frame containing the "Greatest Name". Mr. and Mrs. Suleimani are standing together a little to the left; she is wearing a white dress. Hand of the Cause Miss Alexander is holding a picture of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Mr. Harry Yim the only native-born Chinese able to attend the conference, is standing at the middle rear, between two women. Mr. Anthony Seto, the first Chinese-American Bahá'í and a pioneer to Hong Kong, is standing in the back row fourth from the right.


Mr. Suleimani wrote that Mr. Khádem's four-day visit provided the greatest teaching opportunity for the Taiwan Bahá'ís thus far and that every day was busy. Together with Mr. Jerome Chu and Mr. Pai Chung-cheng they visited Mr. Wong Ho-len's house in Tsoying and had a delicious Chinese style lunch. Mr. Wong had become a Bahá'í during Mr. Khádem's first visit in 1953. This time Mr. Khádem's visit coincided with the celebration of the Birthday of Bahá'u'lláh. Seventeen persons attended, with Mr. Khádem speaking about the history of the Faith and the importance of this Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Suleimani had also attended the Nikko Conference representing Taiwan. Unfortunately no Chinese Bahá'ís from Taiwan were able to attend. However, Mr. Harry Yim went from Macau, the only Chinese Bahá'í to go. The Suleimanis brought with them a gift for the Japanese Bahá'ís: a lovely scroll painted in the Chinese style by Mr. Pai Chung-cheng. Soon after the Suleimanis returned to Taiwan they had another declaration, Mr. Luk Yun-shen (Winston), whom Mr. Suleimani described as being a native of Canton.

Mr. Suleimani is showing Mr. Yim from Macau a scroll painted by Mr. Pai Chung-cheng of Tainan, Taiwan. The scroll was a gift from Mr. Pai to the Bahá'ís of Japan.


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Celebration of the anniversary of the Birthday of Bahá'u'lláh, 1955. Mr. Khádem is sitting at the end on the right. Mr. Suleimani is standing at the end behind Mrs. Ruthy Tu.


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The Tainan friends say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Khádem, standing second and third from the left, and Miss Haddad kneeling in front of them. This photo was taken at the Tainan Railway Station.
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