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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 1



Vol. 1 Chicago, (March 21, 1910) Baha No. 1



In reproducing the photograph of the "Purest Branch" so lovingly sent by the maid-servant of God, Fareeza Khanum, to the friends in the Occident, the following extracts from the "Life and Teachings


of Abbas Effendi" (Abdul-Baha) by Myron H. Phelps, relating how the "Purest Branch" came to his death, will be of interest:
"We were imprisoned in the barracks, without any substantial change in our manner of life, for two years. During this time none of us left the prison. One evening towards the end of the second year, my younger brother came, as was his habit, to write for his Father. But as he was not very well, and as others of the family were also ill, the Blessed Perfection (Baha'o'llah) told him to go and come later. So he went up to the flat roof of the barracks, where we were accustomed to walk, and which was our only recourse for fresh air and exercise. He was walking up and down repeating Tablets and gazing at the sky, when he stumbled, lost his balance, and fell through the opening to which the ladder from below led up. The room into which he fell had a lofty ceiling; it was the living room of the family. No one was in the room at the time, but hearing his cries, some of the family rushed in and found him in a heap on the floor with the blood pouring from his mouth.
"We took him up and laid him on his mat. He was perfectly conscious. Later the Blessed Perfection came and remained with him. The physician was sent for; he said that there was no hope.
"My brother lived for thirty hours. When he was about to pass away the Blessed Perfection said to him: 'What do you desire? Do you wish to live, or do you prefer to die? Tell me what you most wish for.' My brother replied: 'I don't care to live. I have but one wish. I want the believers to be admitted to see their Lord. If you will promise me this, it is all I ask.' The Blessed Perfection told him that it would be as he desired.
"The death of this youngest and favorite child — of a very gentle and sweet disposition — nearly broke his mother's heart. We feared for her reason. When the Blessed Perfection was told of the condition of his wife, he went to her and said: 'Your son has been taken by God that His people might be free — His life was the ransom, and you should rejoice, that you had a son so dear to give to the Cause of God.' When our mother heard these words sh seemed to rally, and after that she did not shed a tear."



The following letter has recently been received from the maid-servants of God in Teheran, to the maid-servants in Washington, D. C., and other cities of the West, concerning a reception given in honor of Dr. Moody, in the house of the maid-servant, Fareeza Khanum:


O ye sons and daughters of God!
May our lives be a sacrifice to you! In this Day the maid-servants of Baha have gathered in this house this morning and are engaged in reading the Tablets and discussing spiritual matters with Dr. Moody. She presented to us the photograph of Mrs. Henrietta Clark Wagner, which was sent for Fareeza Khanum. It gave us great happiness and pleasure when we looked upon it. Those who were present in the meeting kissed it many times, and it was as though that spiritual sister was present among us. We read Tablets and conversed until lunch time, and after the lunch the girls of the Bahai school chanted for us with a beautiful melody the Tablet of the Clarion. We missed all of you. Afterward this maid-servant of Baha and other maid-servants of the Cause of God, and some of the remnants of the martyrdoms of Yazd, served tea. After the tea Dr. Moody sang a holy commune. The meeting was overflowing with joy and fragrance, and this maid-servant read one of the Tablets of Abdul-Baha. About 4:30 p.m. the men began to come, and the grandson of the "Beloved of the Martyrs" of Isphahan was present and chanted for us a glorious Tablet with a sweet melody.
Some time ago I received a Tablet from his highness Abdul-Baha, commanding me to find some photographs of the Purest Branch, and forward them to American believers. As that photograph was very hard to find, it was obtained with great difficulty. I enclose 19 with the name and a short description. Please forward each to the particular person mentioned and acknowledge receipt. The circumstances connected with this photograph are these: That immediately after the arrival of BAHA'O'LLAH in Acca, the door of meeting was closed to all the beloved of God. His highness the Purest Branch, the brother of Abdul-Baha, begged martyrdom


from the Blessed Perfection so that at the cost of the shedding of his blood the door of meeting might become open to the servants of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful. This supplication was accepted and the Purest Branch sacrificed his life, as it is known in history, the result of which was the opening of the gates of Acca to the beilevers.
We hope that the news of America will reach us often and that you will communicate with us regularly. * * *
Upon ye be Baha, and upon everyone who is firm and steadfast in the Cause.

(Signed) FAREEZA.

(This letter is signed by 106 women and 14 men believers.)


The purpose of "The Unity Band" is to correspond with the Women's Assemblies of the Orient. Each member follows in rotation with a monthly letter to one of the Assemblies. As there are twelve Assemblies and twelve members of the Unity Band, each Assembly is insured a monthly letter. The results of the last year's work have been most gratifying to Abdul-Baha; and in a letter received by one of the members from Mirza Aziolah Khan, of Teheran (to whom all letters are addressed), he assures her of the great joy and happiness these letters bring to these dear sisters of the East, and earnestly begs their continuance.
The revised list of our Unity Band, to begin March, 1910, is as follows:
TEHERAN — Mrs. Isabella D. Brittingham.
RESHT — Dr. Pauline Barton-Peeke.
KAZVIN — Mrs. Ida A. Finch.
YAZD — Mrs. Henrietta C. Wagner.
TABRIZ — Mrs. Marie L. Botay.
KASHAN — Mrs. Harriet Latimer.
KERMAN — Mrs. Louise R. Waite.
HAMADAN — Miss Elizabeth H. Stewart.
ZANJAN — Mrs. May B. Maxwell.
MASHAD — Mrs. M. Leslie O'Keefe.
ESPHAHAN — Mrs. Claudia Stuart Coles.
SHIRAZ — Mrs. Emma V. Goodale.



A tablet by BAHA'O'LLAH to the Persian Zoroastrian Bahais. Revealed in the purest old Persian language, without an Arabic word in it.*


Glory is due unto God, the Discoverer, who, through one shower of the ocean of His Generosity, expanded the firmament of existence, begemmed it with the stars of knowledge and summoned the people to the most high court of perception and understanding!
This shower, which is the Primal Word of the Almighty, is sometimes called the Water of Life, for it quickens the dead souls in the desert of ignorance with the spring of intelligence. Sometimes it is called the First Emanation which appears from the Sun of Wisdom, and when it began to shine the first movement became manifest and known; then phenomena stepped into the arena of existence and these appearances were through the generosity of the Incomparable, the Wise One. He is the Knower, the Giver! He is sanctified and holy above every statement and attribute! The seen and the unseen fail to attain the measure of His understanding. The world of being and whatever has issued from it bears witness to this utterance.
Therefore, it has become known that the First Bestowal of the Almighty is the Word. The receiver and acceptor of it is the understanding. It is the First Instructor in the University of Existence and it is the Primal Emanation of God. Whatever has appeared is through the reflection of its Light and whatever is manifested is the appearance of its Wisdom. All the names originate in His Name and the beginnings and endings of all affairs are in His Hand.
Your letter came to this Captive of the world in this prison. It brought happiness and increased friendship; it renewed the remembrance of the former times. Thanks belong to the Possessor of the universe, who permitted us to meet in the land of Persia. We met, we conversed and we listened. It
* First time published.


is hoped that no forgetfulness shall follow that meeting, that the revolving of the wheel of time shall not take away its remembrance from the heart and that the plants of love shall grow out of that which is sown and become green, verdant and imperishable.
You have asked regarding the heavenly Books: The pulse of the universe is in the hand of the skillful Physician. He diagnoses the illness and wisely prescribes the remedy. Every day has its own secret and every tongue a melody. The illness of today has one cure and that of tomorrow another. Look ye upon this day; consider and discuss its needs. One sees that existence is afflicted with innumerable diseases compelling it to lie upon the bed of suffering. Men who are intoxicated with the wine of self-contemplation prevent the wise Physician from reaching it. Thus have they made themselves and the world to suffer. They know not the ailment nor recognize the cure. They take the wrong for the right, the crooked for the straight, the enemy for the friend.
Hearken ye to the melody of this Prisoner! Stand up and proclaim! Perchance those who are asleep may awaken! Say, O ye dead ones! The generous Hand of the Almighty is passing around the Water of Eternal Life. Hasten ye and drink! Whosoever becomes alive in this day shall never die, and whosoever dies in this day can never find Life.
Ye have written regarding the language: Both Persian and Arabic are good, for that which one desires to gain from language is to attain to the meanings of the speaker and this can be accomplished in both. As in this day the Sun of Wisdom has appeared and shone forth from the horizon of Persia, the more you respect this language the better it is.
O Friend! When the Primal Word appeared in these latter days, a number of the heavenly souls heard the Melody of the Beloved and hastened toward it, while others, finding that the deeds of some did not correspond with their words, were prevented from the Splendors of the Sun of Knowledge.
Say, O ye sons of earth! The Pure God proclaims that which in this glorious day shall purify you


from the stains of desire and enable you to attain to tranquillity in My straight path and My manifest road. To be severed from attachment means to be separated from those things which occasion loss and lessen the grandeur of man. If the people of the world should attain to the Heavenly Utterances they would never be prevented from the Ocean of Divine Generosity.
The heaven of righteousness has no Star, and never shall have one, brighter than this. The first Utterance of the Wise One is this: O ye Sons of Earth! Turn from the night of foreignness to the shining of the Sun of Unity. This is that which shall benefit the people of the world more than aught else.
O Friend! The Tree of the Word has no better Blossom and the Ocean of Wisdom shall never have a brighter Pearl than this: O ye Sons of Intelligence! The thin eyelid prevents the eye from seeing the world and what is contained therein. Then think of the result when the curtain of greed covers the sight of the heart.
Say, O People! The darkness of greed and envy obscures the light of the soul as the cloud prevents the penetration of the sun's rays. Should one listen with the ear of intelligence to this Utterance, he shall spread the wings of freedom and soar with great joy toward the heaven of understanding.
When the world was environed with darkness, the Sea of Generosity was set in motion and Divine Illumination appeared so that the deeds were disclosed. This is the same illumination which is promised in the heavenly books. Should the Almighty desire the hearts of the people of the world, He will purify and sanctify them with the power of the Word, and will pour forth the Light of the Sun of Unity upon the souls to regenerate the world.
O People! The word must be demonstrated by the deed, for the righteous witness of the Word is action. The former without the latter shall not allay the thirst of the needy nor open the doors of sight to the blind.
The Heavenly Wise One proclaimeth: A harsh word is like a sword, but gentle speech is like unto milk. The children of the world attain to knowledge and better themselves through this. The Tongue of Wisdom says: Whosoever possesses Me


not, has nothing. Pass by whatever exists in this world and find Me. I am the Sun of Perception and the Ocean of Science. I revive the withered ones and quicken the dead. I am that Light which illumines the path of Insight. I am the Falcon of the Hand of the Almighty; I bear healing in My wings and teach the knowledge of soaring to the Heaven of Truth.
The Peerless Beloved says: The way of freedom is opened! Hasten ye! The Fountain of Knowledge is gushing! Drink ye! Say, O Friends! The Tabernacle of Oneness is raised; look not upon each other with the eye of strangeness. Ye are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch. Truly, I say, whatever lessens ignorance and increases knowledge, that has been, is and shall be accepted by the Creator.
Say, O People! Walk ye under the shade of the Tree of Righteousness; enter ye under the protection of the Tent of Unity. Say, O thou Possessor of Sight! The past is the mirror of the future; look and perceive. Perchance, after the acquirement of knowledge, ye may know the Friend and attain to His good pleasure. Today the best fruit of the Tree of Science and Knowledge is that which benefits mankind and improves his condition.
Say! the tongue is the witness of My Truth; do not pollute it with untruthfulness. The spirit is the treasury of My Mystery; do not deliver it into the hand of greed. It is hoped that in this Dawn the universe shall become illumined with the rays of the sun of understanding and knowledge, so that we may attain to the good pleasure of the Beloved and drink from the Ocean of Divine Recognition.
O Friend! As there were few ears to hear, so for some time the Pen has been silent in its own chamber and to such a degree that silence has preceded utterance. Say, O People! Words are revealed according to capacity, so that the beginners may make progress. The milk must be given according to the measure, so that the babe of the world may enter into the realm of grandeur and be established in the Court of Unity.
O Friend! We have seen the pure ground and cast the seed of knowledge. Now it depends upon the rays of the sun whether it burns up or is caused to grow. Say today, through the greatness


of the Peerless, Wise One, the Sun of Knowledge has appeared from behind the covering of the Spirit and all the birds of the meadow of oneness are intoxicated with the wine of Understanding and are commemorating the Name of the Beloved. Happy is the one who finds this and becomes immortal.
(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Chicago, Ill., Sept. 8, 1909.)


A joint meeting of the House of Spirituality and the local Temple Committee was held at the home of Mrs. Corinne True, 5338 Kenmore avenue, on Tuesday evening, March 8th, to discuss plans for the convention to be held in Chicago during the Feast of Rizwan. Several committees were appointed and the following programme arranged:
April 23rd, Saturday evening, Unity Feast.
April 24th, Sunday, 10 a. m. meeting in Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple.
April 24th, Sunday afternoon, friends and delegates will visit the Temple grounds.
April 25th, Monday, 10 a. m. Corinthian Hall, convention called to order.
April 26th, Tuesday, 10 a. m. Corinthian Hall, convention continued.
April 26th, Tuesday evening, Drill Hall, Masonic Temple, public meeting.


In a letter from the Bahai Assembly at Mashad Persia, dated October 18, 1909, is the following: "The latest news which has happened in these parts, is that two villages in the Province of Khorassan, called Hassar and Namag, five sanctified souls were martyred, and four of our spiritual sisters were assaulted and wounded, and they have cut off the ears of one the believers; while other Bahais have been the subjects of persecution, pillage, etc."





Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China): Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.
Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia: Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.

Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P. O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

VOL. I. CHICAGO, (March 21, 1910) BAHA NO. 1


1st Baha (Splendor) Mar. 21
2nd Jalal (Glory) Apr. 9
3rd Jamal (Beauty) Apr. 28
4th Azamat (Greatness) May 17
5th Noor (Light) June 5
6th Rahmat (Mercy) June 24
7th Kalemat (Words) July 13
8th Assma (Names) Aug. 1
9th Kamaal (Perfection) Aug. 20
10th Azzatt (Wealth) Sept. 8
11th Mashyat (Will) Sept. 27
12th Alm (Science) Oct. 16
13th Kudrat (Power) Nov. 4
14th Koul (Saying) Nov. 23
15th Masael (Questions) Dec. 12
16th Sharaf (Honor) Dec. 31
17th Sultan (Sultan) Jan. 19
18th Malak (Ring) Feb. 7

(Four intercalary days.)

19th Ola (Sublimity) Mar. 2


The need for a Bahai News Service is apparent to those who are in touch with the progress of the Bahai Movement throughout the Occident. To meet this need this humble publication has stepped forth from non-existence into the court of existence. Whether it shall remain and grow into a distinct department of service in this Glorious Day, we cannot foretell, knowing that "God doeth whatsoever He willeth." It is the purpose of those undertaking the initial step to do all within their power to make it a success, but the co-operation of all is


needed that this Service may extend unto all. In a word: It is your Service and needs your assistance.
It is our hope that the Bahai News may appear every 19 days, but if the subscriptions received do not warrant the expense of so doing by covering the cost of printing and postage, it will appear less frequently during the year, according to the means at hand.
We trust the Bahai News will be a messenger of peace, in accord with the spirit of the Cause it hopes to serve. To this end its editors respectfully request that contributors of news endeavor to follow the Biblical injunction "to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."
The next issue of the Bahai News will be sent out in envelopes bearing only this inscription: "If not delivered, return to P. O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U. S. A." Any particular mailing instructions to be pursued in special cases should be clearly stated and will be followed faithfully. Subscribers will please read general information outlined in editorial heading, noting that all copies to the Orient will be mailed as first class matter.


Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the members of the Spiritual Assembly and the maid-servants of the Assembly of Teaching. Upon them be BAHA'-O'-LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O ye friends and the maid-servants of the Merciful!
If it is your intention to have the general Convention in Chicago on the day of Naurooz, so that delegates might be sent there from everywhere to deliberate and discuss matters pertaining to the Mashrak-el-Azkar, to proclaim the oneness of the kingdom of humanity, to explain the Divine Teachings and to elucidate and expound the Exhortations of the Blessed Perfection, — it is better to open this Convention during the Feast of Rizwan; for the Feast of Rizwan is greater and more important and the temperature at that time mild and balmy.


Therefore, proclaim ye to all parts that all the delegates and friends gather in Chicago during that blessed day.

Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Feb. 24, 1910, Washington, D. C.
In conformity with the above Tablet from Abdul-Baha the Temple Convention is postponed from March 21st to April 23rd 26th, inclusive, and the Chicago Assembly invites the delegates and friends to celebrate the Feast of Rizwan with them Saturday evening, April 23rd.
Since the Treasurer's report was published in the Bahai Temple Unity's printed report, the remaining four notes from Eastern contributions, then in bank for collection, have matured making the total Eastern contribution $6,312.08.
Also contributions received from America to March 7th, 1910, $7,011.60.
Another contribution from the East of 90£ and 12 shillings was received the middle of February, and is in the bank for collection. Also $10.40 in March was received from Constantinople.
The sum of $2,639.94 has been received since January 10th, in all.
The following sums paid out:
February 10, Secretary's supplies $20.00
Printing Reports 21.00
Taxes on land, 1909-10 436.70

Cash on hand March 7th, 1910, $4,532.35.

Corinne True.

Our beloved translator, Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, is just now busily engaged in disseminating data concerning the Persian-American Educational Society.
The responses to the call for this work, while slow, are encouraging. The believers are urged to identify themselves with the work, and to assist in the formation of local circles. While not known directly as a Bahai work, for the sake of greater efficiency in Persia, this is a practical demonstration of the


spirit of the teachings, and has the approval of Abdul-Baha. The headquarters of the Society is 1800 Belmont Road, Washington, D. C.
Regarding the launching of this worthy Society, the following extract from a letter written by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab to Mr. Sidney Sprague, Teheran, Persia, will be of interest:
"* * * Having attended to all preliminary details and being financially strengthened by Mrs. Barney's generous donation, we took the next step of printing cards, inviting the friends and public for the evening of January 8th, to come and listen to the reading of the Statement, Constitution and By-Laws prepared by the committee. Then we arranged and printed a beautiful program interspersed with addresses, songs, piano solos, recitations, etc.

"The night, fortunately, was clear and as blue as the Persian turquoise and the many millions of stars were shining in yon canopy of God and the atmosphere was permeated with conviction in the success of our educational cause. Nearly 300 splendid men and women assembled in the great big studio; the recently appointed American Minister to Persia, Mr. Charles Russell, with his daughter, was there; the Representative of Persia was present, and reporters from all the Washington papers were also there. The exercises began at 8:30 and ended at 11:30. The Statement, Constitution and By-Laws were read and officially adopted, and the officers elected by a unanimous vote. The whole gathering of friends and visitors responded nobly to the spirit of the movement and the music, the songs, the address, and Mr. Hannen's poetry made the people very happy and caused us to realize a little the importance of that memorable and never-to-be-forgotten night. * * *
"Next afternoon I gave a reception in honor of the newly elected officers in the offices of the Society and many people came. Many kinds of Persian refreshments were served. * * *
"A few days later Mrs. Barney gave a reception in her magnificent studio on behalf of the officers of P. A. E. S. in honor of Mr. Russell, the American Minister to Persia, and invited about 150 society people to meet him. It was a brilliant affair."



Boston Assembly meetings, Sunday mornings, at 11 o'clock, in Beckon Hall, 200 Huntington avenue.
Miss Fannie Knobloch, of the Washington, D. C., Assembly, spoke at the meeting of February 27th, and gave an account of her visit to Abdul-Baha. There were 32 at the meeting and all came nearer to Acca and to Abdul-Baha through the spiritual words of this maid-servant of God. In the evening a Feast was held in Salem at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Crowley about fifteen miles from Boston. From 30 to 35 were present, many being friends who had heard the Message. Miss Knobloch told us of the Feast in Acca at which she was present with Mrs. Finch and Miss Alma Knobloch. The spirit and power of Abdul-Baha were with us, binding our hearts to His heart.
Feasts were held at the homes of the believers each night from February 26 to March 2, inclusive. Miss Marie du Bédat, of New York, is in Boston for a few weeks and is in attendance at the meetings.

An article entitled "A New Economic Movement and Young Persia," which takes up the application of the laws of BAHA'O'LLAH, in so far as they have been revealed, to the social and economic life of Persia, was published in Boston in the Twentieth Century Magazine, February number.

Harlan F. Ober.

The Buffalo Assembly holds meetings every Sunday and Thursday evening at 494 Elwood avenue. An informal study class is forming at 395 Ellicott Square on Friday evenings.
The Chicago Assembly is fortunate in having such an able student and lecturer in Mr. Henry Clayton Thompson, to address its regular Sunday morning meetings at Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple. Many seekers are being attracted, and the effect of his work will be far reaching.
The Vaheed Choral Society has resumed its rehearsals and is working upon the programme music for the coming Unity Temple Convention to be held


in Chicago, April 24th. On Wednesday evening, February 16th, a concert was given under the auspices of the Society and a goodly sum was realized for the benefit of the Bahai Temple Fund. An excellent programme was given by artists of note and their generous services were deeply appreciated.
The Librarian of the H. of S. reports having received copies of fourteen Tablets for preservation in its archives during the past month.
The Woman's Assembly of Teaching held its regular 19-day Tea on March 4th, at the home of the Chairman of Organization, Mrs. Louise R. Waite, 5217 Winthrop avenue. A programme was prepared bearing upon the subject of "Prayer and Fasting." its outward and inward significance. The work of the Assembly is spreading and interesting reports have been received of faithful service rendered. Printed by-laws, adopted by the Chicago Woman's Assembly of Teaching, are being sent out, not as a standard of adoption, but rather that other Assemblies might be cognizant of the laws and rules regulating its Assembly; also the form of annual election. Since organization, this Assembly has found greater harmony and results in individual labor, and perfect system and order in its work, and these by-laws are sent out merely as a suggestion which others might desire to adopt.
The Bahai work in Cincinnati has been very active this past winter and the Revelation has been presented to many. Two regular meetings are held each week: Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock, at room 514 Odd Fellows' Temple, for teaching and investigation; and spiritual meeting, Sunday, 3 o'clock, at 2226 St. James avenue.

Annie L. Parmerton.

Our four weekly gatherings are showing the fruits of Oneness in the lives of the seekers after the knowledge of the Revelation, and our ranks are being substantially strengthened through the acquisition of tested, sincere believers.

Mrs. A. M. Bryant




Mr. Charles Mason Remey and Mr. Howard C. Struven, who are taking a trip around the world, found a very warm welcome awaiting them when they reached Honolulu and spent three weeks with the Bahai friends there. On the day of their arrival forty-one persons gathered at the home of one of the friends to hear them speak on the subject of the Revelation of BAHA'O'LLAH, and during the three weeks they gave the Message in eight homes, in addition to a public meeting at the Young Hotel, where about eighty persons were present and that was followed by a meeting at the Art League to those interested. We quote from a letter written by one of our Bahai sisters in Honolulu: "Mr. Remey and Mr. Struven were entertained, during their visit, in the best of our homes, and many words of praise of them were spoken. The whole atmosphere seemed to breathe peace and joy and love. God has truly been with them and we have been greatly blessed."


The Kenosha Assembly has its own hall and all functions of the Assembly are carried on in this central place of meeting.
A Sunday school for children is held preceding the regular weekly service of the Assembly. On Tuesday evening the Board of Council meets to act upon all matters brought before that body; and on Thursday evening a class is held for the study of the Book of Ighan.
The industrial school for girls, which meets on Saturday afternoon, has now 125 enrolled, taxing the capacity of the hall. This school has been in operation three years and is the most successful of its kind in Kenosha.
We are glad to hear from the friends, and communications sent to the secretary, Mr. Fountain Nichols, 314 Valentine street, will be brought to the attention of all.

Bernard M. Jacobsen.


There is little of news from Los Angeles. The hearts of the believers are warm and joyful in the Faith. Several of the friends are "old timers," those who learned and loved the Bahai Revelation in the


"early days" in Chicago. Through all change and stress their faith has never been shaken, their love never waned. There is a strength, a certainty, an authority, an assurance in the Bahai Word, which gives satisfaction. It is exalted above all other teachings to such a degree that, when once really tasted, there is no appetite for any other thing.
Weekly group meetings are held in Los Angeles, Pasadena and Tropico, at the homes, respectively, of Mrs. Phillips, Miss Hammond, and Mr. and Mrs. Winterburn. A general public meeting is held once a month in a hall in the city, to which the friends gather from their several localities within a radius of twenty miles. Los Angeles is in the same latitude as Acca, and we turn our hearts and faces directly to the East, to the Center of the Covenant, the shining Orb of guidance. Thus East and West are united in love and praise, communion and service.



The annual election of the Board of Council recently took place. Those elected to serve for the ensuing year were: Messrs. Mills, Kinney, Brittinghan, Wilhelm, (Wm.) Dodge, Baker, Marshall, Woodcock and Mirza Raffie.
A Woman's Board, to serve in conjunction with the Men's Board, was elected at the same time. The members are: Mesdames Hahn, Magee, Ford, Beeds (A. P.) Dodge, Brittingham; Misses Phillips, Boylan and Bingham.
Delegates and alternates to attend the Mashrak-el-Azkar Unity Convention in Chicago, April 23-26, 1910, are Mr. Mountfort Mills, Mr. Percy Woodcock; Miss Annie T. Boylan, Mrs. Mary H. Ford.
Weekly Bahai meetings held on Sunday mornings in Genealogical Hall, 226 West 58th street, and on Sunday evenings in the studio of Mr. Edward B. Kinney, 257 West 86th street, are growing in spiritual beauty and in the size of their audiences. Other homes and studios through the week are also holding group meetings.
The "Woman's Unity" for teaching has nearly sixty members enrolled and is increasing in its activities.


The Mashrak-el-Azkar, surrounding which are His wondrous promises, is ever upon our hearts.

Isabella D. Brittingham.

Mr. Roy C. Wilhelm, on a recent business trip, visited Assemblies in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington, D. C.
Mr. Ralph A. Osborne, of Brooklyn, recently visited the Chicago Assembly on his way to Minneapolis.


The Bahai Assembly of Washington, D. C. holds its meetings on Friday evenings at 8 o'clock, at the Gareissen Studio, 1219 Connecticut avenue, N. W. This Studio, which has been our headquarters since December 1, 1909, is well located and commodious, having a seating capacity of about 200. The weekly meetings are well attended, and interest is growing constantly. In addition to the Friday meetings, there is a Sunday school, with classes for children and an adult department, which meets at 11:15 Sunday mornings, for the study of bible prophecies and of the Ishrakat, Tarazat, Tajalliyet and Tablet of Paradise. The Unity Feasts are observed on the appointed dates, generally at the Studio, the rental of which covers all of these meetings. These latter gatherings have proven to be most helpful in the spread of the Teachings, through the spirit of love and unity which is noticeable there and attracts the seekers as seemingly nothing else can.
We are fortunate in having splendid music at many of our meetings, through the courtesy of Mr. Arthur D. Mayo, who is musical director in one of our largest churches, and who frequently brings his soloists and other singers of reputation, all of whom are attracted to the Cause and gladly give their services, in the majority of instances asking for the privilege of coming again and again.
On the evening of March 6th, an important gathering assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hannen, representing the joining in one meeting of the white and the colored Bahais and friends of this city. Considerable work is being done among the latter, and a regular weekly meeting is held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dyer, 1937 13th street, N. W. on Wednesdays. In February of last year, Abdul-Baha commanded that to prove the validity


of our Teachings and as a means of removing existing prejudices between the races, a Spiritual Assembly or meeting be held, preferably at the home of one of the white Bahais, in which both races should join. This is the first meeting of that character, and is to be repeated monthly. There were present about 35 persons, one-third of whom were colored, and nearly all believers. It is also planned that every fourth Unity Feast, beginning April 9, should be held in such manner that both races can join. This is a radical step in this section of the country, and is in reality making history.
Madame Jackson, of Paris, is visiting in Washington for a few weeks, and has been welcomed at several recent meetings.
It has been our pleasure to hear Messrs. MacNutt and Harris during the year, and on Friday, March 11, Mr. Roy C. Wilhelm, of New York, was with us. These visits from our eloquent teachers and workers, including the joy of meeting Miss Juliet Thompson earlier in the season, have been rare occasions of spiritual uplift.
Dr. Getsinger is now in Worcester, Mass. Mrs. Getsinger, who has completed another visit to Acca, is expected to return about the 10th of March. Dr. Fareed is returning with her.
The Bahai Hospice is at 214 B street, S. E. where Mr. W. P. Ripley dispenses hospitality to the visiting friends. All intending visitors to this city should bear this fact in mind.

Jos. H. Hannen.

A letter was received March 9th by Mrs. Corinne True of Chicago, from Mr. C. M. Remey, dated Rangoon, Burmah, February 7, 1910, in which he said: "Since being here in Rangoon we have scarcely had time in which to sleep, so numerous have been our callers, the Truth seekers." Also he said if they had no delays they would probably be in Port Said, Egypt, April 1st, and from there go to Acca.

Mr. Edwin Woodcock, of Moline, Ill., is spending the month in Cuba.


The Mysterious Forces

of Civilization

A new book of Bahai teaching printed in London, England, copies of which may now be had of Bahai Publishing Society, Chicago. The publishers' advertisement of the book is as follows:
This very remarkable book was written some thirty years ago by Abdul-Baha, the present revered Bahai leader, and there is little doubt that it was no insignificant factor in preparing his compatriots for the present constitutional regime.
It contains an exposition of his philosophy, indispensable to every serious student of the Bahai movement.
The translation is the work of Mr. Johanna Dawud, who has endeavored to convey to the reader, not only the deep spiritual significance of the master's teaching, but to retain, as nearly as the difference of idiom allows, the wealth of Oriental imagery and metaphor which forms so striking a feature of the original.

Bound in Cloth, postpaid, $1.00


P. O. Box 283


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